Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 12

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to show the word whose underlined part is pronounced
differently from that of the rest in each line.
1. A. recycle
B. precise
C. faucet
D. racial
2. A. noun
B. doubt
C. trouble
D. discount
3. B. idiom
B. ideal
C. item
D. identify
4. A. appeared
B. frightened
C. arrived
D. reduced
5. A. ethnic
B. breathing
C. either
D. paths
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the
position of the main stress in each line.
B. banana
B. biologist
B. effect
B. intimate
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word closest in meaning to the
underlined words.
11. The teacher chose Peter to be the class librarian.
A. agreed B. selected C. ordered D. forced
12. The children are very hungry.
A.upset B. sick C. thirsty D. starving
13. Huy seldom plays outdoors because he does not like the sun.
A. always B. frequently C. rarely D. regularly
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14. The workers are painting the outside of the house now.
A. exterior B. basement C. comer D. interior
15. Who can take over the badminton coach when he leaves?
A. employ B. keep C. replace D. learn
16. The silly man was tricked by the old lady.
A. slow B. foolish C. intelligent D. childish
17. During the long journey, the explorer met many interesting people.
A.voyage B. track C. period D. trail
18.It is against the law to sit in a car without wearing a seat belt.
A.legal B. permitted C. allowed D. illegal
19.The speaker will start his speech as soon as everyone has arrived.
A.solve B. draft C. commence D. end
20.I helped my mother to lay the forks, spoons and knives on the table.
A.cutlery B. utensils C. equipment D. crockery
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the best answer to each of the following
21.Be careful of the_______ floor when you are at the wet market.
A.smooth B. dry C. slippery D. flat
22.Our teacher________ us to read one story-book a day.
A.encourages B. buys C. borrows D. leases
23.Tom felt________ as he was meeting his mother’s friends for the first time.
A.irritated B. angry C. sad D. shy
24.My father drinks a cup of_________ feeling tired. The caffeine helps to keep him
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A.wine B. coffee C. water D. apple juice
25.You have to jump very high to________ a goal when you play basketball.
A.toss B. serve C. kick D. shoot
26.I like the _____ because there are many colors in it.
A.rainbow B. star C. moon D. sun
27.Nam_______ Hoa to give her the book she dropped.
A.ran on B. ran by C. ran after D. ran with
28.There is a________ of fans waiting for the singer.
A.choir B. crowd C. staff D. tribe
29.My arms and legs are_________ after the exercise.
A.moving B. dying C. stretching D. aching
30.The pencil is_______ . Please sharpen it.
A.short B. thick C. blunt D. dirty
31.Jane and I were cycling in the park when a dog ran towards_________ .
A.her B. theirs C. them D. us
32.I cannot think of a________ reason to buy this house other than my love for the sea.
A.better B. best C. good D. well
33.Susan gave the boy_______ had come up to her a dollar to buy a drink.
A.whom B. whose C. who D. which
34.The price of petrol________ up recently.
A.goes B. has gone C. went D. will go
35.If Maria had the money, she_______ the toy.
A.would buy B. bought C. will buy D. buys
36.Tim was disappointed___________ his best friend for lying to him.

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