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  • Gà Bông
    Gà Bông

    My dream house is not necessarily a large house, as long as it fits my style and character. It is located on the outskirts of town. It will be a two- storey house facing west-south side. Moreover, my house can not be lack of a large garden surrounded by thousands of different colors of flowers and fruits. I like it the most when having a breakfast or enjoying night views in my own garden. Simplicity is beauty, this explains why I would prefer an airy space rather than a well-equipped house. However, the house should have basic necessities in the kitchen and bathroom to serve all my demands in daily life. In addition, I will use bright color tones for the whole house, especially my bedroom to make it more spacious. My bedroom will be more perfect and ideal if it has a balcony where i could smell the fragrance from the garden as well as enjoy the sound of the birds in the morning. Besides, I also have an intention of having a small garage and storage. In conclusion, I wish I could make my dream become true.

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    • Thần Rồng
      Thần Rồng

      I would like to have a two storey house before the beach. There will be four rooms: two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen in the house. Two bedrooms will be in the second floor. Each bedroom will have own balcony and private bathroom. In the morning, I can enjoy the fresh atmosphere on the beach. In the living, a 60 inch smart TV will be put in the middle of room. In front of television, there a large sofa that I can sit with my family. A kitchen will be next to the living room. The kitchen where I can cook delicious meals for my family will be well-equipped. I will try to study hard so that when I am mature, I can buy a house as I dream.

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      • Thiên Bình
        Thiên Bình

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