Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 9

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Decide the word whose position of the main stress is different from that of the others
in each line.
Choose the right option for each gap in the following sentences.
6.Paul did so well in his speech today: he_______ it many times this past week.
A. had been rehearsing B. would have rehearsed
C. must have rehearsed D. should have rehearsed
7.You have to be rich to send a child to a private school because the fees are_____.
A. astronomical B. aeronautical C. astrological D. atmospheric
8.Many of the jobs which have been created in this area can be directly ________ to
A. supported B. dedicated C. attracted D. attributed
9.Unless something is done about unemployment, the________for the future is not good.
A. overlook B. outlook C. look D. lookout
10. The recent hurricane has caused______ damage in Myanmar.
A. wide B. wider C. widespread D. widely
11. The army tried successfully to_______ the Government.
A. throw away B. throw off C. overthrow D. outthrow
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12. There’s been another_______ of bird’s flu in some rural
A. breakdown B. breakout C.outbreak D.breakout
13. The driving license he carried was____.
A. artificial B. imitation C. outbreak D. breakthrough
14. - “Could I have rice instead of chips?”
A. Yes, all right B. Yes, please C. That’s right D. Of course not
15. _____ has she behaved like that before.
A. Only by B. When C. For D. Never
16. _____ , James is very punctual, but he is late today.
A. Under rule B. Like a rule C. As a rule D. For a rule
17. As the drug took______ , the patient became quieter.
A. effect B. force C. influence D.action
18. I’ve been shopping all morning, and now I feel________.
A. exhausting B. tiring C. worn-out D. disappointed
19. The twins looked so alike that it was impossible to_____.
A. differ B. identify C. distinguish D. discriminate
20. They made the fried chicken by mixing_______ flour with water, then flouring the
A.few B. a few C. little D. a little
21. Can you keep calm for a moment? You_________ noise in class!
A. are always making B. always make
C. are always made D. have always made
22. Tim told me that he_________ that afternoon.
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A.would leave B. was leaving C. will leave D. would have left
23.Did you_________ that the front door was locked before you came out?
A.check B. control C. look out D. secure
24.The majority of walkers only go rambling on_________
A.common B. frequent C. occasional D. repeated
25.The doctor______ him to smoke a few cigarettes each day.
A. let B. made C. stopped D. allowed
26.Father would not________us to go there for the weekend.
A.let B. permit C. agree D. consent
27.I am sorry to hear that Peter and Dick have____ . They were such good friends.
A.fallen against B. fallen out C. dropped out D. dropped against
28.In order to achieve the desired result in this experiment, it is necessary that he ______
as fast as he can.
A.work B. worked C. works D. will work
29.I am sure we can believe her. She is usually very_________ .
A.true B. truthful C. trustful D. trustworthy
30.The number of______ in the factory has increased so much that the police have been
asked to investigate.
A.thieves B. thefts C. robbers D. robberies
31.Although the patient’s condition is serious, she seems to be out of______now
A.order B. control C. danger D. place
32.Most famous people behave quite normally_______
A.on B. in C. with D. for
33.The candidate for_____I voted has won the election.

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh văn năm 2019

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