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Ôn tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh cơ bản

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh trực tuyến chuyên đề Trạng từ trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề ôn tập và kiểm tra Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh cơ bản năm 2018 do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Bài tập Tiếng Anh gồm 20 câu hỏi khác nhau giúp bạn đọc kiểm tra trình độ Tiếng Anh và củng cố kiến thức đã học về Trạng từ Tiếng Anh. 

Một số bài tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh khác:

1. He doesn't get up early on Sundays. He gets up _______.
2. Tony can't see aunt Licy _______. He's having breakfast.
3. He was a friendly waiter. He spoke to the customer _______.
4. He spent the whole day in his room. He was in his room _______.
5. Bill is a harder worker. He works _______ than Joe.
6. Every year, David _______ enters for the garden competition.
7. Tom had_______ reached the town when the young man spoke.
8. She couldn't find her bag. It wasn't _______.
9. Do you still want them? Do you_______ want them?
10. Both girls write to each other regularly. They write_______.
11. They will travel faster. They will travel_______
12. Why did they kick the ball so_______?
13. That was all she remembered. She couldn't remember_______.
14. Ted has been worried all week and he is _______ worried.
15. The car was easy to recognize so it wasn't _______ difficult for the police to catch the thieves.
16. He got such a fright. He was_______ frightened.
17. It was more than he could bear. he couldn't bear it_______.
18. He had hardly had time to settle down_______ he had settled down.
19. We were very much surprised. We were_______ surprised.
20. He brought almost everything in the window. He brought_______ everything in the window. .
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