Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết tiếng Anh lớp 8 lần 3 năm 2019 - 2020

Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết lần 3 tiếng Anh 8 mới

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I. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.

1. A. coffee B. Chinese C. payee D. trainee
2. A. refugee B. committee C. guarantee D. Taiwanese
3. A. terrific B. Arabic C. statistic D. cosmetic
4. A. arithmetic B. geographic C. energetic D. economic
5. A. engineer B. volunteer C. mountaineer D. reindeer

II. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question below.

6. Environmental pollution has ___________ to lots of health problems.

A. caused

B. led

C. made

D. resulted

7. ___________ industrial waste, many fish cannot survive.

A. Because

B. Since

C. Because of

D. As

8. To protect the environment, we should use more _______ sources of energy such as wind and solar power.

A. renewable

B. reused

C. reproduced

D. recycled

9. According to scientists, exhaust fumes are _______ our hometown.

A. treating

B. poisoning

C. radiating

D. measuring

10. ___________ effects created an amazing world in the movie, it looked so real!

A. Incredible

B. Moved

C. Special

D. Terrific

11. If tourists ______ rubbish in the river, the water would be cleaner now.

A. don’t throw

B. threw

C. throw

D. didn’t throw

12. Linda: Where have you been so long, Chris? I ______ for ages.

Chris: I _______ to Vietnam with my family.

A. didn’t see / traveled

B. haven’t seen / traveled

C. don’t see / have traveled

D. don’t see / travel

13. Australian ______ English as their mother tongue.

A. used

B. have used

C. have use

D. use

14. The flight _____ off at 19:10, so we need to hurry up or we’ll miss it.

A. is going to take

B. takes

C. will take

D. took

15. If you have a chance to visit Thailand, come to see the Grand Palace. It is one of the most popular tourist ________ in Thailand.

A. attracts

B. attractive

C. attracted

D. attractions

III. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the given word.

16. ____________ habitats have been destroyed in recent years. (nature)

17. A number of cleaning products contain ___________ chemicals. (harm)

18. Water samples collected at these villages were seriously _______ with bacteria. (contaminate)

19. The maple tree is one of the most _______ images of Canada. (icon)

20. The castle looks as charming as a lady with ________ beauty. (end)

IV. Find the mistake in each sentence below.

21. I visited (A) 6 foreign countries so far (B), but only 2 out of (C) them are (D) English – speaking countries.

22. Please show (A) up on time (B) because the ceremony will start (C) at 6.45 p.m. with a number of (D) distinguished guests.

23. Because of (A) we turned on (B) a lot of bulbs, our eyes got (C) strained (D).

24. If (A) he reads this article, I guess (B) that he would never (C) do any harms to the
environment any more (D).

25. In the USA, there are (A) great differences of (B) climate and landscape (C) in just one region (D).

V. Read the passage about Miguel. Fill in the gap with a suitable word by choosing the correct answer A, B, C or D.

Miguel (26) _______ to the United States from Brazil three years ago. He lives with his mother and his sister in a small house that they rent in Minneapolis. His father, Alfredo, stays behind in Brazil (27)_______ he owns a small business. He'll rejoin the family sometime next year.

Miguel's family had to wait almost ten years to immigrate to the United States. They applied for a visa when Miguel was two years old. They didn't realize it would take so long to obtain (28)______ to enter the United States. They're happy (29) ______ their new lives, but they get homesick from time to time, and they miss Alfredo.

Miguel is gradually adjusting to his new life in Minneapolis. He still struggles a little with his English, but his new (30) _______ friends are helping him learn about the language and the culture. He's in his second year in high school, which means he's a sophomore. He has two more years to go before he graduates. His grades are good and he's very active in sports. He plays American-style football in the fall and soccer in the spring.

26. A. moved B. has moved C. will move D. move
27. A. but B. because C. cause D. so
28. A. disagreement B. approve C. support D. permission
29. A. to B. about C. at D. in
30. A. America B. the America C. American D. the American

VI. Read the following passage and complete these sentences by choosing the correct answer A, B, C or D.

America is known as the land of opportunity. Thousands of people immigrate to the United States every year from different parts of the world to have access to these kinds of opportunities. This is what is known as, "the American dream".

America is also home to many of the world's top colleges and universities. The California Institute of Technology is a top world-ranked college that focuses highly on science and engineering. It is located in the city of Pasadena. Harvard University is another top world-ranked college that you might be familiar with.

The buildings at Harvard date all the way back to the year 1636, making Harvard the oldest university in the United States. It is located in the state of Massachusetts. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is another institute worthy of recognition. Located next to Hollywood, UCLA has distinguished itself as a prestigious and selective university due to the number of people who apply for admission throughout the United States. The universities mentioned are but a few of the many other excellent schools that make the United States so outstanding.

31. America is called the land of __________.

A. dream

B. opportunity

C. immigration

D. job

32. The word immigrate in line 1 can be replaced by__________.

A. come into

B. go out of

C. travel

D. emigrate

33. The California Institute of Technology __________.

A. ranks first in the world

B. is a university focusing on natural sciences

C. focuses on science and engineering

D. is located near Harvard University

34. What is NOT true about Harvard?

A. It was founded in 1636.

B. It is the oldest university in the world.

C. It is located in Massachusetts.

D. It is another top world-ranked college

35. University of California, Los Angeles __________.

A. is in Hollywood

B. is different from other universities

C. has a high number of applications

D. is another institute worthless of recognition

VII. Rewrite the sentences so that it has the same meaning as the first one using the given words.

36. Contamination in the air happens. There is acid rain which damages soil, vegetation and aquatic life of the region. (causes)

=> _____________________________________________________

37. Noise pollution is one of the major causes of stress and anxiety. People suffer from stress and anxiety. (because of)

=> ______________________________________________

38. John lives in the area affected by air pollution, so he has breathing problems.

=> If ____________________________________________________

39. We began eating when it started to rain. (have)

=> We have _________________________________________

40. When did you have it?

=> How long __________________________________________

Đáp án

1 - A 2 - B 3 - B 4 - A 5 - D
6 - B 7 - C 8 - A 9 - B 10 - C
11 - D 12 - B 13 - D 14 - B 15 - D
16 - natural 17 - harmful 18 - contaminated 19 - iconic 20 - endless
21 - A 22 - C 23 - A 24 - C 25 - B
26 - A 27 - B 28 - D 29 - B 30 - C
31 - B 32 - A 33 - C 34 - B 35 - B

36 - Contamination in the air causes acid rain which damages soil, vegetation and aquatic life of
the region.

37 - People suffer from stress and anxiety because of noise pollution.

38 - John didn't live in the area affected by air pollution, he wouldn’t have breathing problems.

39 - eaten since it started to rain.

40 - have you had it

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