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Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề.

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. lose         B. move            C. stove            D. improve

2. A. opens       B. photographs       C. performs         D. pays

3. A. raised       B. picked            C. laughed          D. watched

4. A. cough       B. plough            C. weigh           D. though

5. A. turn        B. burn              C. curtain           D. bury

Choose the best answer from the four options given (A, B, C, or D) to complete each sentence.

6. They are not_________to take part in this program of the World Health Organization.

A. so old         B. old enough         C. enough old       D. as old

7. The football match was postponed _________the bad weather.

A. despite        B. in spite            C. because         D. because of

8. Peter doesn’t like scuba-diving. _________does his brother.

A. Too           B. Neither            C. So             D. Either

9. If I had the map now, I_________a short-cut across the desert.

A. could have taken   B. take           C. could take        D. can take

10. If I were you, I would advise _________the new teaching method.

A. try           B. trying              C. to try            D. tries

11. My father is very busy. _________, he is always willing to give a hand with the housework.

A. Despite       B. Although           C. However         D. Therefore

12. The capital of Thailand is_________.

A. London       B. Paris              C. Bangkok         D. Phnom Penh

13. This detailed map is_________the atlas.

A. more useful   B. more useful than     C. more useful as    D. usefuler than

14. The smaller the room is, the_________furniture it needs.

A. less         B. fewer              C. smaller          D. more

15. He hates_________at while he is out in the street.

A. stared       B. be stared           C. is stared         D. being stared

16. If I_________you, I’d take some rest before the exam tomorrow.

A. is          B. are                C. were             D. would be

17. It was_________hot day that we decided to leave work early.

A. such        B. so                C. so a             D. such a

18. Let’s go for a walk, _________we?

A. will         B. shall             C. do               D. must

19. I wish I_________to him. Now it is too late.

A. had listened      B. would listen     C. listened          D. have listened

20. Ellen: “_________?” ~ Tom: “He’s tall and thin with blue eyes.”

A. How is John doing                B. What does John like

C. What does John look like           D. Who does John look like

Choose the underlined part (marked A, B, C or D) that needs correction.

21. It was (A) important that (B) we should (C) be on time at (D) the meeting tonight.

22. Nam is (A) tallest (B) student in (C) his class. (D)

23. People who (A) exercise frequently (B) have greater physical endurance than (C) those who doesn’t. (D)

24. It was such a (A) terrible fire that the whole (B) building were (C) destroyed. (D)

25. They suggested (A) ban (B) the sale of (C) alcohol at (D) football matches.

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions 26- 30.

It can be shown in facts and figures that cycling is the cheapest, most convenient, and most environmentally desirable form of transport (26)______ towns, but such cold calculations do not mean much on a frosty winter morning. The real appeal of cycling is that it is so (27)______. It has none of the difficulties and tensions of other ways of travelling so you are more cheerful after a ride, even through the rush hour.

The first thing a non-cyclist says to you is: “But isn’t it (28) ______ dangerous?” It would be foolish to deny the danger of sharing the road with motor vehicles and it must be admitted that there are an alarming (29) ______ of accidents involving cyclists. However, although police records (30) ______ that the car driver is often to blame, the answer lies with the cyclist. It is possible to ride in such a way as to reduce risks to a minimum.

26. A. in            B. at            C. to             D. on

27. A. boring        B. careful        C. enjoyable       D. excited

28. A. expectedly    B. strangely       C. terribly         D. comfortably

29. A. size         B. number        C. deal           D. digit

30. A. point        B. indicate        C. display         D. exhibit

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions 31- 35.

Ted Robinson has been worried all the week. Last Tuesday he received a letter from the local police. In the letter he was asked to call at the station. Ted wondered why he was wanted by the police, but he went to the station yesterday, and now he is not worried any more. At the station he was told by a smiling police-man that his bicycle had been found. Five years ago, the policeman told him, the bicycle was picked up in a small village four hundred miles away. It’s now being sent to his home by train. Ted was most surprised when he heard the news. He was amused too, because he never expected the bicycle to be found. It was stolen twenty years ago when Ted was a boy of fifteen.

