Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 trường THCS Liêng Trang

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ĐỀ THI HỌC 1 LỚP 8 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. LISTENING: 2.5 pts
Part 1: Listen and fill in the blanks. (1.25pts).
I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends. Of all my friends, Bao, Khai, and Song are the
ones I spend most of my time with. Each of us, however, has a different (1)………… Bao
is the most sociable. He is also extremely kind and (2) ………….. He spends his free time
doing volunteer work at a local orphanage, and he is a hard-working student who always
gets good grades. Unlike Bao, Khai and Song are quite (3) ………… in public. Both boys
enjoy school, but they prefer to be outside the classroom. Song is our school’s star soccer
player, and Khai likes the peace and (4) ……….... of the local library. I am not as
(5)………... as Bao, but I enjoy telling jokes. My friends usually enjoy my sense of humor.
However, sometimes my jokes annoy them. Although we have quite different characters,
the four of us are very close friends.
Part 2: Listen and tick (√) True (T) or False (F) for each statement. (1.25pts).
1. Mrs. Vui has to go and visit her friends after work.
2. Nam will have to cook dinner himself.
3. Mrs. Chi will go to the market and buy some things for Nam.
4. Nam will call Mrs Chi to come to meet his mother.
5. Mrs Vui will be home early tonight.
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Part 1: Choose the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. (0.5 pt)
1. A. conducted B. annoyed C. transmited D. needed
2. A. slim B. sink C. device D. invention
Part 2: Choose the correct option A, B or C to complete the sentence. (2.0 pts)
3. There is a vase with flowers …………… the table.
A. at
B. in
C. on
D. between
4. Hoa is my next door neighbor. She is ………………
A. beautify B. beauty C. beautifully D. beautiful
5. The Sun …………. in the East.
A. rise B. rises C. rising D. raise
6. Nam isn’t tall enough ……………… volleyball.
A. play B. playing C. to play D. plays
7. Mai: Nice to meet you, Hoa.
Hoa: ……………………………., too.
A. How do you do? B. Nice to meet you.
C. I’d like you to meet. D. Come and meet.
8. Nam ……… to see the movie tonight.
A. is
B. am
C. are
9. He is fat. He ought to …………….. more fruit and vegetables.
A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate
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10. You have to cook dinner ……………
A. herself B. yourself C. himself D. themself
III. READING 2.5 pts
Part 1: Fill in each gap with the correct word given in the box. (1.0 pt)
is was in school farming poetry
Isaac Newton was one of the greatest men in the history of Scientists. He was born in a
small village of Wootsphore in England. His father was a poor farmer. When the boy
(1) ………. fourteen, his father died. Newton left (2) ………….. and helped his mother on
the farm. But the boy didn’t like (3) ………, he was fond of (4) ………….. and
mathematics. So Newton was sent to school. After he left school, Newton studied at
Cambridge University.
Part 2: Read the passage and do the tasks below. (1.5 pts)
Lan has a close friend. Her name is Chi. They are in same class at Le Loi secondary school.
They are also neighbors, so they spend most of their time studying and playing together.
Chi is tall and thin. She is a beautiful girl with big black and around face. She is an
intelligent student and always studies best in my class. She is kind, sociable and has a good
sense of humor. Her jokes always make me laugh. She likes reading novel and books. She
also likes playing sports. They often play at school. Lan is very happy when she has a good
friend as her.
Tick True (T) or False (F).
1 ……... Lan and Chi spend most of their time studying and playing together.
2 ……... Chi is short and fat.
Answer the questions:

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