Đề thi học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 8 có file nghe năm học 2018 - 2019 số 3

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ĐỀ THI HỌC 1 LỚP 8 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I, Listen to a conversation and match Nam's hobbies and leisure activities with
different stages in his life. You will listen TWICE. (1pt)
Stages of life
Hobbies/Leisure activities
1. childhood
A. volunteering
2. primary school
B. playing with toys
3. secondary school
C. playing tennis
4. university
D. reading comics
II. Listen to the story of Hans Christian Andersen's life and complete the notes. Fill
each of the gaps with no more than THREE words and/or a number. You will listen
TWICE. (1pt)
1805: Born in Odense, (1) ______________
1819: Travelled to Copenhagen and worked as (2) ______________
(3) ______: Started writing fairy tales
- 1845: (4) ______________ of his stories became known to foreign audiences
I. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.(1pt)
1. A. mention B. question C. action D. education
2. A. listened B. opened C. wanted D. lived
3. A. community B. computer C. museum D. customs
4. A. needed B. opened C. wanted D. decided
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I. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete the sentences. (2 pts)
1. A tradition is something we do that is special and ____________ down through the
A. to passed B. passed C. passing D. is passing
2. The whole family___________with tradition by spending the New Year’s Eve abroad.
A. went B. broke C. followed D. kept
3. In Viet Nam, you____________ use only the first name to address people older than
A. should B. must C. have to D. shouldn’t
4. Lang Lieu couldn’t buy any special food____________he was very poor.
A. although B. when C. while D. because
5. While I ________ the performance, I met one of my old friends.
A. watched B. was watching C. watch D. am watching
6. In 2010, Ha Noi …………………………. its 1000
A. celebrated B. commemorated C. worshiped D. remembered
7. Tet is an occasion for family……………………… in Viet Nam.
A. visitings B. Meeting C. reunions D. visited
8. So many people nowadays are……computers and mobile phones. They use them a lot.
A. addicted B. bored C. worried about D. afraid of
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II. Give the correct tense/ form of the words in brackets. (1pt)
1. They detest (get) ____________ up early in the morning
2. The Tay people live mostly in the …..regions in the north of Viet Nam (mountain)
. I’m so…………… about your trip. It’s going to be amazing. (excite)
4. Ao dai is our ……………. dress. We wear it every Monday at school.( tradition)
I. Read the passage and complete it with the words given (1 pt)
traditions means according however– therefore
The tradition of birthday parties started a long time ago. People thought there was a special
danger from evil spirits on birthdays;(1) ___________, friends and family came together to
bring good thoughts and wishes and even presents. There are some different (2) ______ in
different countries around the world.
In Vietnam, on a child’s first birthday, family members put many things on the floor around
the child for him or her to choose. (3) ______ to tradition, the first thing the child picks up
will tell us his or her future job. In some countries, a 21st birthday cake is sometimes in a
shape of a key. The key (4) _______ that the young person is now old enough to leave and
build up to their own family at any time they want to. There is usually a special party on
these birthdays.
II. Read the passage carefully then answer the questions below (1 pt):
Once upon a time there was a young girl called Cinderella. Cinderella was living happily
with her family when her mother died. Her father married an evil widow with two daughters.
Cinderella’s stepmother and two stepsisters mistreated her. She had to wear old clothes and
work hard while the sisters wore fancy clothes and had fun. A good fairy helped Cinderella.

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