Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 trường THCS Giao Lạc

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ĐỀ THI HỌC 1 LỚP 8 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. Listen and choose the correct answers. You will listen TWICE: (Skills 2- Unit 5)
1. The Giong Festival is held in ___________ District, Ha Noi.
A. Dong Anh B. Dong Da C. Soc Son D. Ha Dong
2. This festival is held to commemorate Saint Giong who defeated ___________.
A. the An B. the Ming C. the Mongols D. the Thanh
3. The festival is held ___________.
A. on the 6th day of the 4th lunar month
B. on the 12th day of the 4th lunar month
C. from the 6th to the 12th of the 4th lunar month
D. from the 6th to the 12th of the 5th lunar month
4. When night falls, a ___________play is performed.
A. tuong B. xoe C. cai luong D. cheo
5. This festival shows our love for the___________.
A. highland B. motherland C. island D. Ireland
II. Listen to the passage and then complete each blank with one correct word. You will
listen TWICE. (Skills 2- Unit 4)
1. The xoe dance expresses young people’s working life and wishes for a happy and
__________ life.
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2. The xoe dance has more than 30 forms based on the first __________ ancient forms.
3. Because it expresses social__________.
4. Old people say they __________ break with this tradition.
5. As a Thai __________ song goes, without the xoe dance, the rice won’t grow.
I. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.
1. You ___________miss any of the meetings. They’re always very useful.
A. needn’t B. shouldn’t C. should D. can
2. She is famous___________her intelligence. She designs many special styles for Ao dai.
A. for B. in C. with D. into
3. The buses were very___________this morning. We can’t go to the church with you in
A. crowd B. full C. crowded D. busy
4. So many people nowadays are ___________ computers and mobile phones. They use
them a lot.
A. addicted to B. bored with C. worried about D. afraid of
5. I love ___________ with my best friend Susan during the weekend. We go window-
shopping or to the cinema.
A. chatting B. studying C. visiting D. hanging out
6. The volunteers have to work much ___________ usual to save the dying animals from
the forest fire.
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A. as hard as B. more hard than C. harder than D. the hardest
7. I couldn’t hear what he said ___________ he was muttering under his breath.
A. if B. although C. in spite D. because
8. We do not have many carnival in Viet Nam; ___________, we have many special
traditional festivals.
A. moreover B. nevertheless C. while D. although
9. Why don’t we ___________our parents with some DIY projects? I think it is useful.
A. do B. help C. make D. give
10. You _______________use your mobile phone on the plane.
A. must B. have to C. don’t have to D. mustn’t
II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
1. Do you fancy (buy) ____________________ a new laptop ?
2. We ( have) ______________________ a test tomorrow.
3. They (build) ______________________ that house since 2009.
4. We (do) ____________________ our homework when the light went out at 9 p.m. last
5. He is very interested in (sit) ______________________ all day in front of the computer.
I. Read the following passage and put a word in the box in each of the numbered
hard takes their bring where
Vietnamese students usually go to school in the mornings, they sometimes (1) ___________
their breakfast with them and eat in the classroom before the teachers come in. It’s
incredibly noisy at first, but they settle down, and learn (2) ___________ for about two
periods. At break time, they go to the playing field (3) ___________they run about. At

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