Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 18

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Find the word which is pronounced differently in the part underlined.
A. border
C. morning
D. forget
A. amaze
B. bookcase
C. buffalo
D. nation
A. clean
B. stream
C. pea
D. overhead
A. thus
B. throughout
C. worthy
D. brother
A. luuurious
B. oxen
C. boxing
D. maximum
Define the word that has different stress pattern in each line.
A. overweight
B. convenient
C. resistant
D. allowance
A. resident
B. accurate
C. assistant
D. adequate
A. surface
B. migrant
C. rural
D. marine
A. survival
B. scholarship
C. mechanic
D. imagine
A. competitive
B. discovery
C. manufacture
D. machinery
Choose the correct answer to complete each of the following sentences.
11.Would you______ a minute, please, I’ll try to connect you.
A. keep in B. stay on C. hold on D. stop on
12.The patient’s progress was very encouraging as he could_____ get out of bed without
A.nearly B. only C. merely D. barely
13.There has not been a great improvement in her health,__________ ?
A.hasn’t there B. has there C. hasn’t it D. does there
14.I hate_____ in exams. I think it is unacceptable.
A. cheating B. lying C. deceiving D. tricking
15.- “Bye for now. See you again.”
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A.I hope so. B. We will C. Take care. Bye. D. I’m very sad.
16.- “Hello, Minh. Is everything OK?”
A.Not bad. And you? B. I’m not very bad, thanks.
C.Good, you are welcome. D. Everyone’s OK, thank you
17.- “Where are we going this weekend?”
A.That’s a good idea. B. Have you thought of Ha Long Bay?
C.Yes, let’s go somewhere. D.Why don’t you go to the mountains?
18.Although he hasn’t said anything, he______ to be upset about it.
A.acts B. shows C. behaves D. seems
19.Be careful! Dont____ your drink on the table.
A.spill B. spread C. flood D. flow
20.- “Shall I do it tomorrow?”
“I’d rather you______ it right now”.
A.do B. did C. will do D. should do
21.My uncle and aunt live_______ a farm 120 kilometers east of Hanoi.
A.in B. on C. from D. at
22.The boys can’t get to sleep. They’re wide________ .
A.waking B. awake C. woken D. awaken
23.No matter_______ people come tonight, we’ll have a great time!
A.how much B. whoever C. what kind D. how many
24.The Mediterranean town of Benidom is one of the biggest holiday______in Spain.
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A.beaches B. resorts C. locations D. coasts
25.As everyone knows, the first and last______ of the Titanic ended in disaster.
A.journey B.trip C. travelling D. voyage
26.I didn’t_____ I was talking to the Principal until he told me his name.
A.realize B.recognize C. identify D. distinguish
27.Grandfather has never really____ from his nervous breakdown.
A.mended B.cured C. repaired D. recovered
28.Which would you_____ have, the red or the blue one?
A.better B.prefer C. rather D. choose
29.The first English dictionary was_______ by Dr. Johnson.
A.collected B.composed C. constructed D. compiled
30.Whenever I hear that song, it______ me of my childhood.
A.recalls B.reminds C. remembers D. recollects
Choose one option to fill each of the numbered gaps in the following passage.
Fish farming is only one of the many (31)_______ experiments man has begun in the
endless battle to feed himself. It is not as easy as it (32)_______ . One doesn’t simply find
a pond, stock it with fish and wait for them to (33)______ . I knew one amateur who did
just this. He (34)________ on his pond as a fishing hole for his friends. One morning he
awoke to find its surface (35)__________ with dead fish. They had died quite naturally
(36)_______ suffocation. Commercially (37)______ fresh water fish need just that and
plenty of it. A good stream feeding the pond is one way to (38)_____________ that fish
will stay healthy. (39)____ does it supply life-giving oxygen, it also helps to clear away
the fish’s own (40)_______ matter. With the oceans being overfished in recent decades,
fish farming may soon take over there too.
31. A. new
B. modern
C. late
D. recent
32. A. sounds
B. hears
C. listens
D. feels

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