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Mã đề thi 144


NĂM HỌC 2015 - 2016


Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút

SECTION A (8 points):

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase for each of the blanks.

Statesmen define a family as "a group of individuals having a common dwelling and related by blood, adoption or marriage, (1) ______________includes common-law relationships." Most people are born into one of these groups and (2) ______________live their lives as a family in such a group.

Although the definition of a family may not change, (3) ______________.relationship of people to each other within the family group changes as society changes. More and more wives are (4) ______________paying jobs, and, as a result, the roles of husband, wife and children are changing. Today, men expect to(5)______________. for pay for about 40 years of their lives, and, in today's marriages (6)______________. which both spouses have paying jobs, women can expect to work for about 30 to 35 years of their lives. This mean that man must learn to do their share of family tasks such as caring for the children and daily (7)______________chores. Children, too, especially adolescents, have to (8)______________with the members od their family in sharing household tasks.

The widespread acceptance of contraception has meant that having (9)______________ is as matter of choice, not an automatic result of marriage. Marriage itself has become a choice. As alternatives (10)______________ common-law relationships and single-parent families have become socially acceptable, women will become more independent.

1) A. which B. that C. what D. it

2) A. must B. need C. would D. will

3) A. a B. any C. some D. the

4) A. taking B. making C. keeping D. performing

5) A. live B. work C. hope D. ask

6) A. in B. for C. with D. to

7) A. home B. family C. house D. household

8) A. carry B. deal C. cooperate D. combine

9) A. time B. families C. happiness D. children

10) A. similar to B. like C. such as D. or else

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the answer to each of the questions.

Since water is the basis of life, composing the greater part of the tissues of all living things, the crucial problem of desert animals is to survive in a world where sources of flowing water are rare. And since man's inexorable necessity is to absorb large quantities of water at frequent intervals, he can scarcely comprehend that many creatures of the desert pass their entire lives without a single drop.

Uncompromising as it is, the desert has not eliminated life but only those forms unable to withstand its desiccating effects. No moist-skinned, water-loving animals can exist there. Few large animals are found. The giants of the North American desert are the deer, the coyote, and the bobcat. Since desert country is open, it holds more swift-footed running and leaping creatures than the tangled forest. Its population is largely nocturnal, silent, filled with reticence, and ruled by stealth. Yet they are not emaciated.

Having adapted to their austere environment, they are as healthy as animals anywhere else in the world. The secret of their adjustment lies in the combination of behavior and physiology. Non could survive if, like mad dogs and Englishmen, they went out in the midday sun; many would die in a matter of minutes. So most of them pass the burning hours asleep in cool, humid burrows underneath the ground, emerging to hunt only by night. The surface of the sun-baked desert averages around150 degrees, but 18 inches down the temperature is only 60 degrees.

11) The title for this passage could be _______ .

A. Desert Plants B. Life Underground

C. Animal Life in a Desert Environment D. Man's life in a Desert Environment

12) The word "tissues" in the passage mostly means _______ .

A. the smallest units of living matter that can exist on their own

B. collections of cells that form the different parts of human, animals and plants

C. very small living things that cause infectious disease in people, animals and plants

D. the simplest forms of life that exist in air, water, living and dead creatures and plants

13) Man can hardly understand why animals live their whole life in the desert, as _______ .

A. sources of flowing water are rare in a desert

B. water is an essential part of his existence

C. water composes the greater part of the tissues of living things

D. very few large animals are found in the desert

14) The phrase "those forms" in the passage refers to all of the following except _______ .

A. water-loving animals B. the coyote and the bobcat

C. moist-skinned animals D. many large animals

15) According to the passage, creatures in the desert _______ .

A. run and leap faster than those in the tangle forest

B. run and leap more slowly than those in tangled forest

C. are more active during the day than those in the tangled forest

D. are not as healthy as those anywhere else in the world

16) The author mentions all the following as examples of the behavior of desert animals except _______ .

A. they sleep during the day B. they dig home underground

C. they are noisy and aggressive D. they are watchful and quiet

17) The word "emaciated" in the passage mostly means _______ .

