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ĐỀ THI HỌC 1 LỚP 7 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
1. Listen to the following radio program with Jason Anders and complete the notes.
Fill each of the gaps with NO MORE THANTHREE words. You will listen
Some (1) _______________ or end up sleeping on the cold, wet soil
A blanket/sleeping bag because (2) _______________ at night
Stove with fuel, food containers, something to fetch (3)____________ if want to cook
(4) _______________ and bottled water to save cooking time
(5) _______________ in case someone gets hurt.
2. Listen to Thao talking about her love for art. Fill each of the gaps with a suitable
word. You will listen TWICE.
Example: 0 - art
I'm a great (0) _________ lover. I look at beautiful paintings and sculptures and wish I
could be artistic. I can't draw or (1) _________ to save my life. I wonder why some people
are so talented and can create amazing (2) _________, when other people, like me, can't
even draw good matchstick figures. I would like to fill my house with art from all over the
world. It's interesting to see how different (3)
_________ have different kinds of art. There's nothing better than visiting art (4)
_________ when you go to another country. I prefer more traditional art. I don't really
understand a lot of modern art. I look at an (5) _________ of a pile of bricks in a museum
but can't see how it's art. I always laugh when my children say, 'Daddy, I can do better than
that!' I often think they can.
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1. Read the passage and decide whether the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Circle T
or F.
Nowadays, teenagers seem to be too busy with their study to afford a hobby. However, if
you have a little spare time, it is advisable to have a hobby because of the emotional,
mental and physical benefits it brings. Focusing on an activity that you like will help you
relieve stress and pressure from your schoolwork. Additionally, spending time with people
of similar interests will enable you to make friends more easily. This helps improve your
communication skills and promote teamwork. Taking up a hobby can be a real challenge,
but it is not the type of stressful challenge coming from school. Instead, challenging
yourself to do a skill that you like will bring satisfaction and pride.
1. Each teenager should have a hobby if they have time. T F
2. Focusing on a hobby will make you feel really stressed. T F
3. Having a shared interest helps you to communicate better. T F
4. The challenge from having a hobby is the same as that from school. T F
5. You can feel proud when trying to do a skill that you are interested in. T F
2. Read the passage. Circle A, B or C to answer each question or complete each
The Peace Corps is one of the most famous organisations in the world that help people. This
organisation was founded in 1961 by the former US President John Kennedy.
People working in this organisation are called volunteers. They are both men and women.
They live and work in other countries for two years at a time. They share skills with people
to help solve challenging problems in developing countries.
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Peace Corps volunteers work as teachers at schools. They also help communities to protect
their environment and prevent the spread of diseases. They also help farmers grow more
food efficiently.
Peace Corps volunteers build bridges of cross-cultural understanding with people of other
countries. They help people from other countries learn more about who they are. Peace
Corps volunteers also bring home with them better understanding of other peoples and
1. What can be the best title for the passage?
A. The Efforts of the Peace Corps
B. A John Kennedy's Creation
C. Building the Bridge Between Cultures
2. The Peace Corps ______.
A. work only inside the US
B. is a famous organisation in the world
C. was founded for profit
3. Peace Corps volunteers ______ in developing countries.
A. take away the food of the farmers
B. help solve problems
C. stop the spread of peace
4. One example of the efforts of the Peace Corps volunteers is to ______ in foreign
A. share skills with people

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