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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
Môn: Tiếng Anh (Đề chuyên)
Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút
(Đề thi gồm 07 trang, thí sinh làm bài ngay vào đề thi
Điểm của bài thi Họ tên, chữ giám khảo SỐ PHÁCH
Bằng số: Giám khảo số 1:
Bằng chữ: Giám khảo số 2:
PART 1: You will hear five different situations. Listen and choose the best answer (5
1. What did the thieves steal?
A. chest of drawers B. CD players and CDs C. television
2. Where does the pollution come from?
A. the mountain B. the village C. the forest
3. Which animals did the children see?
A. birds, monkeys and tigers B. lions, tigers and horses C. birds, horses and monkeys
4. Which TV program is on first?
A. sport B. concert C. the news
5. What time will the writer arrive at the bookshop?
A.1.45 B. 2.15 C. 3.30
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
PART 2: You will hear a man telling a group of students about a trip to the theater. Listen
and check () whether the statement is True (T) or False (F) (5 points)
Statements T F
1. The coach will pick everyone up at the front gate
2. The students should read the play in advance.
3. The cost for the play is £3.50
4. The students won’t have time for a meal.
5. All students will get off at school.
Question 1-5: Listen and write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A
NUMBER for each answer (5 points)
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The Dinosaur Museum
* The museum closes at (1)_______________________________ p.m. on
* The museum is not open on
* School groups are met by tour guides in the
* The whole visit takes 90 minutes, including (4)______________________
for the guided tour.
*There are (5)________________ outside, at the back of the museum where
students can have lunch.
Questions 6-8: Circle three letters among A-G: Which THREE things can students have
with them in the museum?(3 points)
A. food B. water C. cameras D. books
E. bags F. pens G. worksheets
Questions 9-10: Circle TWO letters among A-E: Which activities can students do after
the tour at present? (2 points)
A. build model dinosaurs B. watch films
C. draw dinosaurs D. find dinosaur eggs
E. play computer games
Part I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest
(5 points)
1.A. dosage B. massage C. carriage D. voyage
2.A. architect B. parachute C. choir D. psychology
3. A. walked B. naked C. sacred D. wicked
4. A. religion B. logical C. hamburger D. teenager
5. A. waste B. dangerous C. ancient D. natural
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Part II. Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others in the group (5
1. A. cartoon B. westen C. teacher D. theatre
2. A. politics B. advantage C. predator D. energy
3. A. photography B. financial C. ambitious D. politician
4. A. undoubtedly B. economic C. entertainment D. agricultural
5. A. responsibility B. environmentally C. accommodation D. mischievousness
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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Part I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence (5
1. _________ the phone rang later that night did Anna remember the appointment
A. Just before B. Not until C. Only D. No sooner
2. Looking down at the coral reef, we saw _________ of tiny, multi-coloured fish.
A. teams B. flocks C. schools D. swarms
3. She insisted that the reporter ______her as his source of information.
A. didn’t mention B. doesn’t mention C. hadn’t mentioned D. not mention
4. You will have to ________ your holiday if you are too ill to travel.
A. put out B. put off C. put down D. put up
5. She had butterflies in her ________ before the interview.
A. face B. heart C. palms D. stomach
6. There was hardly _________ money left in my bank account.
A. more B. no C. some D. any
7. Give me your telephone number _________ I need your help.
A. in case B. so that C. unless D. whether
8. Do you like the language center _________in the Women’s Magazine?
A. advertiser B. advertised C. advertising D. advertisement
9. Thomas has a garden which is _______ mine.
A. double as large B. semi-larger than C. twice as large as D. as two-time as large
10. ~ A: “_________” ~ B: “Well, what I mean is, I think it’s a good idea.”
A. Do you mean it? B. What’s the meaning of this word?
C. Is it what you mean? D. I don't get what you mean.
Your answers:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
Part II. Give the correct form of the given words in brackets (10 points)
If you want to improve your overall level of fitness, running is one of the best sports to
choose. It can increase the strength of your bones, it is good for your heart, and it can help with
weight (1.LOSE)____ . You will soon begin to see a significant (2. IMPROVE)_____ in your
general health and if you are the sort of person who enjoys a challenge, then you could consider
making the decision to run a marathon-a race of (3. APPROXIMATE) _____ 42 kilometres.
(4. EXPERIENCE) _____ runners and sports instructors say you should make a point of
having a physical (5. CHECK) _____ with your doctor before you start training. Another (6.
RECOMMEND) _____ is that anyone who has an old back, knee or ankle injury should take
extra care. You should never use running shoes which hurt your feet or in which you feel (7.
COMFORT) _____ after a long run. It is a good idea to start by running slowly for about
twenty minutes three times a week and (8.GRADUAL) _____ increase the number of
kilometres you run. You should find running long (9.DISTANT) _____ gets progressively
easier, and after a time, you may feel that even a marathon will be (10. POSSIBILITY)_____!
Your answers:
1. 6.

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