A. living or growing in natural conditions, not kept in a house or on a farm

B. able to get what one wants in a clever way, especially by tricking or cheating

C. large and strong, difficult to control or deal with

D. thin and weak because of lack of food and water

18) According to the passage, one characteristic of animals living in the desert is that _______ .

A. they are smaller and fleeter than forest animals

B. they are less healthy than animals living in other places

C. they can hunt in temperature of 150 degrees

D. they live in an accommodating environment

19) The word"burrows" in the passage mostly means_______ .

A. places where insects or other small creatures live and produce their young

B. holes or tunnels in the ground made by animals for them to live in

C. structures made of metal bars in which animals or birds are kept

D. places where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found

20) We can infer from the passage that _______.

A. living things adjust to their environment B. water is the basis of desert life

C. desert life is colorful and various D. healthy animals live longer lives

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

21) The sky was cloudy and foggy. We went to the beach, __________.

A. however B. even though C. so D. yet

22) Mary: I didn't get the job! Tom: __________.

A. Good heavens! B. That's brilliant. C. Same to you. D. Never mind, better luck next time!

23) Nancy: Come with me. I'm seeing The Killer tomorrow. Alan: __________.

A. Are you? B. Shall you? C. Will you? D. Do you?

24) Hung: __________ Hoa: Thanks. I'm glad you like it. My sister gave it to me yesterday.

A. What a fashionable dress you are wearing! B. Oh! I like your fashionable dress.

C. Oh, I think you have a fashionable dress! D. Your fashionable dress must be expensive.

25) John: More peas? Jack: __________

A. Help yourself to them. B. No, that'll do. Thank you.

C. No more available. D. My honor.

26) Kate: Do you think Mary's coming to the English club? Jackie: __________.

A. I hope not. B. I don't believe. C. I believe not so. D. I believe not.

27) I strongly believe that it's time the government __________ more effective actions to reduce the current unemployment rate.

A. take B. will take C. took D. has taken

28) Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and __________.

A. another is experienced. B. the other is not.

C. the others are not. D. other lacks experience.

29) Can you see these letters first, please? The others __________.

A. aren't answered immediately.

B. haven't to be answered immediately.

C. don't have to been answered immediately.

D. don't have to be answered immediately.

30) Tom told his girlfriend "Let me tell him if you can't."

A. Tom volunteered to tell him if his girlfriend couldn't.

B. Tom advised his girlfriend to tell him if you couldn't.

C. Tom suggested that I should tell him if his girlfriend couldn't.

D. Tom asked his girlfriend to tell him if you couldn't.

31) Helen moved to London last week. "Well, I suppose she'll find it difficult to __________ on the left."

A. be used to driving B. use to drive C. get used to driving D. be used to drive

32) In my family, my sister and I take turns __________

A. doing the washing B. to do the washing C. doing the washer D. having done the washing

33) She __________for her parents' support during her university education, but she preferred to work part-time and support herself.

A. should have asked B. could have asked C. must have asked D. ought to ask

34) This is the latest news from Timbuktu. Two thirds of the city__________ in a fire.

A. has been destroyed B. were destroyed C. was destroyed D. have been destroyed

35) The incredible thing about telephone __________ across the continents, but that you can recognize the other person's voice.

A. is not that people can instantly talk to each other.

B. is it allows people to talk instantly.

C. is that people can talk instantly.

D. is it provides instant talking to each other.

36) The number of participants of the international conference __________ still increasing.

A. are B. be C. is D were

37) We can't just __________up at the party without an invitation.

A. take B. turn C. arrive D. reach

38) I never learned how to use a computer, so I lost my job to a new employee. It's a dog-eat-dog world.

A. Only the strong or the best survive. B. Dogs are eating dogs at the office.

C. Dogs like to eat dogs for lunch. D. The world is full of inequality.

39) It __________ Lucy and Daisy who wished to experience tertiary education in foreign countries.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

40) I am allowed to take up the position of the manager when he is on business, __________?

A. am I B. am not I C. are you D. aren't I

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