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I. Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.
1. A. surprise
B. event
C. behave
D. damage
2.A. develop
B. understand
C. imagine
D. consider
3. A. illiterate
B. communicate
C entertainment
D. traditional
4. A. programme
B. downtown
C, postman
D. custom
5. A. importance
B. violence
C. buffalo
D. grandparent
II. Give the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete each of the following
1. You have to use your _____________ when you read the story IMAGINE
2. I think corporal_____________ is now prohibited in schools. PUNISH
3. _____________, we used to cook five-coloured sticky rice on TRADITION
the first day of the lunar month.
4. Tom says he can't put up with Mary's ______________ any longer. BEHAVE
5. Those ___________over there are friends of both the bride and groom. ATTEND
6. The photo brought back many happy memories of my ___________ CHILD
7 . I think riding a bicycle is _____________ , especially when it rains. CONVENIENCE
8. She said that in her village ___________ used to be arranged by parents. MARRY
9. Thirty years ago only ____________ people in the city had the television. WEALTH
10. We used to ____________ of our home village when we lived overseas.
III. Complete each of the following sentences with used to / didn’t use to using the verbs
from the box.
1. In my childhood, there ______________ so many high buildings here. There were parks,
2.People _________ with pen, but now they use computers.
Be buy climb play shop
swim travel walk watch write
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3. My brother __________ football, but an injure stopped him from playing.
4. In my grandfather's youth, people______________ by car. They rode horses.
5 . I __________ to school, but two weeks ago I got a bike so now I ride it every day.
6.My sister______________ when we go to the beach because she was afraid of water.
7.Mr. Lam______________ television in the morning. He did it in the evening.
8. David was a good climber in his youth. He ______________ very high mountains.
9. My parents ______________ me expensive toys as we were not rich.
10. We______________ in the town market. We bought fish, fru it and vegetables.
IV. Choose the correct option A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences.
1. Many children in our village are still_____ . They can't read or write.
A. creative B. illiterate C. unhealthy D. traditional
2.We usually _______ ourselves by playing hike and seek or flying kites.
A.behave B. collect C. imagine D. entertain
3. Laura is in the ______ of writing in her dairy every day.
A. habit 8. custom C. practice D. generation
4. The children started to _____ each part of the story.
A. go out B. act out C. play out D. cry out
5. "How cool!" is used to express ______ .
A. a wish B. a surprise C. an agreement D. an appreciation
6. - "He had to work 12hours every day." “_____”
A. Sure. B. How cool! C. I wish I could go back to that time. D. I can't imagine that.
7. We all ___ it were the weekend tomorrow.
A. think B. hope C wish D. want
8 .I ______ a teddy bear, but I don't have one now.
A. used to having B. used to have C. was use to having D. was used to have
9. Minh wishes he ______ English perfectly well.
A. spoke B. speaks C. is speaking D. has spoken
10. They ______ go on holiday when they lived in the countryside.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
A. not use to B. weren't use to C. didn't use to D. hadn't used to
V. Read the following passage and choose the best option for each blank to
complete the passage.
Over the last century, there have been many significant changes in the way we live.
Obviously, it is difficult to (1)______ the life of ancient people and the life of the people
living in the twenty-first century because so many changes have occurred. Even the
changes that have (2)______ over the last ten years are amazing.
People in the past were not (3)______ to travel such long distances within such a
short period of time. Nowadays, we have become very mobile. We have fast and
(4)______ cars. In addition, more and more people travel by plane.
Moreover, in the past people had to work harder as they did not have (5)______ and
machines to make their work easier. Today, most of the difficult and dangerous work is
(6)______ by computers and other powerful machines. In the past (7)_______ of living
were not as comfortable as they are now. Besides many people could not afford
(8)______ appliances like a fridge or a vacuum cleaner because those used to be luxurious
goods. Another difference (9)______ living now and in the past is the fact that nowadays
education is accessible to everyone. In the past men were mainly the only ones educated and
women were not (10)______ into public or private schools.
1. A. predict B. discuss C. compare D. suppose
2. A. occurred B. considered C. expressed D. arranged
3. A. used B. able C. might D. capable
4. A. skillful B. difficult C. historical D. comfortable
5. A. rules B. tools C. teams D. ideas
6. A. thought B. played C. done D. seen
7. A. conditions B. performances C. stories D. conflicts
8. A. mobile B. physical C. bare-footed D. household
9. A. within B. among C. between D. behind
10. A. allowed B. attended C. agreed D. appeared

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