Đề thi thử học sinh giỏi lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 2

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ĐỀ ÔN THI HSG LỚP 8 NĂM 2019 - 2020
PART I : Phonetics
I) Choose the word A, B, C or D whose underlined part is pronounced differently from
the others.
1. A. heritage
B. shortage
C. teenage
D. luggage
2. A. appear
B. weather
C. bread
D. headache
3. A. oganize
B. belong
C. woman
D. concert
4. A. think
B. though
C. mother
D. these
5. A. eraser
B. scale
C. suitcase
D. waterfall
II) Choose the word A, B, C or D whose main stress is different from the others in the
6. A. pencil
B. raincoat
C. arrive
D. notebook
7. A. enjoyable
B. power
C. permission
D. explore
8. A. photography
B. minority
C. heroic
D. visit
9. A. translation
B. difficult
C. unluckily
D. agree
10. A. Vietnamese
B. engineer
C. celebration
D. product
Your answers:
PART II: Vocabulary and grammars:
I) Circle best option A,B,C or D to complete the following sentence
1. Hoa __________________ coins and stamps since she was six.
A. was collecting
B. has collected
C. collected
D. will collect
2. His brother is a _________________ boy. He always tells a joke.
A. handsome
B. humorous
C. sociable
D. energetic
3. Do you mind if I __________________ your car to work?
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
A. drive
B. driving
C. to drive
D. drove
4. They are ____________ that their son won the championship.
A. delighted
B. pleasing
C. sad
D. interesting
5. My sister regretting ___________ Mai’s glasses yesterday.
A. to break
B. broken
C. breaking
D. break
6. Hoa dances more _______________ than her classmates.
A. beauty
B. beautiful
C. beautifully
D. beautify
7. They will hold a meeting in the large room ____________ the morning of next Sunday.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. of
8. Minh loves playing chess _____________ his sister enjoys skipping in their free time.
A. when
B. because
C. while
D. during
9. One hundred dollars ______________ an big amount of money for her.
A. is
B. are
C. were
D. is being
10. Don’t overheat the victim _____________ blankets or coats.
A. on
B. for
C. with
D. from
Your answers:
II) Put the correct form of the words:
1. Joan wants to become a __________ in the future. (science)
2. Many rural areas in Viet Nam have been __________ in the last few years. (urban)
3. The book was so ________ that we didn’t want to read it. (interest)
4. There are a lot of _______________ in the competition. (contest)
5. Linda’s __________ made the party less exciting. (absent)
6. He didn’t win the championship, so he felt very _____________ . (hope)
7. Because of his _________, they failed the exam. (lazy)
8. Vinamilk company has served customers a lot of _____________ recently. (produce)
9. The question isn’t good. It’s ………….. to ask (import).
10. His father soon died of a ……………… heart (break).
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
Your answers:
III) Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets .
1.His new novel (publish)…………….. in two months .
2. I (visit) .........................Singapore two years ago.
3. Look at those black clouds. It (rain)…………..
4.We are tired of (work)………… for low salary.
5. This is the second time you (break)……a cup.
Your answers:
IV) Fill in each blank with one suitable preposition.
1. She is talking…………her students in the school yard.
2. Does your aunt work ……….the central hospital? Yes, she is a nurse there.
3. Mr. Minh is a journalist. He writes ………..Tuoi Tre newspaper.
4. This apartment is suitable………….my family.
5. I often help my parents ………….the housework after
Your answers:
PART III: Reading
I) Choose the most suitable answer A, B, C, or D to complete the following passage.
Air pollution is caused ________(1) ill health in human beings. In a lot of countries,
there are ________(2) limiting the amount of smoke factories can produce although there is
not enough _______(3) on the effects of smoke on the atmosphere. Doctors have ________(4)
that air pollution causes ________ (5) diseases. The gases from the exhausts of cars
_______(6) also increased air pollution in most cities. The ________ (7) of petrol produces a
poisonous gas, which is often collected in busy streets circled by high buildings. Children
_______(8) in areas where there is a lot of lead in the atmosphere can not think as
________(9) as other children, and are clumsy when they _______(10) their hands.

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