Đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm 2019 - 2020 số 9

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Đ LUYN THI HSG LP 9 NĂM 2019 - 2020
Choose the word whose stress pattern is differently from those of the other words.
1. A. traditional
B. composer
C. musician
D. powerful
2. A. lyrical
B. emotion
C. favorite
D. classical
3. A. entertain
B. atmosphere
C. serious
D. joyfulness
4. A. understand
B. appearance
C. remember
D. employer
5. A. nation
B. nature
C. nationality
D. national
I. Read the sentences carefully and choose the best answers to make complete ones.
1. Those interested in the post of Assistant Manager are requested to apply _______.
A. as a person B. in person C. as persons D. by person
2. I don’t care _______ you go or not.
A. where B. when C. why D. whether
3. If it wasn’t you who took my pen, it must have been _______.
A. somebody B. somebody else C. another one D. anybody
4. Did the man _______ by the committee accept the job?
A. appointing B. appointed C. was appointed D. to appoint
5. Don’t leave your clothes _______ about on the bedroom floor.
A. lie B. lay C. lying D. laying
6. She raced by in a car, with her hair _______ behind.
A. streamed B. stream C. streams D. streaming
7. I had my younger brother _______ the newspaper to me while I was abroad.
A. to send B. sent C. send D. sending
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8. Joe, I am inclined _______ Appiah’s complicity in the big fraud.
A. about believing B. in believing C. for believing D. to believe
9. Now listen to me John. As far as your examination results are concerned, you needn’t
worry so much, _______?
A. isn’t it B. need you C. do you D. aren’t they
10. His arrogance makes him _______ whenever he goes.
A. hated B. hate C. to hate D. hating
II. The passage below contains 5 errors. IDENTIFY and CORRECT them. (0) has been
done as an example.
After an absence in thirty years, I decided visiting my old school again. I had expected to
find changes, but no a completely different building. As I walked up the school drive, I
wondered for a moment if I had come to the right address. The grimy, red brick fortress with
their tall windows that had looked down grimly on the playground and playing fields had
swept away. In its place stood a bright, modern block raised from the ground on great concrete
stilts. A huge expanse of glass extended across the face of the building, and in front, there was
a well-kept lawn where previous there had been an untidy gravel yard.
Answers: 0. in
III. Fill in each blank with a suitable PREPOSITION or PARTICLE.
1. Without a fridge, fresh food will go _________ very quickly.
2. I haven’t heard_________ Mandy since she wrote in July.
3. This service is free ___________ charge.
4. They went ahead contrary ____________ my advice.
5. The monk told me that the old woman had not really died. He said that she simply passed
_______ her next life.
IV. Write the correct FORM of each bracketed word.
1. The situation is so ___________ (CHAOS) in some countries now that it is difficult to see
any solution.
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2. Computers are now considered ________________ (DISPENSE) in the business world.
3. I will resign if you continue (REGARD) ________________ what I say.
4. She was late as she (ESTIMATE)_______________ how much time she’d need .
5. Politeness is one thing. Real kindness is another. You must learn to
(DIFFERENT)_______________ the two.
I. Fill in each blank space with an appropriate word.
A Success Story
At 19, Ben Way is already a millionaire and one of a growing number of teenagers
_______ (1) have made their fortune through the Internet. _______ (2) makes Ben's story all
the more remarkable is that he is dyslexic, and was told by teachers ________ (3) his junior
school that he would never be able to read or write properly. "I wanted to prove them
wrong", says Ben, creator and director of Way search, a net search engine which can be used
to find goods _______ (4) online shopping malls.
When he was eight, his local authorities provided him ________ (5) a PC to help with
schoolwork. Although he was unable to read the manuals, he had a natural ________ (6)
with the computer, and encouraged by his father, he soon began charging people E10 an
hour for his knowledge and skills. At the age of 15 he set up his own computer consultancy,
Quad Computer, which he ran from his bedroom, two years later he left school _______ (7)
devote all his time to business.
"By this time the company had grown and I needed to take ________ (8) a couple of
employees to help me," says Ben. That enabled me to start doing business with bigger
companies.” It was his ability to consistently _______ (9) difficult challenges that led him to
win the You Entrepreneur of the Year award in the same year that he formed Way search,
and he has recently signed a deal worth £25 million with a private investment company,
which will finance _______ (10) search engine.

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