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ĐỀ ÔN THI HSG LỚP 8 NĂM 2019 - 2020 ĐÁP ÁN
Question 1 : Use the correct form of the verbs:( 2ms )
1. It is no wonder Jack was convicted of speeding. The speed limit is 30 miles an hour but
he did at 50.He (not drive) so fast.
2. If you (take) your doctor's advice, your health (not be) so bad now.
3. He refused (admit) that he (steal) that bicycle.
4. We suggested that medicine (advertise) on television (ban).
5. I could tell from the ( frighten) look on her face that something terrible (happen).
6. "Why didn't you invite me to go to that dance?" " Sorry. I wish I (can/invite) you to go
with us .
Question 2 : Supply the missing prepositions where necessary (2ms)
Yesterday we went shopping..(1).......... the morning.....(2).... 10 o'clock, we felt tired, so we had
some drink in a cafe We had lunch..(3)... 12 o'clock and..(4) the afternoon we stayed at
home. ..(5).............................................. the evening we went to the cinema, and I got to bed ...(6)
................................................................ 11 o'clock. After breakfast ...(7) this morning we
hired bikes and biked round Brighton. We 're having a rest now, but ...(8)....this evening we're
going ...(9).. a concert, which begins...(10).... 8.30.
Question 3: Fill in the spaces with A ,AN, THE or O (No articles): (2ms )
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Once a famous boxer went to ...(1)... restaurant to have ..(2)... dinner. He took off his coat
at...(3).. door, but he was afraid that somebody would take it. So he took out ..(4)... piece of
paper and wrote on it: "This coat belongs to Tom Brown,....(5).... most famous boxer in ..(6)..
world; He will come back in………....(7) few minutes." He fastened ..(8)...paper to (9)...coat
and went into...(10)....restaurant to have his dinner.
Question 4 : Supply the correct form of the words in parentheses: ( 2ms )
1. 1. This restaurant is..for its western meals. (FAME)
2. Michael is a third- year...... student. (MEDICINE)
3. That young man is......... politician (PROMISE)
4. The motorist was killed...... when his car crashed into a lorry. (INSTANT)
5. He believed in his....to jump down from the fourth story without getting hurt. (ABLE).
6. In....... with the rules of the competition, the team was disqualified. (ACCORD)
7. This examination will test your... in English. ( PROFICIENT)
8. " Have you seen the new ….for Mei Shampoo? I think I shall buy a bottle now", said Liz.
9. After many years of failure, Edison finally in inventing the light bulb. (SUCCESS)
10. Jim's......of the crime only made matters worse. (DENY)
Question 5: Choose a suitable word in some given words and fill in the blanks: ( 2ms)
manages succeed comparison operate earn
individual begins directly process idea
When consumers want to buy something - food, clothes, furniture, or books - they most often go
to a retail store. Retail stores sell (1) to the consumer. Many retail stores are small
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businesses. In the United States, ninety-seven percent of the businesses are small businesses.
They are an important part of the marketing (2) Small businesses are businesses that are small
in (3) to large companies. These small businesses (4)..... less than $2 million a year. They are
usually owned by an (5) or a partnership (two or more people who own the business together).
The owner very often (6) the business, and there are not many employees.
In the 1960s, a new (7).............for retail ownership became very popular in the United States.
This was the franchise store. The franchise store allows an individual to own and (8) ………a
small business with better chance of success. If someone (9)………..a small business such as a
restaurant or a dress shop, it is sometimes difficult to…………….(10) alone
Question 6 : . Use the verbs and particles given to make up phrasal verbs and complete the
sentences. Make sure to put the verbs in their correct forms. (2ms)
Verbs : show, settle, stand, wait, make, run , pass, look, run, come
Particles : by, out of, away, off, over, up, on , across, out, on
1. What did Mr. Jackson tell her children ?
She told them that she was ________________patience.
2.While looking for an English book, I_____________a novel by Charles Dickens my son liked
for long.
3. Edna sometimes____________a list of things to do for the whole week.
4.Helen went to the library to____________some facts about early American history.
5.Good friends will always___________ you when you are in need.
6.Some women invited to wedding party always try to____________ their figures.
7.The waiter who________________me was very pleasant.
8. Most drivers are unhappy if they__________ an animal.

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