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  • Mèo Ú
    Mèo Ú

    I like living in the countryside because of some reasons. Environmentally speaking, it's apeacefull place. The air is fresh. The space is quiet. We can enjoy heathy naturnal conditions with about worrying much environment pollution.

    Moreover rural life is also easier that in cities. People in cities are easy to get stressed becaues of pollution, job pressures, competitions,... On the contrary, those bad things are very rare in the countryside. To sum up, exepct income matters, te countryside is better residence than the cities.

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  • Đinh Đinh
    Đinh Đinh

    Between the countryside and the city, which river do you prefer? Personally, I prefer to live in the countryside. First to mention that is Living in the countryside gives us fresh air, and a quieter environment. In addition, People could have a larger area to build a vegetable garden, flower garden or a large farm for livestock. Next is about the environment. In the countryside, you can get a clean, clean environment with no dust from vehicles and factories. In the end, in the countryside, most people will be kind and generous, always help them when possible. I like countrydide.

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  • Phước Thịnh
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