31. Ted was worried because_________.

A. he received a letter               B. he went to the police station yesterday

C. the police would catch him         D. he didn’t know why the police wanted him

32. The police who talked to Ted was_________.

A. pleasant         B. worried       C. surprised           D. small

33. Why was Ted very surprised when he heard the news?

A. Because his bicycle was stolen 20 years ago.

B. Because his bicycle was found when he was a boy of fifteen.

C. Because he thought he would never find the bicycle.

D. Because the bicycle was sent to him by train.

34. When was Ted’s bicycle found?

A. Last Tuesday    B. Five years ago     C. Twenty years ago      D. Yesterday

35. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. The police asked Ted to go to their station.    B. The policeman told Ted the good news 5 days ago.

C. Ted is no longer anxious now.              D. Ted is 35 years old now.

Choose the correct answer (marked A, B, C or D) to each of the following questions.

36. ___________, Bill arrived late.

A. In spite of having taken a taxi               B. Despite of having taken a taxi

C. Although of having taken a taxi              D. Though having taken a taxi

37. The nurse asked Mrs. Green_________.

A. how was old her son      B. how old son was     C. how old her son is      D. how old her son was

38. The more a car costs, __________.

A. faster it goes           B. the faster it goes     C. so faster it goes        D. the fastest it goes

39. The students never understand you, do they? ~ __________?

A. Do the students never understand you?         B. Are the students never understand you?

C. Don’t the students never understand you?       D. Do they the students never understand you?

40. __________, he’ll lose his job.

A. If he works harder                          B. If he doesn’t works harder

C. Unless he doesn’t work harder                D. Unless he works harder

__________THE END__________





Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề.

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. chemistry        B. kitchen          C. watch           D. catch

2. A. moment         B. slogan           C. comb           D. opposite

3. A. produce         B. huge            C. lunar            D. cure

4. A. bomb           B. debt             C. describe         D. doubt

5. A. teenage          B. luggage          C. image           D. damage

Choose the best answer from the four options given (A, B,C, or D) to complete each sentence.

6. We feel very_________today.

A. happiness         B. happy           C. happily          D. are happy

7. The government should do something to help_________.

A. the poors          B. the poor ones     C. poor             D. the poor

8. When I looked round the door, the baby_________quietly.

A. is sleeping        B. was sleeping      C. slept            D. were sleeping

9. Do you feel like_________to the cinema or would you rather_________TV at home?

A. going-watching    B. going-watch       C. go-watch         D. go-watched

10. The policeman warned us_________there.

A. not to go          B. to not go         C. not to going       D. not go

11. This food is the worst I_________tasted.

A. had never         B. have ever        C. did              D. had

12. London_________an underground train system since the nineteeth century.

A. has             B. had             C. have had         D. has had

13. I haven’t written any letters home since I_________here.

A. came            B. come            C. coming           D. comes

14. It’s time we went. If we don’t leave now, we_________the last train.

A. miss            B. will miss         C. would miss        D. missed

15. It is impossible for me_________in all this noise.

A. work            B. to work          C. working           D. worked

16. They asked me a lot of questions, most of_________I couldn’t answer well.

A. whom           B. whose           C. which             D. that

17. They explained_________him how they should operate the machine.

A. to              B. with            C. for               D. about

18. We didn’t like the club_________the poor quality of his service.

A. so              B. however        C. because of         D. because

19. I am angry because you didn’t tell me the truth. I don’t like_________.

A. being deceived    B. to be deceive    C. be deceived        D. being deceiving

20. I have already finished all my work, so I don’t have_________tonight. I think I will read for a while.

A. study           B. to study         C. studying           D. studied

Choose the underlined part (marked A, B, C or D) that needs correction.

