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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Choose the word which has different stress pattern in each line.
1. A. literature
B. majestic
C. prejudice
D. advertise
2. A. innocent
B. rectangle
C. pyramid
D. superior
3. A. manage
B. insist
C. success
D. campaign
4. A. magnificent
B. accompany
C. television
D. continuous
5. A.astonish
B. memory
C. celebrate
D. presently
Choose the best answer to finish the following sentences.
6.She didn’t do it herself. She got some workmen_______ it for her.
A. do B. to do C. doing D. they did
7.It takes several years to_______ as a doctor.
A. practise B. complete C. pass D. qualify
8.You can use my typewriter________ now, but I shall need it later.
A. in B. on C. at D. for
9.The bad weather_______ the plane being delayed.
A. caused B. set off C. made D. resulted in
10.The football match was televised______from the National Stadium.
A. live B. alive C. living D. life
11.He was unable to keep up the pace______by the first three runners.
A.set B. staged C. created D. led
12.Would you_____ a minute, please, I’ll try to put you through to the manager.
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A.keep in B. stay on C. hold on D. stop on
13.The patient’s progress was very encouraging as he could______ get out of bed without
A.nearly B. only C. merely D. barely
14.There has not been a great response to the sale,________ ?
A.hasn’t there B. has there C. hasn’t it D. does there
15.I’m sorry I didn’t remember____ the front door when I left home this morning.
A.to lock B. locking C. to have locked D. to be locking
16.Michael contributed fifty dollars, but he wishes he could contribute_________ .
A.one other fifty dollars B. the same amount also
C.another fifty D.more fifty dollars
17.Neither Jane nor her brothers______ a consent form for tomorrow’s field trip.
A.need B. needs C. has need D. is needing
18.I’m sure that never happened it’s just a________ of your imagination.
A.fantasy B. figment C. piece D. picture
19.There’s been another_______ of bird’s flu in some rural areas.
A.breakdown B.breakout C.outbreak D.breakthrough
20.Joggers can increase their distance________ two weeks or so.
A.each B.every C.another D. little
Read the following two passages and choose the correct answer to each of the
Although they are an inexpensive supplier of vitamins, minerals, and high- quality protein,
eggs also contain a high level of blood cholesterol, one of the major causes of heart
disease. One egg yolk, in fact, contains a little more than two-thirds of the suggested daily
cholesterol limit. This knowledge has caused egg sales to plummet in recent years, which
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
in turn has brought about the development of several alternatives to eating regular eggs.
One alternative is to eat substitute eggs. These egg substitutes are not really eggs, but they
look somewhat like eggs when they are cooked. They have the advantage of having lower
cholesterol rates, and they can be scrambled or used in baking. One disadvantage, however,
is that they are not good for frying, poaching, or boiling. A second alternative to regular
eggs is a new type of egg, sometimes called “designer eggs. These eggs are produced by
hens that are fed low-fat diets consisting of ingredients such as canola oil, flax, and rice
bran. In spite of their diets, however, these hens produce eggs that contain the same
amount of cholesterol as regular eggs. Yet, the producers of these eggs claim that eating
their eggs will not raise the blood cholesterol in humans.
Egg producers claim that their product has been portrayed unfairly. They cite scientific
studies to back up their claim. And, in fact, studies on the relationship between eggs and
human cholesterol levels have brought mixed results. It may be that it is not the type of
egg that is the main determinant of cholesterol but the person who is eating the eggs.
Some people may be more sensitive to cholesterol derived from food than other people. In
fact, there is evidence that certain dietary fats stimulate the body’s production of blood
cholesterol. Consequently, while it still makes sense to limit one’s intake of eggs, even
designer eggs, it seems that doing this without regulating dietary fat will probably not help
reduce the blood cholesterol level.
21.What is the main purpose of this passage?
A.to inform people about the relationship between eggs and cholesterol
B.to convince people to eat “designer” eggs and egg substitutes
C.to persuade people that eggs are unhealthy and should not be eaten
D.to introduce the idea that dietary fat increases the blood cholesterol level
22.According to the passage, which of the following is a cause of heart disease?
A.minerals B.cholesterol C.vitamins D.canola oil
23.As used in the passage, which of the following could best replace the word “somewhat”?
A. Indefinitely B. in fact C. a little D. a lot

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