Đề thi giữa học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh năm 2019 - 2020

Đề kiểm tra giữa kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 8

Đề luyện thi môn tiếng Anh 8 giữa học kỳ 1 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề thi giữa kì 1 lớp 8 năm 2019 - 2020 do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh được biên tập dưới nhiều hình thức trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp các em rèn luyện kỹ năng làm bài thi hiệu quả.

I. Underline the words having clusters /sk/, /sp/, /st/, /br/, /pr/, /bl/, /cl/, then read the sentences aloud. (1 p)

1. I sometimes skip breakfast when I get up late.

2. The boys are practising climbing to the top of the ladder.

3. Some ethnic minority peoples have spoken as well as written language.

4.I’d like to have a clear blue sky over my head.

5. Drawing spaceships is what my cousin likes best in his spare time.

II. Put a, an, or the in each of the blanks. (2 p)

1.__ Viet (or Kinh) people have largest population among 54 ethnic groups in Viet Nam.

2. In___ afternoon, my brother and I feed chickens and collect their eggs.

3. – It’s unlucky to light three cigarettes with one match.

– That’s only______ I superstition. Only________ idiot believes in superstitions.

4. There is_ university and English centre in this City.

5. I love__ spaceships over there in______ Just look at those flowers!. I can’t believe they’re not real.

III. Read the passage and give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (2 p)

Most teenagers like (1. spend)_________ time in font of the TV, but is this a good thing? Is TV just a way of avoiding (2. do) _________ something more useful? Some people think that most TV programmes are not right for teenagers. “Teenagers need (3. have)_________ better programmes,” agrees TV producer Erica Johnson. “Our TV company promises (4, make) educational programmes which teenagers will enjoy (5. watch)______________________ Erica suggests (6. create) _________ a special channel for teenagers. Teenagers want (7. be)_________ different, so a different channel is a good idea. TV is a great way of learning. Teenagers can learn (8. understand)___________ the world through television.” What do teenagers think? Emily, 13, said, “It’s a bad idea. We have enough channels already. I wouldn’t like (9. see) _________ one more.” Erica said, “We are planning (10. show) _________ the first programme on this new channel next spring.”

IV. Make questions for the answers, using the cues given. (1 p)

1. – the Khmer/ have/ own language?_______________________

– Yes, they do.

2. – farm/ this? _______________________

It’s my uncle’s

3. – celebrate/ your birthday? _______________________

-I usually celebrate it at home.

4. – your summer holiday/ countryside? ______________

– Oh, it was very interesting and useful.

5. – coloured pencils/ collect/ so far?___________________

– I’ve collected about 150 of them

V. Read the passage and insert a word in each of the blanks. (1 p)

Hi. My name is Buon Krong. I am a member of the Ede people. I live in a small village in (1)__ Central Highlands of Viet Nam. It is my homeland. There are about 250 people living here. The village is quiet and the life is slow and easy. We (2)____________ The air here is very clean (3) _____ there is not much traffic, and there are no factories. My village people are much more friendly than those in a City. If someone has a problem, there are always people who can help. However, one thing I don’t like about the (4)_ here is that there is not much to do in the evening and at weekend. We haven’t got a cinema or theater. We haven’t got a library either. But I still (5)______ life in my village to life in a big city.

VI. Use the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. (1 p)

1. The storm arrived at the village much (soon)__________ than we expected

2. My cat is a better pet: she plays much (quiet)____ than my big, noisy dog.

3. Many birds fly a long way, but Arctic terns fly the (far) _________.

4. Do you know that light travels (fast)__ than sound?

5. Of all the girls, Hoa did the embroidery the (careful)_________

VII. Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each question below (1 p).

Leisure activity isn’t just for tun, says Howard E.A. Tinsley, a professor from the University of Florida who has developed a scale that classifies hobbies based on needs they satisfy in people. The scale can help people find more personal fulfillment by giving them insight into what they really like. “The surprising thing is that activities you might think are very different have similar effects on people. Probably no one would consider acting to have the same characteristics as roller-skating or playing baseball, but people who act as a hobby report feeling an intense sense of belonging to a group, much the same way others do in playing sports.”

And activities providing the strongest sense of competition are not sports, but card and Computer game, he found. Participating in soccer satisfies our desire for a sense of “belonging”, and coin collecting fulfills the need for “creativity”. With so many people in jobs they don’t care for, leisure is a prized aspect of people’s lives, Tinsley said. “Yet it’s not something psychologists really study. Economists tell us how much money people spend skiing, but nobody explains why skiing really appeals to people.”

Fishing, generally considered an outdoor recreational activity, for example, is a form of self-expression like stamp collecting, because it gives people the opportunity to express some aspect of their personality by doing something different from their daily routine, he said.

1. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Both acting and roller-skating give people a feeling of being a part of a team.

B. Collecting things satisfies people’s desire for making new things.

C. Fishing allows you to show the type of person you are.

D. Researchers know for sure why a hobby attracts a person.

2. According to the passage, outdoor recreational activity is considered as________ .

A. a way of showing people’s habbits

B. a method of satisfying their expectation

C. a chance to show their character

D. an activity to show their unity in a team

3. Taking part in sports gives you ______

A. the strongest desire to win

B. a need for creativity

C. the chance to express your feelings

D. a sense of being part of a team

4. The bold word “it” in the last paragraph refers to

A. fishing

B. an activity

C. self-expression

D. stamp collecting

5. Which sentence best summarizes the passage?

A. Leisure activity and sport are totally different

B. Leisure activities satisfy people’s particular desires

C. A person’s personality is expressed Via his hobbies

D. Sports affect a person’s personality

VIII. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence before it. (1 p)

1. Cats cannot swim as well as dogs. BETTER

2. I get a lot of pleasure from reading cookery books.


3. Would you like to play a game of tennis now?


4. How much are those trainers?


5. Which costume do you like better, the Tay’s or the Pathen’s?


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