21. In order to being a good salesclerk, you mustn’t be rude to the customers.

22. According to the sign on the restaurant door, all dinners are requiring to wear shirts and shoes.

23. My mother always made me to wash my hands before every meal.

24. Although his leg was broken however, he managed to get out of the car.

25. The information I got from the assistant was such confusing that I didn’t know what to do.

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions 26- 35.

The traffic light signal was invented by a railway signaling engineer. It was installed (26)_________The House of Parliament in 1868. It (27)_________like any railway signal of the time, and was operated by gas. (28)_________, it exploded and killed a policeman, and the accident (29)_________further development until cars became common.

(30)_________traffic lights are an American invention. Red-green (31)_________were installed in Cleveland in 1914. Three-color signals, (32)_________by hand from a tower in the (33)_________of the street, were installed in New York in 1918. The (34)________lights of this type to (35)________in Britain were in London, on the junction between St James’s street and Piccadilly in 1925.

26. A. outside          B. out           C. out of           D. outdoors

27. A. resembled       B. looked         C. showed         D. seemed

28. A. However        B. Therefore       C. Although        D. Despite

29. A. forbade         B. avoided        C. discouraged      D. disappointed

30. A. New            B. Recent         C. Modern         D. Late

31. A. methods        B. systems        C. means          D. ways

32. A. worked         B. operated        C. turned          D. held

33. A. heart           B. focus           C. halfway         D. middle

34. A. original         B. primary         C. first             D. early

35. A. show          B. appear          C. happen          D. become

Choose the correct answer (marked A, B, C or D) to each of the following questions.

36. It is time___________.

A. the children to go to bed               B. for the children to go to bed

C. for the children to going to bed          D. for the children go to bed

37. It took___________.

A. me one hour to go to work by bicycle     B. I one hour to go to work by bicycle

C. me one hour going to work by bicycle    D. my one hour to go work by bicycle

38. It is two months___________.

A. since it has rained                    B. since last it rained

C. since it last rained                    D. since it was last rained

39. He couldn’t set up a new world record___________.

A. although he tried hard                B. even though he tried hard

C. in spite of the fact that he tried hard     D. All are correct.

40. I really wish____________ but I didn’t.

A. I had invited her to the party           B. had I invited her to the party

C. I invited her to the party               D. I has invited her to the party

---------THE END---------





Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề.

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. walks         B. cups          C. students        D. pens

2. A. talked          B. watched       C. lived           D. stopped

3. A. stream        B. leather        C. cream          D. dream

4. A. striped        B. slice          C. diet            D. recipe

Choose the best answer from the four options given (A, B,C, or D) to complete each sentence.

6. Lan wishes she_________a long vacation.

A. has           B. had            C. have           D. having

7. He saw that film_________7.00 p.m_________Sunday.

A. on-from        B. in-at           C. at-at           D. at-on

8. You like watching sports, _________, Peter?

A. do you        B. aren’t you       C. don’t you       D. doesn’t he

9. You shouldn’t eat_________. It’s not good for your health.

A. quick         B. quickly         C. fastly          D. slow

10. Minh got wet_________he forgot his umbrella.

A. so           B. because        C. and           D. therefore

11. The girl_________is standing near the window is my sister.

A. who         B. when           C. where         D. in which

12. We_________Nam since he left school.

A. met         B. meet           C. meeting        D. haven’t met

13. Do you mind_________me home?

A. taking       B. take           C. took           D. to take

14. This building_________in 1980.

A. built         B. builds          C. was built       D. is built

15. She asked me_________ at English.

A. if I was good    B. if was I good   C. if I good       D. if I am good

16. If you_________your passport, you will be in trouble.

A. lost         B. lose          C. would lose      D. losing

17. What’s the name of the man_________gave us a gift?

A. he          B. which         C. who           D. whose

18. The librarian asked us_________so much noise.

A. not to make   B. no make      C. not making      D. don’t make

19. We have lived in this flat_________five years.

A. ago         B. for           C. since           D. already

20. I really enjoyed the disco. It was great, _________?

A. isn’t it       B. is it         C. wasn’t it         D. weren’t it

Choose the underlined part (marked A, B, C or D) that needs correction.

