Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 3

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently
from the rest.
1.A. promise
B. realise
C. devise
D. recognise
2.A. honest
B. honour
C. honey
D. exhibit
3.A. super
B. drum
C. ultimate
D. erupt
4.A. county
B. mount
C. found
5.A. receipt
B. cell
C. caress
D. cancel
Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.
6. A. inquire
C. glorious
D. cordial
7. A.generous
B. extensive
C. resources
D. eternal
8. A. regular
B. poisonous
C. atmosphere
D. awareness
9. A. accessible
B. development
C. celebration
D. congratulate
10. A. season
B. thorough
C. thunder
D. abrupt
Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences.
11.I couldn’t live with a person who had such disgusting___________ .
A. customs B. habits C. uses D. actions
12. Only a _________of students attend those classes.
A. team B. group C. band D. handful
13. Why don’t we_________a drink tonight?
A. have B. drink C. swallow D. go
14. Who is the ___________of this company?
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A. top B. head C. leader D. minister
15. He was dismissed because he was_________.
A. efficient B. efficiency C. inefficient D. inefficiency
16. Lack of funds prevented him _______with his study.
A. to continue B. continued C. continue D. continuing
17. It’s very cold in here. Do you mind ______ I close the window?
A. whether B. as if C. if D. for
18. He seldom gose to the cinema,__________?
A. doesn’t he B. is he C. does he D. isn’t he
19.It is almost impossible for young people______school today to get a job.
A. to leave B. leave C. left D. leaving
20.Are you satisfied________ the result of the final test.
A. at B. with C. from D. for
21.____________the tree to get bird’s eggs, the boy had a bad fall.
A. Climbing B. To climb C. Climb D. having climbed
22. I hope you don’t mind me _____ late at night.
A. telephoning B. to telephone C. telephone D. telephoned
23.My uncle has got a very interesting ________.He is a television announcer.
A.occupation B. occupy C. occupant D. occupying
24.Don’t worry about it. You________ told if there is a change of plan.
A.be B. will are C. would be D. will be
25. We wish he __________ agree to help us.
A. will B. may C. would D. were
26.Let’s just________our differences and be friends.
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A. front B. leave C. stop D. rid
27.Do you mean the cinema is________ the station?
A. front B. next C. to D. opposite
28. The room was___ of strangers.
A. full B. complete C. packed D. filled
28.The children got into the garden through a gap______the fence.
A. of B. at C. in D. through
30.My uncle is very_______ with his money.
A. free B. giving C. kind D. nice
31.Living in that awful flat is getting her___________ .
A. low B. down C. under D. below
32.The doctors say it may take him a long time to get__________ the shock.
A. past B. above C. through D. over
33.I will_______ you this book if you promise to return it next week.
A.offer B. lend C. borrow D. allow
34.The car won’t________ any more.
A.drive B. run C. go D. speed
35.Once the fire________ out we had to sit in the cold.
A. went B. fell C. lit D. came
Choose the correct answer for each gap to complete the passage.
Everyone can dream. Indeed, everyone does dream. Those who (36)____________ that
they never dream at all actually dream (37)___________ as frequently as the rest of us,
(38)______ they may not remember anything about it. Even those of us who are perfectly
(39)________ of dreaming night (40)___________ night very seldom remember those
dreams in great detail but merely retain (41)________________ untidy mixture of

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