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Exercise 1:
Today, the distinction between the professional and the (1) _______ is purely a matter of
sporting success. Most (2) _______ start their career by winning competitions for non -
professionals before deciding to (3) ________ themselves to their chosen sport. However,
for a long time, it used to be believed that getting paid for a sporting (4)
_______destroyed the ancient Olympic (5) _______ of people simply trying to do their
best for the love of the sport.
In fact, even (6) ________ in ancient Olympic (7) ________ were able to make large
amounts of money from winning. At the games themselves, only a laurel wreath was (8)
________ to the winner, but back in his (9) _______ town, he could become very rich.
During most of the 20th century, professionals were (10) _______ from entering the
Olympics. This gave the wealthy an advantage (11) ______ they could afford to train and
compete without needing to earn money. In 1988, the IOC (which (12) _______ for
International Olympic Committee) decided to allow professionals to take (13) ______ in
the Olympics. Only boxing and football still restrict the (14) ________ of professionals
allowed to compete. Boxing does not allow professionals at all, while Olympic football
teams are allowed up to three professionals (15) ______ the side.
1. A. champion
B. umpire
C. amateur
D. volunteer
2. A. athletes
B. rivals
C. runners-up
D. opponents
3. A. concentrate
B. focus
C. devote
D. aim
4. A. action
B. performance
C. activity
D. recreation
5. A. suggestion
B. thought
C. belief
D. ideal
6. A. players
B. participants
C. members
D. attendants
7. A. sessions
B. acts
C. plays
D. events
8. A. awarded
B. earned
C. gained
D. rewarded
9. A. birth
B. native
C. original
D. home
10. A. prevented
B. disallowed
C. refused
D. denied
11. A. but
B. despite
C. since
D. although
12. A. stands
B. takes
C. means
D. goes
Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập miễn phí
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13. A. place
B. account
C. part
D. sides
14. A. amount
B. number
C. degree
D. quantity
15. A. into
B. at
C. to
D. on
Exercise 2:
While the television (1) ______ is increasingly becoming the focal point of our living
room, it would be easy to (2) ______ that its older relative, the radio is still there. But in
the rush to turn (3) ______ the TV and feast our eyes on all those fantastic visual (4)
_____, we are missing out on a valuable (5) ______ of communication.
The radio has all the talk (6) ______, comedies, dramas and news (7) _____ the
television has, and more besides. Late night shows have (8) ____ presenters to keep you
awake or send you to sleep, depending on your needs. Hard-hitting reporters (9) ______
the hot items of the day with politicians and (10) ________ in specialized areas. And
behind the (11) _____ there are researchers and editors making sure you get the (12)
_____ up-to-date information.
With the new generation of digital radio about to enter our homes (13) ______ satellite,
radio is sure to (14) ______ to our lives well into the future. The radio of tomorrow will
guarantee perfect (15) ______ and more choice of programme.
1. A. studio
B. box
C. channel
D. set
2. A. insist
B. notice
C. forget
D. suggest
3. A. up
B. on
C. off
D. down
4. A. images
B. pictures
C. appearances
D. looks
5. A. way
B. direction
C. approach
D. means
6. A. events
B. discussions
C. shows
D. performances
7. A. episodes
B. bulletins
C. documentaries
D. breaks
8. A. likeable
B. personal
C. likely
D. presentable
9. A. converse
B. discuss
C. correspond
D. enthuse
10. A. directors
B. operators
C. geniuses
D. experts
11. A. scenes
B. shots
C. films
D. camera
12. A. soonest
B. greatest
C. latest
D. biggest
13. A. under
B. via
C. from
D. in
14. A. give
B. donate
C. contribute
D. lend
Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập miễn phí
Trang chủ: https://vndoc.com/ | Email hỗ trợ: hotro@vndoc.com | Hotline: 024 2242 6188
15. A. recital
B. receipt
C. recipe
D. reception
Exercise 3:
For all arguments about prison, there is no getting (1) ______ from the fact that it exists.
Once the judge and (2) _____ have done their job, we have to (3) ______ thousands of
men and women occupied until they are (4) _______.
Sport is ideal (5) ______ prisoners for many reasons. Being (6) _____ punishes people by
taking away their freedom; just because someone gets in (7) ______ with the law, we
have no (8) _____ to take away their health as well. Secondly, the (9) _____ that you feel
when you are (10)_____ up for a long prison (11) _____ can make you (13) _____ ten
years, or even ten months, and (14) _____ up the first person they see. Sport provides a
way of controlling that (15) _______.
1. A. away
B. out
C. back
D. far
2. A. panel
B. team
C. jury
D. board
3. A. hold
B. store
C. presence
D. keep
4. A. abandoned
B. remanded
C. released
D. charged
5. A. to
B. for
C. in
D. with
6. A. inwards
B. indoors
C. internal
D. inside
7. A. mess
B. trouble
C. worry
D. trial
8. A. right
B. fairness
C. justice
D. demand
9. A. uniqueness
B. remoteness
C. isolation
D. individuality
10. A. keyed
B. broken
C. closed
D. locked
11. A. contract
B. experience
C. sentence
D. course
12. A. best
B. last
C. final
D. terminal
13. A. after
B. before
C. during
D. over
14. A. hit
B. beat
C. mug
D. fight
15. A. crime
B. opportunity
C. assault
D. violence
Exercise 4:
One aspect of human behavior that scientists find interesting is our desire to help others.
Some experts claim that this is not a natural tendency. The (1) ______ these experts put
forward is that we only assist other people if it is in our own (2) ____ to do so. We are

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