21. I look forward (A) to have (B) the resolution to (C) the problem I have mentioned.(D)

22. They have moved nothing (A) in your room while (B) they sent (C) you to (D) the hospital.

23. Aren’t you (A) afraid that they will sack you if you didn’t (B) start coming to (C) work on time? (D)

24. I had to drive (A) to the (B) factory to pick up (C) my brother, who’s (D) car wouldn’t start.

25. It (A) was not easy for (B) us getting (C) tickets for the (D) concert.

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions 26- 30.

VietNam has a remarkable diverse climate because of its wide rang of latitude and altitudes. Althought the whole country lies in the tropics and subtropics, local conditions vary from frosty winters in the far nothern hills to the year-round, sub-equatorial warmth of the Mekong Delta. The weather here is determined by two monsoons, which set the rhythm of rural life.

The winter monsoon comes from the north-east between October and March and brings wet chilly winters to all areas norht of NhaTrang , but dry and warm temperatures to the south. From Aprilor May to October,the south western monsoon blows,its wind laden with moisture picked up while crossing the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand and thus brings warm, humind weather to the whole country.

Between July and November, violent and unpredictable typhoons often deverlop over the ocean east of VietNam, hitting central and northern Vietnam with devasting results. Most of Vietnam receives about 2000mm of rain annually, though parts of the Central Hightlands get approximately 3300mm of precipiation per annum.

26. The climate in Vietnam is diverse because of its different latitude and altitudes. ………..

27. Monsoons determine the weather in Vietnam. ………..

28. Vietnam lies in the tropics and subtropics so the weather is hot all year round. ………..

29. The monsoon comes from the north- east and south- western. ………...

30. The north- eastern monsoon brings wet chilly winters to the whole country. …………

31. There are often violent and unpredictable typhoons between July and November in VN. …………

32. It rains more in Central in Vietnam than in other regions . …………

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions 33- 37.

Singapore is an island city of about three million people. It’s a beautiful city with lots of parks and open spaces. It’s also a very (31)______ city.

Most of the people (32)______ in high-rise flats in different parts of the island. The business district is very modern with (33)______ of high new office buildings. Singapore also has some nice older sections. In Chinatown, there (34)______ rows of old shop houses. The government buildings in Singapore are very beautiful and date from the colonial days.

Singapore is famous (35)______ its shops and restaurants. There are many good shopping centers. Most of the goods are duty free. Singapore’s restaurants sell Chinese, Indian, Malay and European food, and the prices are quite reasonable.

33. A. large         B. dirty        C. small             D. clean

34. A. live          B. lives        C. are living          D. lived

35. A. lot           B. lots         C. many             D. much

36. A. is           B. will be       C. were             D. are

37. A. in           B. on          C. at                D. for

Choose the correct answer (marked A, B, C or D) to each of the following questions.

38. _________with you again next summer.

A. I look forward to staying                 B. She look forward to staying

C. I look forward to stay                   D. She looks forward to stay

39. “What are you doing now?”, the teacher asked Tom. - The teacher asked Tom_________.

A. what he was doing now                 B. what was he doing then

C. what he was doing then                 D. what was I doing then.

40. Mary spent_________ the countryside last week.

A. 2 hours travel to       B. 2 hour to travel      C. 2 hours travel        D. 2 hours traveling to

41. I like playing badminton in summer. ~ _________.

A. So am I             B. I do, too            C. I do so              D. I like, either

42. Do you mind_________?

A. if I borrow your car              B. borrowing your car

C. to borrow your car              D. if I borrowed your car

________THE END________

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