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I-- Choose the best answer:
1. Every year thousands of people _____ in their homes.
A. kill B. is killed C. will be killed D. are killed
2. Coming into the room, he saw Mary where he _____ her.
A. leaves B. left C. was leaving D. had left
3. I have searched everywhere for the pen I _____ yesterday.
A. loosed B. lost C. lose D. losed
4. While I was walking to school, I _____ an accident.
A. was seeing B. see C. seen D. saw
5. David ... the TV set at the moment.
A. was repairing B has repaired C. is repairing D. has been repairing
6. He _____ his homework for 2 hours.
A. have did B. has do C. has done D. did
7. He _____ for London two years ago and I _____ him since.
A. leaved/ haven't seen B. left/ didn't see
C. leave/ haven't seen D. left/ haven't seen
8. When the teacher came in, we stopped _____.
A. to talk B. at talking C. talking D. talk
9. How long ago _____?
A. has this house built B. was this house built
C. this house built D. this house was built
10. I want you _____ me alone.
A. leave B. leaving C. left D. to leave
11. People in New Zealand speak _____.
A. French B. Spanish C. England D. English
12. He is trying to give up _____.
A. smoking B. smoke C. smokes D. smoked
13. We are tired of _____ for the weather to clear.
A. wait B. waiting C. to wait D. to waiting
14. My father is fond of _____.
A. finishing B. fished C. fishes D. to fish
15. My brother hates _____ early.
A. to get up B. getting C. to get D. getting up
16. She'd love _____ to the party with me.
A. going B. to going C. goes D. to go
17. It is likely that life _____better in the future.
A. to be B. is C. will be D. must
18. I'd rather _____to the cinema tonight.
A. don't go B. not to go C. not going D. not go
19. Are you ready _____ the exam?
A. for B. on C. to D. with
20. Elephants in this zoo _____ twice a day.
A. are feed B. are feeding C. are fed D. is fed
21. That church _____by a fire in 1950.
A. destroyed B. was destroyed C. was destroying D. has been destroyed
22. He _____ since we left school.
A. wasn't seen B. didn't see C. hasn't been seen D. haven't been seen
23. A new school _____ in the city at present.
A. is built B. is building C. is being built D. be built
24. My TV _____ has broken down twice.
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A. I bought last month B. that I bought last month
C. which I bought it last month D. which I bought last month
25. My father bought a motorbike _____ costs two thousand dollars.
A. which B. of which C. who D. whose
26. Ann _____ children learn very well, is our math teacher.
A. who B. whose C. which D. that
27. This is the shop _____ I often buy my books.
A. which B. that C. where D. when
28. Dalat, _____every visitor would like to spend their holiday, is a famous resort.
A. where B. which C. that D. whose
29. The story is very _____.
A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. interests
30. Children will need _____ education
A. well B. better C. kind D. quickly
31. He used to drive _____ than he does now.
A. careful B. more careful C more carefully D. carefully
32. Isaac Newton, _____ theory of gravitation is well-known throughout the world, is a great English
A. who B. which C. that D. whose
33. A man whose _____ is in physics is a physicist.
A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. fame
34. A man will be different _____ he is today.
A. to B. in C. from D. as
35. English is by far the most widely _____.
A. using B. used C. to use D. use
36. James Watt, whose______ of the steam engine made him famous, was a Scottish scientist.
A. invent B. inventor C. invention D. inventing
37. Ann speaks good English but Nam speaks it _____.
A. well B. good C. better D. worse
38. Mary opened her book _____.
A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless
39. Would you like to go _____ with us this afternoon?
A. to swim B. swimming C. a swim D. to swimming
40. I always wanted to be a great _____.
A. science B. scientific C. scientist D. invention
II- Read the following passage and choose A, B, C, or D to fill in the gaps:
Bangkok, the (41)______ of Thailand, is a city of contrasts. It is an exciting, crowded, modern
(42)______, and at the same time, a city that is full of history. The (43)______ of Bangkok are usually
noisy and crowded (44)______ people. Some are (45)______ food, others are selling clothing, cassette
tapes, flowers, or souvenirs. Visitors (46)______ the rice markets, the (47)______ temples and
architecture, and the night life. They (48)______ enjoy the food, the shopping and the (49)______ Thai
people. Everyone seems to smile (50)______.
41. A. capital B. city C. country D. town
42. A. country B. town C. city D. village
43. A. roads B. paths C. ways D. streets
44. A. for B. at C. with D. about
45. A. sell B. sold C. being sold D. selling
46. A. love B. to love C. loved D. are loving
47. A. beautifully B. beauty C. beautify D. beautiful
48. A. already B. also C. not D. yet
49. A. friendly B. friend C. beauty D. beautifully
50. A. where B. there C. when D. which
___________THE END____________
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I- 1.D 2.D 3.B 4. D 5.C 6.C 7. D 8. C 9.B 10.D 11.D 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.D
16.D 17.C 18.D 19.A 20.C 21.B 22.C 23.C 24.D 25.A 26. B 27.C 28.A 29.B 30.B
31.C 32. D 33.A 34.C 35.B 36.C 37.C 38.C 39.B 40.C
II- 41.A 42.C 43. D 44.C 45.D 46. A 47.D 48.B 49.A 50A
___________THE END____________

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