Đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm 2019 - 2020 số 2

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Đ LUYN THI HSG LP 9 NĂM 2019 - 2020
Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other words in the
same group. Write your answer in the numbered box.
1. A. exposure B. Terminal C. utterance D. discipline
2. A. Economy B. Elaborate C. Assassinate D. Fascinate
3. A. mountain B. sustain C. contain D. retain
4. A. fulltime B. farmhand C. bookshop D. tradesman
5. A. Metropolitan B. Entrepreneurial C. Hippopotamus D. curiosity
6. A. company B. comfortable C. together D. business
7. A. Associate B. Formal C. Movement D. militant
8. A. Important B. Cigarette C. Protection D. informal
9. A. introduce B. conversation C. independent D. welcome
10. A. expect B. alone C. liquor D. invite
I. Choose the best answer to fill in each gap. Write your answer in the numbered box.
1. In the ___of security, personnel must wear their identity badges at all times.
A. requirement B. interests C. demands D. assistance
2. ___ how angry he was he would never resort to violence.
A. No matter B. No problem C. Although D. Because
3. We played the game ___ the rules.
A. on account of B. ahead of C. according to D. apart from
4. ___ to get through to Jackie for days now. Either she’s away or her phone’s out of order.
A. I’ve been trying B. I had tried C. I’m trying D. I tried
5. This is ___ the most difficult job I have ever tackled.
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A. by rights B. by all means C. by far D. by the way
6. She ___till the early hours listening to pop music.
A. took me up B. kept me up C. caught me up D. held me up
7. Please don’t ___yourself out. A sandwich will do.
A. let B. put C. leave D. take
8. The chairman requested that ___
A. the members studied more carefully the problem.
B. the problem was more carefully studied.
C. with more carefulness the problem could be studied.
D. the members study the problem more carefully.
9. Smoking is ___ in many companies in our country.
A. permitted B. taught C. banned D. stopped
10. After the battle, the ___ soldiers were helped by those who could walk.
A. injured B. wounded C. broken D. killed
11. I don’t think this strange new fashion will …………
A. turn up B. care for C. show off D. catch on
12. Their house is ___ near the Cathedral.
A. whereabouts B. anywhere C. somewhere D. any place
13. This young tree could not have been damaged by accident. I believe it was done ___
A. in fact B. on purpose C. by appointment D. by plan
14. There was hardly ___ money left in my bank account.
A. more B. no C. some D. any
15. It is wrongly believed that natural resources will never be used ___.
A. off B. out C. away D. up
II. Give the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets. Write your answer in the box.
1. If he ____ (1. not drink) too much last night, he ____ (2. not - be) tired now.
2. I’m sure he must ____ (3. be) at home last night because the door was open when I ____
(4. come).
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3. At this time next week, they ____ (5. sit) in the train on their way to Paris.
4. It’s raining. I would rather you ____ (6. close) the window.
5. I don’t know what the matter with him is. He ____ (7. act) funny since you ____ (8. be)
6. On the first of next month, he ____ (9. be) in prison for five years.
7. His personal problems seem ____ (10. distract) him from his work lately.
8. He suggested that a final decision ____ (11. make).
9. I don’t know why you ____ (12. always - make) noise in class, Tom.
10. ____ (13. you/visit) many museums when you were in Paris?
11. The car looks very clean. ____ (14. you/wash) it?
12. My best friend, James, was no longer there. He ____ (15. go) away.
III. Put the correct form of the words in brackets. Write your answer in the box.
A new term is rapidly gaining recognition in the American language - a 'leaf peeper'
is someone who, in autumn, is on the ____ (1. LOOK) for areas where the leaves
of deciduous trees have changed colour. In New England, in the USA, 'leaf peeping' is big
business, generating millions of dollars annually. The first report that leaves are changing
colour sets off an ____ (2. INVADE) of 'peepers' thus causing serious obstruction on some
roads. Thousands of people log on to websites in their ____ (3. EAGER) to find the
location of the trees that have foliage in the most ____ (4. GLORY) colours. The popularity
of 'leaf tourism' is well established in New England, and the changing colours of autumn
provide an annual ____ (5. TALK) point. The colours vary from year to year since the ____
(6. INTENSE) of the colour is ____ (7. DEPEND) on the chemical composition of the
dying leaves. After a long dry summer, leaves often turn bright red, while cloudy autumn
days will produce less spectacular yellows. If climate change leads to ____ (8. INCREASE)
hot, dry summers in the northern hemisphere, then countries in Europe can expect summers
not ____ (9. LIKE) those across the Atlantic. They will then enjoy a kaleidoscope of ____
(10. SEASON) colour to rival the deep reds and blazing oranges seen in New England.

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