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    Advertisements are very important in the modern world. Often your T-shirt or jeans show the name of the company that made them. This is a popular form of advertising. A special picture or symbol, called logo, is sometimes used.
    You see logos on many different products. The idea of a logo is that whenever you see it, you think of that product or company.
    Many people like to buy a product because it is made by a certain company. Some people only buy a product that is made by a famous company. People wear clothes and carry bags that have a famous label to show that they are fashionable and have good taste.
    It is very common to see advertisements on TV and hear them on the radio. Most advertisements are only a few seconds long but very attractive. Sometimes, the advertiser uses a slogan because it is easy to say and easy to remember.
    The idea of advertisements is to try to make you buy the product. They sometimes show rich and famous people using that product. The message is, if you want to feel rich and famous, then buy this product.

  • a. Choose the most suitable ending to each of the following sentences.
  • 1. A logo is a _________.
  • 2. A popular form of advertising is to _________.
  • 3. A good slogan is _________.
  • 4. The main purpose of an advertisement is to _________.
  • b. Answer the following questions.
  • 1. What do your T- shirt or jeans often show?
    They show the name of the company that made them. T- shirt or jeans show the name of the company that made them.
  • 2. Why do people wear clothes and carry bags that have a famous label?
    Because they want to show that they are fashionable and have good taste.
  • 3. Where do people often see and hear advertisements?
    It is very common to see advertisements on TV and hear them on the radio. People often see advertisements on TV and hear them on the radio.
  • Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences.
  • 1. My father ______________ for the motor- bike factory since 1995.
  • 2. I don't have a computer. I wish I _________ a new one.
  • 3. The city theatre _______________ in 1900.
  • 4. The teacher said: "This homework ______________ carefully"
  • 5. Thong Nhat bicycles ____________ produced in Vietnam.
  • 6. Your father doesn't work in that bank, ________ he?
  • 7. If he __________ soon, we might miss the last bus.
  • 8. The interviewer asked me why I ___________ learning English.
  • 9. Tom said that he ______________ in Leeds in Great Britain.
  • 10. He asked me ______________________________ .
  • 11. _______ Monday morning, there is a meeting between 11 am and 1 pm.
  • 12. He was sick yesterday, ________ he didn't go to school.
    You are an exchange student in France. 
    Write a letter to your friend telling her/him about your new life there, using the following word cues.
    • I / time / France. / host family / nice / and / my French / better
    • big challenge / learning / how / behave / dinner table
    • It / not polite / put bread / plate
    • Be / rude / eat / hands / except bread
    • Keep / hands / not elbows / table
    Write the letter on your notebook.
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