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Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết môn tiếng Anh lần 2 học kì 1 lớp 10 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề kiểm tra 1 tiết lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh 10 mới được biên tập bám sát nội dung bài học SGK tiếng Anh Unit 3 - 4 lớp 10. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo, download tài liệu.

Choose the correct answer.

Q1: The man ___________is talking to your sister is my uncle.

A. what

B. whom

C. who

D. which

Q2: In spite of her deafness, she played the violin very well.

A. inability to hear

B. inability to see

C. inability to speak

D. mentally impairment

Q3: She came to the party in baggy jeans, ………………….. surprised everybody there.

A. what

B. that

C. it

D. which

Q4: We ………….a party next Sunday, would you like to come ?

A. have

B. will have

C. are having

D. is going to have

Q5: My mother....................... a doctor.

A. used to be

B. uses to be

C. use to being

D. use to be

Q6: He is........................on the computer.

A. used to work

B. used to working

C. using

D. use to work

Q7: Mary and John are meeting at the cinema.

Mary: "Hi, John. How are you?" John: "______. And you?"

A. Fine, thanks

B. I'm thirty-five years old

C. I'm free today

D. I'm not working today

Q8: The…………..are those who do not have a job.

A. injured

B. unemployed

C. retarded

D. disabled

Q9: I feel tired. I think I ...............................sick.

A. won't be

B. am going to be

C. will be

D. am being

Q10: I .......................English since 2015.

A. have been taught

B. has taught

C. taught

D. have taught

Q11: These are the books ___________ my father likes very much.

A. which

B. that

C. who

D. A & B are correct

Q12: Mr.Cuong and his students are visiting the zoo.

Nam: "Can I feed the gorilla, Mrs Smith?"

Mr.Cuong : "______. The sign says 'No feeding the animals'."

A. Of course you can

B. I don't think it works

C. I'm sure about that

D. I'm afraid not

Q13: This is the boy __________ I met yesterday .

A. whom

B. which

C. when

D. her

Q14: I work from Tuesday to Saturday, and Sunday and Monday are my...............

A. days out

B. working days

C. days off

D. breaks

Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others

Q15: A. disable B. farther C. retarded D. class
Q16: A. cartoon B. too C. moon D. flood
Q17: A. children B. chemistry C. school D. character
Q18: A. helped B. opened C. watched D. missed

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Q19. My (A) house has painted (B) since (C) last Tuesday (D).

Q20: Jane couldn’t come (A) to my birthday party, this (B) made me (C) feel (D) sad.

Choose the correct word(s) for each of the blanks

A computer is an electronic ___(21)___, which executes software programs. It consists __(22)__ 2 parts hardware and __(23)__ . The computer processes input through input devices like mouse and keyboard. The computer displays output through output devices like color monitor and printer. The size of a computer varies considerably from very __(24)__ to very big. The speed of computers also has a very large range. Computers have become indispensable in today’s world. Millions of people use computers all over the world.

Q21. A. device B. computer C. monitor D. form
Q22. A. for B. with C. of D. about
Q23. A. mouse B. keyboard C. screen D. software
Q24. A. slim B. small C. large D. heavy

Read the passage carefully, then choose the one best answer A, B, C or D.

For the last few months I have spent every Saturday in my flat and have done nothing more exciting than work at home, read the newspapers and watch television. I had begun feeling, bored with this and so, last weekend I though I would do something different. I rang up several of my friends and we decided to go to London for the day. I was really excited as I hadn't been to London since I was ten. We decided to go by coach as this was by far the cheapest means of transport that was available even though it meant that we needed to get up very early. Once in London we decided to take a sightseeing tour as we wanted to see some of the famous buildings. After the tour we bought some sandwiches and ate them in a small park. In the afternoon two of us went shopping and the others went to the theater. We met up again at 6:30 p.m. and went to a small restaurant in Soho. The meal was really good but, unfortunately, it took much longer than we had expected. We had to get a taxi back to the coach station. Luckily, we got there just two minutes before our coach left.

Q25. According to the passage the writer __________.

A. usually spends his weekend at home.

B. went to London with some of his friends.

C. has lived in London for ten years.

D. feels bored with his life.

Q26. He felt so excited about going to London because __________.

A. he hadn't been there before.

B. he hadn't been there for ten years.

C. he went there ten years ago.

D. he hadn't been there for a long time.

Q27. Why did they decide to go by coach?

A. Because it was available.

B. Because they wanted to start early.

C. Because other means of transport were more expensive.

D. Because it was one of the most efficient means of transport.

Q28. Which of the following is true?

A. They all went shopping before going to theater.

B. They made a sightseeing tour of London and then had lunch.

C. They had lunch in a small restaurant.

D. They left the city at 6:30 p.m.

Listen to the passage and find out the missing words.

A. Good morning. This is an ...........( 29)........ for all passengers travelling on the ..............(30).......... flight TOM1223 to Rome. This flight is delayed by two hours because of bad weather.

B. Would all passengers travelling to Tokyo on flight .......(31)......please have your boarding passes and passports ready for boarding. Flight FR3421 now boarding at gate ......( 32)............

Listen to the dialogue and choose True ( T) or False( F) in each statement.

Q33. Tania has met Ring for a long time.

Q34. Jing is in class 1B.

Q35. Mr Smith is a friend of Tania.

Q36.Tania knows well the way to the classroom.

Arrange the words in each line so as to have a correct sentences.

Q37. How/ you/ English/ have / learnt/ long/ ?//

Q38. Jane/ annoys/ late/ her/ teacher./ for/ is/ always/ the/ which/ class/ , /

Q39. sons./The woman / loves/ whom/ two/ has /he

Q40. books/ buy/ do/ you/ What/ for/ ?/these

Đáp án

Q37 - How long have you learnt English?

Q38 - Jane is always for the class, which annoys her teacher.

Q39 - The women whom he loves has two sons.

Q40 - What do you buy these books for?

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