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ĐỀ ÔN THI HSG LỚP 8 M 2019 - 2020 ĐÁP ÁN
I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the
rest by writing your answers (A, B, C, or D) in the numbered box. (14 p)
A. excursion
B. fur
C. hurt
D. bury
A. seizure
B. measure
C. confusion
D. tension
A. food
B. mood
C. foot
D. shoot
A. thus
B. thick
C. thing
D. thin
A. off
B. of
C. safe
D. knife
A. daughter
B. laughter
C. taught
D. caught
A. promise
B. devise
C. surprise
D. realise
II. Choose the word that has different stress pattern in each line (6 p) :
A. suggest
B. report
C. profit
D. career
A. volcano
B. jungle
C. marine
D. surround
A. attend
B. public
C. damage
D. practice
I. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Write your answers (A,
B, C, or D) in the numbered box. (30 p)
1. Who sings best in your school?” Mai .......... .”
A. sings
B. is
C. has
2. Will you come to the party tomorrow?” I will if I ........ no visitors.”
A. have
B. will have
C. had
D. am having
3. Please, ask them .......... in this area.
A. don’t smoke
B. not smoke
C. to not smoke
D. not to smoke
4. I think he ........ better not encourage the students to take extra lessons.
A. will
B. should
C. could
D. had
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5. Every body in both cars ........ injured in the accident last night.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
6. .......... to have lunch with us today?
A. Do you like
B. Would you like
C. Will you like
D. Have you like
7. Let’s go out for a walk, ......... ?
A. do we
B. don’t we
C. won’t we
D. shall we
8. Drinking and smoking will do great harm ......... people’s health.
A. to
B. for
C. with
D. in
9. He always ........... .
A. avoids to meet
B. avoiding to meet
C. avoids meeting
D. to avoid meeting
10. My parents are going to take three days……………..….next month to help my brother
move his house.
A. at
B. over
C. off
D. out
11. In my class, Trung was responsible …………..…. the teacher ……………..….
keeping the class
in order while she went out.
A. to/ for
B. to/ in
C. with/ for
D. for/ for
12. The scheme allows students from many countries to communicate……………..….
A. with other
B. themselves
C. each other
D. with one another
13. Have you ever read anything……………..….Earnest Hemmingway?
A. by
B. of
C. from
D. for
14. Not a good movie,……………..….?
A. did it
B. didn’t it
C. was it
D. wasn’t it
15. Hurry up! They have only got……………..….seats left.
A. a lot of
B. a few
C. a little
D. plenty of
II. There is one mistake in each sentence. Find and write your answers in the numbered
box. (10 p)
1. Would you mind if I help her solve these mathematics problems ?
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2. Christmas songs are performed for people in towns and villages eight hundred years ago.
3. Do you remember to try this kind of food somewhere else before?
4. The police have not found the stealing jewels since last Monday.
5. There was no explaination for his absence from class yesterday.
III. Supply the correct tense or form of the verb given in brackets. (10 p)
1. When Mary (arrive) ................. here, you (show) .................... her to her room?
2. The last time she (see) ..................... in public she (wear) ................ a white blouse.
3. I ( search) ............. everywhere for the pen I (lose) ..................... yesterday.
4. He (have) ............. a bad fall while he (repair) ................ his roof.
5. Nam (sit) ............... in a corner with a book. I told him that he (read) ........... in very bad
IV. Complete the sentences by filling in each blank with the correct form of the word in
brackets. (10 p)
1. The evening was _______ spent playing cards and talking. (enjoy)
2. These shoes look quite smart but they’re terribly ______ (comfort)
3. I doesn’t want my money back. He wants a ______ (place)
4. Sorry about the mistakes, I ____ the instructions you gave me. (understand)
5. Ba and I played for our school team. We were ______ . (team)
I. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct
answer to each of the questions.(10 p)
Many people continue to skip breakfast despite its being most important meal of the day.
Busy people often rush out the door in the mornings with out giving their bodies the
fuel they need to handle a long day at work. They end up feeling tired by the afternoon
and resort to the office snack machine or biscuit tin.

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