Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 10

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Choose the word in each line that has different stress pattern from the rest.
1. A.advertise
B. indicate
C. expensive
D. sensible
2. A.operate
B. departure
C. proposal
D. surprising
3. A.disagreement
B. ridiculous
C. biography
D. astrologist
4. A.language
B. awful
C. cover
D. converse
5. A.bachelor
B. therapy
C. engineer
D. messenger
Choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D to complete the following sentences.
6.My parents keep_______ me as a small child, but I am already 15.
A.to treat B. being treated C. treating D. treat
7.When I met Jane, she_______ as a waitress at a restaurant.
A.is working B. has been working C. was working D. would work
8.Hurry up! They’ve only got_____seats left.
A.few B. a few C. a lot of D. plenty of
9.Several______ have registered for the summer courses.
A.thousand students B. thousands of students
C.thousand of students D.thousands students
10.Vitamin A maintains the sharpness of human vision___________ and promotes head
A.for the night B. nighttime C. of the night D. at night
11.Remember to come at eight,______you?
A.won’t B. will C. don’t D. haven’t
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12.Jim______ he had seen the robber.
A.refused B. declined C. denied D. rejected
13.Several passengers received minor injuries when the train unexpectedly came to
a______ .
A.delay B. stand C. brake D. halt
14.The new school timetable will________ rearranging the meal breaks.
A.order B. need C. oblige D. mean
15.You haven’t heard all the fact, so don’t________ to conclusion.
A.dash B.jump C. spring D. run
16.The job you’ve applied for isn’t________ . It’s only temporary, I’m afraid.
A.long-lasting B. permanent C. eternal D. durable
17.When my sister graduated, she had no idea which__________ to choose.
A.profession B. business C. career D. work
18.The little________ in the hills becomes a deep, wide river as it flows towards the sea.
A.current B. stream C. pond D. pool
19.At 3000 metres, those________ of the mountains are covered in snow, even in
A.parts B. tops C. points D. heights
20.”I wish I______the orientation program at the centre yesterday.”
A.had attended B. would attend C. have attended D. could attend
21.The statistics in this book are________inaccurate.
A.historic B. historical C. historically D. history
22.Children in large families learn how to get________ with other people.
A.along B. away C. across D. through
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23.He promised to mend the broken wheel soon without__________ .
A.fail B. failure C. trouble D. mistake
24.I didn’t want to discuss the matter but he insisted on bringing it___________ .
A.up B. out C.about D. over
25.No_______ you’re hungry if you haven’t eaten since yesterday.
A.matter B. surprise C. wonder D. problem
26.Angela has grown up but she hasn’t________ her shyness yet.
A.got through B. got under C. got over D. got away from
27.There was so much noise that we could hardly_____ what the speaker was saying.
A.take in B. take up C. bring in D. bring up
28.The______ in the north of Sweden is really beautiful.
A.scenery B. nature C. view D. scene
29.He was_______with robbery.
A.imprisoned B. charged C. arrested D. accused
30.Travelling in big cities is becoming more____every day.
A.troubling B. trouble C. troubled D. troublesome
One of the four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D in each sentence is not correct
in standard English. Define them.
31.If a crisis would occur (A) , those unfamiliar (B) with the procedures (C) would not
know how to handle (D) the situation.
32.Weather is the transitory (A) expression of climate (B) that must change greatly (C)
from day to day or from season to season (D) .
33.Calculus was invented (A) to deal with (B) problems that could not be solving (C)
using algebra (D) or geometry.

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