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I- Choose the best answer:
1. I don't mind you ....... home late as long as you don't make so much noise.
A. go B. to go C. going D. went
2. The girl ....... photo was in the paper today lives in our street.
A. who B. whom C. which D. whose
3. The ....... of this city has increased rapidly in the recent years.
A. number B. population C. crowd D. total
4. The ....... is the place where a particular species of animal is normally found.
A. habit B. surrounding C. region D. area
5. My younger brother would like to become a computer .......
A. program B. programmer C. to program D. programmed
6. The lazy student felt ... about his coming examination because he had hardly leant anything at
A. easy B. easier C. uneasy D. not easy
7. Foreigners who learn English normally have difficulty with its .......
A. pronounce B. pronunciation C. pronounced D. pronouncing
8. The company is not taking on any new ....... this year.
A. to employ B. employer C. employee D. employ
9. The old couple have saved a lot of money for their .......
A. retire B. retiring C. to retire D. retirement
10. I admire the ....... use of color in her paintings.
A. effection B. effective C. to effect D. effecting
11. English is a ....... easy language for Swedes to learn.
A. compare B. to compare C. comparatively D. comparison.
12. We walked to the ....... bus stop in ten minutes.
A. near B. nearer C. next D. nearest
13. She can't apply ....... the job because she doesn't have enough qualifications.
A. in B. for C. to D. at
14. More than half of the world's ....... are printed in English.
A. period B. periodic C. periodicals D. periodically
15. Did anyone ask you to make a ....... at the reception?
A. speaking B. speech C. to speak D. speak
16. Mark Twain was born in Missouri ....... 1835.
A. on B. for C. in D. at
17. He won't pass the exam ....... he works hard.
A. if B. unless C. or D. whether
18. They are the children ....... won the match yesterday.
A. whose B. who C. whom D. which
19. We would go camping ....... the weather were fine.
A. although B. if C. but D. however
20. He has ....... in giving up smoking.
A. to succeed B. successful C. unsuccessful D. succeeded
21. On a spaceship gravity is zero and everything seems to.......
A. fly B. flying C. float D. floating
22. It's the English language ....... is used as an official language in 44 countries.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, n bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
A. which B. that C. who D. whom
23. A person who teaches at university is a .......
A. teacher B. lecturer C. professor D. student
24. What's the place ....... you stand and wait for a train?
A. when B. where C. which D. that
25. Vietnam is a ....... country.
A. develop B. developed C. developing D. to develop
26. Phone the ....... if the lights don't work.
A. electric B. electrician C. electrify D. electricity
27. I borrowed the money ....... the bank.
A. to B. of C. for D. from
28. We ....... Betty since she moved to our neighborhood.
A. have known B. had known C. are knowing D. knew
29. Do we ....... attend the dance?
A. ought B. have got to C. must to D. have to
30. My sister is ...... than me.
A. much older B. much elder C. most older D. more older
31. You should hear Lucy play ....... guitar.
A. the B. one C. some D. a
32. Betty ....... a lot of presents on her birthday.
A. was given B. gave C. was giving D. was been given
33. I'm really looking ........ Christmas this year.
A. after B. out for C. into D. forward to
34. ....... can come to the club. You don't need to be a member.
A. Someone B. Every C. Each one D. Anyone
35. The dog must ....... to the vet.
A. taken B. be taken C. be take D. take
36. My nephews speak French really .......
A. good B. better C. well D. best
37. There is ....... food left but not enough for everyone.
A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
38. ... luggage is this? - It's Karen's
A. What B. Which C. How much D. Whose
39. ....... have you been playing the flute? - Since 1992.
A. When B. Since C. How long D. How long ago
40. The meeting will start when everyone .......
A. will arrive B. arrives C. is arriving D. will be arriving
II- Read the following passage and choose A, B, C, or D to fill in the gaps:
Steven Spielberg was born in Ohio. He is one of the most (41) filmmakers in recent times, and in
his (42) he has earned millions (43) dollars. He has been making movies (44) 1961. His first film
was a war movie, Escape to Nowhere, (45) was made when he was only 13. He studied English
literature at California State University and then worked in the television division (46) Universal
Studios in Hollywood for seven years.
In 1975, he made the movie Jaws, which (47) very successful, and (48) him rich and famous.
Since then, he has made more than 30 movies, including the box- office hits Close Encounters of
the Third Kind, Indiana Jones, ET, and Jurassic Parkura. He has also directed (49) serious
movies, like Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan, and he has produced a lot of hit movies. In
1994, he formed a new Hollywood studio, Dreamworks. Recently, Dreamworks has been (50)
Microsoft to produce interactive computer games and videos.
41. A. success B. unsuccess C. successful D. unsuccessful
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, n bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
42. A. job B. career C. work D. profession
43. A. of B. in C. work D. about
44. A. ago B. for C. since D. in
45. A. who B. whom C. whose D. which
46. A. in B. at C. into D. near
47. A. were B. is C. are D. was
48. A. to make B. made C. makes D. make
49. A. some B. much C. more D. most
50. A. worked B. work C. to work D. working
___________THE END____________
I- 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. B 11. C 12. D 13. B 14. C 15. B 16. C 17. B 18.
B 19. B 20. D 21. C 22. B 23. C 24. B 25. C 26. B 27. D 28. A 29. D 30. A 31. A 32. D 33. D 34.
D 35. B 36. C 37. A 38. D 39. C
40. B
II- 41. C 42. B 43. A 44. C 45. D 46. B 47. D 48. B 49. C 50.D
___________THE END____________
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