Đề luyện thi học sinh giỏi lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 11

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ĐỀ ÔN THI HSG LỚP 8 NĂM 2019 - 2020 ĐÁP ÁN
Question : I Phonetics (10 points)
a, Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1 . A. guitarist B. passenger C. generous D. village
2. A. other B. long C. possible D. constancy
3. A. happy B. hat C. honest D. house
4. A. daughter B. laughter C. taught D. caught
5. A. shower B. allow C. below D. plough
Question II: (20 points) Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets .
1) Paul really didn’t mind (1.surprise) ....................... by the party to celebrate this fortieth
2) Anne hoped ( 2.invite) ............................. to join the private club.
3 . She was sure that she (3. slip ) …… out of the house unnoticed while the others (4.
dance ) ……
4. When he (5.go ) …….. to see them last night , They (6. play ) …….. card . They (7.
say) ……. they (8 . play) …….. since 6 p.m
5. Don’t call him at 2.30 p.m . He (interview) job applicants at that time.
6. While he (10. fish) ……, someone (11. come)…to my house and (12. leave)…… this notes.
7 . when the students (13. hear ) …… the bell , they (14.stand )……… up and (15.leave ) ……..
8 .I am going to retire soon .By the first of July I ( 16 . work) …….. here for 25 years.
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9. This is the first time she (17 . see) ……….. such handsome boy.
10 . The Ajax Shoes Company (18 . employ) …….. 25 new men next month
11 . If I ( 19 . eat ) …………. breakfast this morning , I ( 20.be not ) ………. hungry now
III . Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D and correct again
1 . I’m sure he is incapable in running a mile in four minutes.
2 . Good friendship should be basing on mutual understanding.
3 . Im delighted hearing that you have made much progress in your study.
4 .Theyvoluntarily spenttheir vacationsto teachilliterate people to read &write.
5 . You can congratulate yourself about having done an excellent job.
Question: IV (10 points) Choose the word or phrase ( A,B,C,D ) which best complete each sentence
1. A good way to go to foreign countries is ________air
A.by B.in C.on D. with
2. All her family came to the airport to _____ her off her trip to Australia.
A.call B.get C. see D. take
3. Help !
A.Just a minute B. Moment C. I come at once D.Wait on
4. Tell me_______ there is anything special that you would like to do.
A. which B. if C. that D. so
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5. She asked___________ whether she really wanted to take the exam.
A.anyone else B. each other C. herself D.one
6. When she answers the phone, she often _________ in a funny accent, which annoys me.
A.repeats B. says C. speaks D.tells
7. I am going to ___________all my clothes and decide which to keep and which to give away.
A. get on B. go through C. hand in D.look up
8. I must find out _________ the train leave.
A. if B. when C . as D. that
9. Is there a place ____________ we can eat cheaply near here?
A. that B. there C.where D. which
10. He pointed to number 6 and said" That is the house she lives........"
.A. there B. where C. in D. in it
11. Smoking is a bad .....................
A. practice B. habit C. custom D. usage
12. The librarian asked us .................so much noise
A. not make B. don’t make C. not making D. not to make
13. No sooner.................the house than it started raining
A.we left B. had we left C. we had left D. did we leave
14. He has his lunch at the office, ....................?
A. had he B. did he C. hadn’t he D. doesn’t he
15. Some film stars .............be difficult to work with
A. say B. say to C. are said D. are said to
Question : V (10 points) Choose the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined word.
1. More work has been done to eradicate illiteracy in our country.

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