Đề thi thử học sinh giỏi lớp 9 môn tiếng Anh năm 2019 - 2020 số 5

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Đ LUYN THI HSG LP 9 NĂM 2019 - 2020
I. Select the word whose bold and underlined part is pronounced differently from the
1. A. good
B. mood
C. noon
D. pool
2. A. music
B. student
C. use
D. study
3. A. thank
B. month
C. within
D. eigth
4. A. whisper
B. whistle
C. who
D. why
5. A. chapter
B. chemist
C. cheese
D. rich
6. A. feather
B. heat
C. meat
D. seat
7. A. missed
B. worked
C. hated
D. watched
8. A. cow
B. brown
C. how
D. grow
9. A. third
B. fire
C. first
D. sir
10. A. relaxes
B. watches
C. misses
D. lives
II. Select A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose stress position is different from the
11. A. morning
B. college
C. arrive
D. famous
12. A. writer
B. teacher
C. builder
D. career
13. A. attend
B. option
C. rely
D. become
14. A. television
B. environment
C. activity
D. geography
15. A. eleven
B. yesterday
C. attitude
D. demomstrate
I. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences
16. You have plenty of time to finish your breakfast. There _________ any school today.
A. doesn’t be
B. aren’t
C. not being
D. isn’t
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17. They told me that he _________ a lot of money in his job the year before.
A. had earned
B. is earning
C. earns
D. would earn
18. It is no good _______ him to see you off.
A. to expect
B. expecting
C. of expecting
D. for him to expect
19. Please go on to the _______ exercise when you have finished this one.
A. all
B. other
C. either
D. every
20.The weather is very cold during our vacation now. I wish it _________ warmer.
A. is
B. were
C. will be
D. had been
21. The shops are always ____________ of people at Christmas time.
A. full
B. stuffed
C. busy
D. crowded
22. How many photographs of the Sydney Opera House _________ every year?
A. are taken
B. take
C. takes
D. is taken
23. Miss Anna, as well as some of her friends, __________working in this school for ten
years .
A. have started
B. has started
C. has been
D. have been
24. Jennifer lives in a small apartment _________ the ground floor.
A. under
B. by
C. in
D. on
25. When ________ the last time Mr. and Mrs. Green __________ you?
A. were / visited
B. was/ visited
C. did /visit
D. has /visited
II. Complete the following sentences with a suitable preposition for each.
26. The problem is becoming serious. We have to do something ______ it.
27. I prefer this chair ________ the other one. It’s more comfortable.
28. “Have you ever been ______ Borle?” “No. I’ve never heard about it?”
29. What have you done with the money you had? What did you spend it _________?
30. Don’t ask me to decide anything. I’m not very good __________ making a decision.
III. Fill the blanks with the right form of the CAPITAL words provided. (2ms)
31. You must not be _____________ when you open that glass door. CARE
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32. ______________claim that the virus among seals was caused by pollution.
33. Luckily, Jame received a lot of ________ from her teachers and friends. COURAGE
34. Using electricity is not an __________ way of cooking. Gas is much cheaper.
35. Thousands of people were made ________ by the earthquake in Japan. HOME
36. The love for books is helpful in _______ the pupils’knowledge. DEVELOP
37. Since its ___________, television has attracted millions of viewers. INVENT
38. My favorite form of _________ is playing the guitar. ENTERTAIN
39. I really think he has enough ___________ to do this job. CAPABLE
40. This professor explained his ideas with great _______ CLEAR
IV. Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs given in brackets
41. Her youngest brother (offer) ______________ a new job a year ago.
42. You won’t know what to do unless you (listen)__________ to these instructions
43. I am having my car (repair)____________at the garage at the moment.
44. You shouldn’t get John (type) _________ this report because he’s a careless man.
45. London is said (have) ____________ a good underground train system.
I. Complete the following passage by choosing A, B, C or D.
We don’t only choose clothes to make us look …….(46), we also use them to tell the
world ..(47) our personality. The clothes we wear and our …..(48) as a whole give other
people useful information about what we think and……..(49) we feel. If we feel cheerful, we
usually wear ….(50) clothes and if we feel …..(51) we sometimes put on dark clothes. But
why do teenagers wear black so…..(52)? Is it because they feel miserable all …..(53)? This
is unlikely to be the case. It is probably just because it is ..(54) to wear black, and young
people are real fans of …….(55).
46- A. attract B. attractive C. attractively D. attraction

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