100 câu trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12 nâng cao CÓ ĐÁP ÁN

100 câu trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12 nâng cao CÓ ĐÁP ÁN

Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo 100 câu trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12 nâng cao CÓ ĐÁP ÁN để củng cố kiến thức tiếng Anh của mình. Hy vọng tài liệu sẽ giúp ích cho quá trình học tập của các bạn. Chúng tôi tin rằng, khi các bạn chuyên cần luyện tập các dạng bài này, các bạn sẽ ngày càng tiến bộ trong môn học, đặc biệt sẽ thêm tự tin để làm thật tốt các bài kiểm tra, thi.

Tổng hợp toàn bộ từ vựng và ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12

Các bài nghe tiếng Anh lớp 12 Ban nâng cao

1. Some snakes lay eggs, but _______ give birth to live offspring.

A. other B. the other C. others D. the others

2. I can remember _________ you about this three times already.

A. telling B. to tell C. told D. tell

3. Don’t worry about the party. I’ll _________ to it.

A. offer B. care C. see D. devote

4. _____________ have made communication faster and easier through the use of e-mail and the Internet is widely recognized.

A. It is that computers B. That computers C. Computers that D. That it is computers

5. _________ you should do now is to take a long holiday

A. That B. Which C. What D. It

6. ____________ you to be offered that job, would you have to move to another city?

A. Provided that B. Should C. Were D. Had

7. I ___________Katie, an old friend of mine, on the way home from work yesterday.

A. came into B. ran into C. call off D. get into

8. Tom was wearing a suit, ___________ was unsuitable for an informal gathering.

A. and B. it C. which D. that

9. Anne: "Make yourself at home". -- John : "._________________."

A. Yes, Can I help you? B. Not at all. Don't mention it.

C. Thanks! Same to you. D. That's very kind. Thank you

10. My car would not start ____________ Jenny’s started immediately.

A. whereas B. though C. however D. nevertheless

11. You work very hard. I’m sure you’ll have no _______ the exam .

A. difficulties of passing B. difficulty passing

C. difficulties to pass D. difficulty to pass

12. _____________________ director must have surprised all the staff.

A. You nominated B. Your being nominated

C. You have been nominated D. Your nominating

13. This is such an important question that we can’t _________________thinking it over.

A. point B. use C. help D. stand

14. ________________ the Christmas shopping season begins.

A. That is after Thanksgiving B. After Thanksgiving it is

C. It is after Thanksgiving that D. It is Thanksgiving that

15. My new glasses cost me _______ the last pair I bought last month.

A. more than three times B. three times as much as

C. more three times than D. as much three times as

16. You will find their house __________ you take a good street map with you.

A. as long as B. even if C. unless D. otherwise:

17. By the end of last March, I _____ English for five years.

A. was studying B. would be studying

C. has been studying D. had been studying

18. You’d better stop spending money, _______ you will end up in debt

A. unless B. otherwise C. if D. in case

19. The people in my class, _____ are very friendly.

A. most of international students B. the most international students

C. almost international students D. mostly international students

20. He is determined to finish the job _____________ long it takes

A. whenever B. whatever C. no matter D. however

21. She _____ for lost time by studying at weekends.

A. got up B. set about C. made up D. put in

22. What is your opinion about Bob’s condition? - I recommend ___________ as much as possible.

A. him rest B. that he rests C. that he rest D. him to rest

23. Alan and Sue ___________ an argument. They are not speaking to each other.

A. must have B. must have had C. might have D. might had

24. ______________________, we tried our best to complete it.

A. As though the homework was difficult B. Thanks to the difficult homework

C. Difficult as the homework was D. Despite the homework was difficult

25. Only when the ground is kept moist, _________________ germinate.

A. will grass seeds B. grass seeds will C. does grass seeds D. grass seeds does

26. She would rather I ________ harder now.

A. study B. studying C. am studying D. studied

27. The concert didn’t come ______ our expectations.

A. up to B. up against C. round D. up with

28. Excuse me, is anybody sitting here? - “_________________________”.

A. No, thanks. B. Yes, I am so glad

C. Sorry, the seat is taken D. You are welcome.

29. My uncle _______ golf when he retired from work.

A. took on B. took up C. took over D. took after

30. By the end of next month, we _______ our English course.

A. have completed B. will be completed

C. will have completed D. completed

31. You should be responsible for_______ you have done.

A. that B. why C. which D. what

32. _______________ in the US in 1977, this festival is celebrated with feasts and songs in the home for seven days and nights.

A. Africa introduced B. Africa introducing

C. Introducing from Africa D. Introduced from Africa

33. ______________ she spoke did I realized that she was English.

A. No sooner B. No longer C. Not until D. Hardly

34. I'm not opposed to ______ with us, as long as it's only for a few days.

A. them to stay B. them staying C. their stay D. their staying

35. Henry_______________ a rich man today if he had been more careful in the past.

A. will have been B. will be C. would have been D. would be

36. _________ do women do all the housework with their hands.

A. No sooner B. Not until C. No more D. No longer

37. Please forgive me, I don't ___________ to upset you.

A. think B. mind C. mean D. suppose

38. _______ we have finished the course, we should start doing more revision work .

A. For now B. Now that C. Ever since D. By now

39. _________ we heard at the conference was encouraging.

A. That B. Where C. When D. What

40. I‘d _________ you didn’t leave just at the moment.

A. rather B. like C. better D. love

41. Forget it. It is no use crying over spilt _________.

A. water B. juice C. milk D. lemonade

42. Smith knew that he could make a success of the little weekly newspaper in the long _______.

A. time B. run C. distance D. step

43. ________ that she could not say anything.

A. Upset was she B. However upset was she

C. So upset was she that D. So upset she was

44. I ________ my best suit at the party last night - everyone else was very casually dressed.

A. needn't wear B. mustn't wear

C. needn't have worn D. mustn't have worn

45. By far, _________________________ of Saudi Arabia is oil.

A. it is the most important export B. the most important export

C. the most important export is D. that it the most important export

46. Who did you invite to dinner last night? – No one _______ than Frank and his family.

A. another B. the other C. other D. the others

47. The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes __________ for a cup of coffee.

A. over B. off C. on D. to

48. I have three brothers, _____________ are businessmen.

A. that all of them B. who they all C. all of whom D. who all of them

49. It was _________________ that we spent the whole day at the beach.

A. so nice a weather B. such nice weather

C. such nice a weather D. so a nice weather

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