Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Hà Tĩnh năm 2015 (lần 1)

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Hà Tĩnh năm 2015 (lần 1) có đáp án đi kèm là tài liệu ôn thi THPT Quốc gia và luyện thi đại học phần trắc nghiệm hữu ích dành cho các bạn thí sinh.

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Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH

Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề

Họ và tên:................................................. Số báo danh:..............................................


Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to choose the word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 1 to 10. English in Europe

Whoever learns English knows that it is an international language or a lingua franca. English has without a ___1___ become the second language of Europe and the world. European countries which have most ____2____ assimilated English into daily life are England's neighbours in Northern Europe: Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and the ___3___ of Scandanavia.

The influence of Great Britain and the United States on international relations and political affairs for the past century has ensured acceptance and proliferation of English as the main language spoken in many countries. Take the Netherlands for example. The situation is so ______4______ that any visitor to this country will soon be __5__ of the pressure of English on daily life: television, radio and print ____6____ it into every home and the schoolyard ____7____of children; advertisers use it to ____8____ up their message, journalists take refuge in it when their home-bred skills ___9___ them. Increasingly one hears the ____10___ that Dutch will give way to English as the national tongue within two or three generations ...

Question 1: A. fail B. doubt C. likelihood D. question

Question 2: A. lucrative B. dominant C. successful D. successfully

Question 3: A. rest B. leftovers C. remaining D. extra

Question 4: A. plain B. interesting C. blatant D. marked

Question 5: A. ignorant B. aware C. oblivious D. acquainted

Question 6: A. guide B. bring C. shift D. haul

Question 7: A. conversation B. head-to-head C. consultation D. dialogue

Question 8: A. life B. energy C. enthusiasm D. pep

Question 9: A. succeed B. fall C. fail D. fizzle

Question 10: A. feeling B. posture C. judgement D. view

Đáp án đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh

1. B

2. D

3. A

4. D

5. B

6. B

7. A

8. D

9. C

10. D

11. D

12. C

13. C

14. B

15. B

16. A

17. C

18. A

19. C

20. C

21. B

22. A

23. C

24. B

25. A

26. D

27. D

28. C

29. D

30. C

31. D

32. A

33. A

34. C

35. D

36. B

37. D

38. D

39. C

40. D

41. B

42. C

43. B

44. A

45. C

46. B

47. C

48. D

49. C

50. B

51. C

52. A

53. C

54. B

55. C

56. A

57. A

58. A

59. D

60. C

61. B

62. D

63. B

64. D

65. B

66. D

67. C

68. A

69. D

70. B

71. D

72. C

73. C

74. B

75. D

76. B

77. D

78. A

79. B

80. B

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