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Đ LUYN THI HSG LP 9 NĂM 2019 - 2020
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (5
1. A. near
B. dear
C. hear
D. bear
2. A. naked
B. punished
C. forced
D. fixed
3. A. government
B. moment
C. comment
D. development
4. A. whether
B. ethnic
C. clothing
D. these
5. A. carrot
B. ceiling
C. cereal
D. circle
II. Choose the word whose stressed pattern is different from the others. (5 marks)
1. A. comic
B. police
C. fashion
D. cotton
2. A. remote
B. amount
C. purpose
D. museum
3. A. correspond
B. convenient
C. compulsory
D. communicate
4. A. community
B. minority
C. biology
D. dormitory
5. A. generous
B. humorous
C. enormous
D. dangerous
III. Rearrange the following sentences to make a complete conversation.. (10 marks)
A.Yes. My name’s Harry James. I’ve been with him for years.
B. Right. He’ll be in touch with you very soon.
C. 8 679 123. Hello. Dr. Robinson’s practice. Can I help you?
D.Oh, really? What’s her home phone number?
E. It’s my arm. It’s swollen. I think it’s broken. You see, I was putting the kettle on and I
slipped on the floor in the kitchen.
F. It’s on Holly Trees, 17 London Road, Hastings.
G.And is this your phone number?
H.Yes, I see. What’s your address, Mr. James?
I. Hastings 8 592 432.
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J. It’s my sister’s. I’m using her mobile phone. I’m staying with her and the doctor can
ring me there.
K.Yes. Mr. James. What’s your problem?
IV. Choose the best answer from A, B, C, or D. (15 marks)
1. - Andrew: What would you like for dinner? - Laura: ______ we’re both so tired, why don’t
we order a pizza?
A. Since
B. Moreover
C. However
D. Although
2. When the headmaster ______ the room, all the pupils stood up.
A. came
B. arrived
C. appeared
D. entered
3. She asked me if I would like half an apple or ______.
A. whole one
B. the whole one
C. a one whole
D. a whole one
4. - Peter: Is our breakfast OK? - Mary: Yeah, mom is ______ it ready.
A. doing
B. getting
C. cooking
D. All are correct
5. All the boys are good at cooking, but ______ is as good as the girls.
A. either
B. neither
C. every
D. none
6. I couldn’t ______her, she is one of the fastest runners in my school.
A. come up with
B. catch up with
C. put up with
D. get away
7. Tuan is ______ good results in his final exam.
A. expecting
B. wishing
C. looking after
D. waiting
8. What a ______ car!
A. new small nice
B. new nice small
C. nice new small
D. nice small new
9. Our children are looking forward to ______ to the circus this weekend.
A. be taken
B. taking
C. being taken
D. take
10. Time is short, so the secretaries are typing the documents ______.
A. with a pressure
B. under pressure
C. under the pressure
D. to pressure
11. He’s a ______ drinker and can nearly always be found in the hotel bar.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
A. full
B. strong
C. high
D. heavy
12. - Mrs. Smith: You made a lot of noise last night! - David: ______
A. Really?
B. What a pity!
C. Oh! I’m really
D. It’s kind of you to say so.
13. Everybody has known the day I return, ______?
A. haven’t they
B. have they
C. don’t I
D. won’t I
14. The Smiths bought a very beautiful house ______ a fairly good price.
A. by
B. of
C. with
D. at
15. My mother often gives me advice ______ water.
A. to save
B. how to save
C. on how to save
D. with how to save
V. Read the passage below and use the correct form of the words given. (10 marks)
One of the major (1. ENVIRONMENT) concerns in today’s world is the growing list
of (2. DANGER) plants, animals and birds. The (3. BIG) threat of all to wildlife is, of
course, man, who must take action now to prevent the (4. APPEAR) of these species.
Whales, tigers and elephants all (5. REQUIRING) greater protection as hunters threaten to
drive them to extinction. (6. SIMILAR), more effective measures are suggested to stop (7.
GLOBE) warming, which has led to the (8. LOSE) of important natural habitats. Fish too,
are increasingly at risk from high level of river and sea (9. POLLUTE), caused by oil spills
and toxic effluent. Stricter government controls will help in the fight to save our wildlife and
a greater public (10. AWARE) of the issues should be involved.
VI. There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find and correct it. (10 marks)
1. During The Second World War, almost a third of a million people was killed.
2. It was raining heavy when I woke up yesterday morning.
3. Doctors have known for a long time that loud noises can cause hear damage or loss.
4. Streets of Bangkok are usually crowding with people selling food, clothing, flowers and
5. It often takes my mom half an hour getting to work by underground every morning.
6. Found in the 12
century, Oxford University ranks among the world’s oldest ones.

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