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Exercise 01. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
As swimming became a popular recreation in England during the 1860s and
1870s, several (1)_______ sports developed, roughly patterned after land sports.
(2)_______ them were water football (or soccer), water rugby, water handball, and
water polo, in which players rode on floating barrels, painted to look (3)_______
horses, and struck the ball with a stick.
Water rugby became most popular of these sports, but somehow the water polo
name became attached to it, and it's been attached (4)_______ since.
As played in England, the object of the sport was for a player to touch the ball,
with both (5)_______, at the goal end of the pool. The goaltender stood on the pool
deck, ready to dive on any opponent who was about to score.
Water polo quickly became a very rough sport, filled (6)_______ underwater
fights away from the ball, and it wasn't unusual for players to pass out for lack of air.
In 1877, the sport was tamed in Scotland by the addiction of goalposts. The
Scots also replaced (7)_______ original small, hard rubber ball with a soccer ball and
adopted (8)_______ that prohibited taking the ball under the surface or, "tackling" a
player unless he had the ball.
The Scottish game, which emphasized swimming speed, passing, and
(9)_______ work, spread to England during the early 1880s, to Hungary in 1889, to
Austria and Germany in 1894, to France in 1895, and (10)_______ Belgium in 1900.
Water polo was the first team sport added to the Olympic program, in 1900.
Exercise 02. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
MTV stands for Music Television. It's a television (1)_______ dedicated to pop
music. It was (2)_______ on 1
August 1981 in the United States. Because of MTV's
instant success in the US, the company expanded into other (3)_______. MTV Europe
(4)_______ operating on 1
August 1987. MTV Europe (5)_______ 24 hours a day
from its London studios. It can be seen in 33 countries and reaches an estimated
(6)_______ of 110 million viewers.
People of 19 different nationalities work at London headquarters, and they try to
offer a (7)_______ of music from all over Europe. The channel broadcasts in
(8)_______ but Germany provides the biggest number of viewers. Currently, one fifth
of the (9)_______ is by German artists.
Most of TV output is video and concerts, but there is also a programme
(10)_______ . Unplugged, where major artists play (11)_______ and acoustic in front
of a small studio audience.
In addition to music, the channel's programmes (12)_______ with news, movie
information and comedy. MTV has also broadcast special report (13)_______ racism,
immigration and unemployed teenagers.
Exercise 03. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
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When going on holiday, it is always a good idea to take out travel insurance.
This is just in case something goes (1)_______ along the way. You could lose your
luggage, you could be robbed, or even become ill and need expensive medical
treatment. For millions of holiday makers, travel insurance is just a precaution
(2)_______ will help them have an enjoyable and worry-free holiday. But for
(3)_______, travel insurance is a way of earning money (4)_______ making false
claims against insurance companies. For (5)_______ some people pretend that they
have had expensive equipment stolen which in (6)_______ never even existed, and
then claim large sums in compensation. Such claims cost insurance company a total
(7)_______ £ 50 million per year. But the cheats’ luck is about to run (8)_______ .
(9)_______ to a new computer system, companies will be able to tell at a glance
(10)_______ someone has made a claim within the last three years. Honest travelers
will no longer have to pay through the nose for other people’s dishonesty.
Exercise 04. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
True relaxation is most certainly not a matter of flopping down in front of the
television with a welcome drink. Nor is it about drifting (1)_______ an exhausted
sleep. Useful though these responses to tension and over-tiredness (2)_______ be, we
should distinguish between them and conscious relaxation in (3)_______ of quality
and effect. (4)_______ of the level of tiredness, real relaxation is a state of alert yet at
the same time passive awareness, in which our bodies are (5)_______ rest while our
minds are awake.
Moreover, it is as natural for a healthy person to be relaxed when moving as
resting. (6)_______ relaxed in action means we bring the appropriate energy to
everything we do, so as to have a feeling of healthy tiredness by the end of the day,
(7)_______ than one of exhaustion. Unfortunately, as a result of living in today’s
competitive world, we are under constant strain and have difficulty in coping,
(8)_______ alone nurturing our body’s abilities. What needs to be rediscovered is
conscious relaxation. With (9)_______ in mind we must apply ourselves to
understanding stress and the nature of its causes (10)_______ deep-seated.
Exercise 05. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
Enjoyment is what drinking wine is all about. However, the more you know,
(1)_______ easier it becomes to select the right wines for you or your guests. Wine is
basically grape juice to (2)_______ yeast has been added causing it to ferment and
produce alcohol. Alcohol is flavourless, so there must be something more (3)_______
wine than this. Many of the secrets of wine lie within the grape. Its pulp is a sugar
solution which contains the things that give a wine its fruity flavour. In a dry wine,
most of a grape’s sugar has been converted (4)_______ alcohol. In a sweet one, more
sugar is left. This can be felt on the (5)_______ of the tongue. The pulp also contains
acidity which gives the wine "crispness” that makes the mouth water.
Too much (6)_______ it can make you wince, too little and the wine could taste
dull. The skin contains flavour and tannin. Tannin produces a tingling sensation in the
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gums and gives a wine firmness. White grapes (7)_______ their skins removed before
fermentation so tannin is only really found in red wines. The pulp of black and white
grapes is (8)_______ same pale colour. The fact that the skins of black grapes are left
on (9)_______ the wine is fermented gives red wine its colour.
The wines which are often considered to be the best are (10)_______ where all
the elements balance one another. There are many grape varieties grown in many
climates which influence the emphasis given to these features and this is why wines
can be so wonderfully different.
Exercise 06. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
School students do not shower after sports class
A report has found that more than half of high (1)_______ boys and two-thirds
of girls never shower after a physical (2)_______ class. Researchers suggest that
students don't want to sweat and take a (3)_______, so they are less active in sports
classes. The researchers questioned almost 4,000 children in schools in Essex,
England. Lead researcher Dr Gavin Sandercock said he was surprised (4)_______ how
rarely students showered. He said: "We know (5)_______ children aren't getting
(6)_______ physical activity because we have seen their fitness declining; (7)_______
the unwillingness to shower is a barrier to working up a sweat (8)_______ playing
sport, it's something we need to tackle to promote activity at schools."
Exercise 07. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
Venice has been an inspiration for writers, artists and musicians throughout
history. In the 15th century it was the world’s (1)_______ port. Since then it has built
up an astonishing collection of art and architecture (2)_______ to its trade with the
The city (3)_______ its visitors incredible sights. Do not believe those who say
Venice is a museum. This is still a living city full of joys. Venice looks good in any
light. The sun makes the domes sparkle, but even on a grey, (4)_______ day the city
can be extremely romantic.
And (5)_______ it gets overcrowded, (6)_______ is an easy escape to the other
islands in the Venice Gulf, (7)_______ brightly-colored houses are a photographer’s
dream. In a curious way, Venice is a model city for the future; it is free from cars and
the (8)_______ way to get around is by public transport or on foot. This one fact alone
(9)_______ it a unique city, one (10)_______ traffic noise, the creation of genius
Exercise 08. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
The majority of lottery winners change their lives (1)_______ little, and
continue on their settled way happy ever after. A couple of years ago, a Mr. David
Horabin won a million. He had been struggling to (2)_______ a success of his dry
cleaning shop for the past 12 months. He accepted his cheque in a small ceremony

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