Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 11 môn tiếng Anh có đáp án năm 2021

Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 11 môn tiếng Anh có đáp án

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PART A. LISTENING. (Each recording will be played TWICE)

Section 1.

Questions 1-4: Listen and select the correct answer from the choices given. Write A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet.

1. Where is Mr. Garcia living?

A. Private accommodation B. With friends

C. Self-catering university accommodation D. Catered university accommodation

2. Why doesn’t he like his accommodation?

A. The food is not good. B. The meals are at inconvenient times.

C. He doesn’t like his cohabitants. D. It’s on the university campus.

3. Where are Mr. Garcia and his friends from?

A. Costa Rica, Spain, Bolivia B. Ecuador, Spain, Mexico

C. Mexico, Columbia, Spain D. Spain, Brazil, Argentina

4. What kind of place are they hoping to find?

A. A house with a garden next to the university

B. A flat or a house next to the university

C. A house not too near to the university

D. A flat or a house not too near to the university

Questions 5-7: Listen and complete the details below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR NUMBERS.

Name: Manuel Garcia

Current address: (5) ___________________

Telephone number: 0453672348

Email address: (6) ___________________

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Smoker? No

Budgeted monthly rent: (7) ___________________

Questions 8-10: Listen and select the correct answer from the choices given. Write A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet.

8. Why can Mr. Garcia expect a small reduction in rent?

A. The salesman like him. B. There is no contract.

C. July is a good month to move in. D. He and his friends will stay all year.

9. How much is the accommodation agency’s fee for Mr. Garcia?

A. ½ month’s rent B. 1 month’s rent C. 1 ½ month’s rent D. There’s no fee

10. Which items does Mr. Garcia consider necessary?

A. Kitchen utensils, washing machine, Internet connection

B. Washing machine, Internet connection, TV

C. DVD player, TV, Internet connection

D. Shower, TV, washing machine

Section 2.

Questions 11-14: Listen and complete the sentences below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND / OR A NUMBER.

11. “Canadian Clean Air Day” will be held on __________.

12. Air pollution may be responsible for __________ deaths every year in Canada.

13. The sector most responsible for smog- producing pollutants is __________.

14. Scientists now know that even __________ of pollutants can be harmful.

Questions 15-20: Listen and complete the notes below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Reducing Air Pollution

Individual action

· Respond to the (15) __________ Challenge.

· Walk, cycle or car- pool to work.

· Use public transit.

· (16) _____________________.

· (17) _____________________ your domestic equipment.

Government action

· Emission reduction in the (18) _____________________ region of US and Canada.

· Move towards (19) _____________________ (e.g. less Sulphur in gasoline & diesel).

· Reduction of pollutants from (20) _____________________ and power plants.


Pick out the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other words. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

1. A. terrificB. childbearingC. tsunamiD. enthusiast
2. A. advertiseB. difficultyC. historyD. introduce
3. A. ancestorB. admirableC. comparableD. interpret
4. A. colleagueB. degreeC. languageD. subject
5. A. delicacyB. internshipC. inventoryD. interrupt


Section 1. Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

1. It's surprising how few people can_________ between margarine and butter.

A. diagnose

B. distinguish

C. separate

D. estimate

2. The scheme sounds excellent in theory, but it's totally_________ in a country like this.

A. inaccessible

B. impracticable

C. insoluble

D. impassable

3. This evidence should prove ________ that he was telling the truth.

A. once and for all

B. now and then

C. over and above

D. from time to time

4. In China’s largest psychiatric facility, there is a serious lack of resources but the staff try hard to _________ this in their treatment of the patients.

A. make up for

B. go in for

C. put up with

D. set in for

5. Of all the factors affecting agricultural yields, the weather isthe one_________ the most.

A. that influences farmers

B. farmers that is influences

C. why farmers influence it

D. it influences farmers

6. It is necessary that he _________ of his old parents.

A. takes care

B. to take care

C. take care

D. took care

7. Mrs. Smith: “There's someone at the door.” - Mary: “_________ it.”

A. I answer

B. I'm answering

C. I answered

D. I'll answer

8. Alex: “John has found a new girlfriend.” - Jan: “________”

A. So has he

B. Oh, so he has

C. Well, so does he

D. He has so

9. It is still a good idea to know how to type. _________ many technological advances in typewriters and word processors, a skilled operator remains indispensable.

A. In spite of

B. Because of

C. In case of

D. In addition to

10. They ________ the play last night as they went to a football match instead.

A. couldn’t see

B. might have seen

C. mustn’t have seen

D. can’t have seen

Section 2. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.


The essence of flamenco is song, often accompanied by the guitar and improvised dance. Music and dance can be placed into specific groups. These categories are usually located across a continuum with subjects dealing with the profound to those that are light-hearted. ___________ (1. TYPE), the themes of death, anguish and despair, in contrast to love, gaiety and the countryside are __________ (2. DRAMA). In flamenco dance, the men’s steps are intricate, with toe and heel clicking. Footwork in women’s dancing is of less importance, with the ___________ (3. GRACE) use of hands and body taking ___________ (4. PRECEDE). In the dance, the arm, hand and foot movements closely resemble those of classical Hindu dance. Essential to traditional flamenco is the performer’s interpretation of the dance ____________ (5. HINDER) by the emotion of the music. Performances are often accompanied by rapid hand clapping, finger snapping and ___________ (6. ENCOURAGE) shouts. The dancers themselves frequently employ finger snapping in complex rhythms including the use of castanets. This dance form was __________ (7. PROFESSION) in the 19th century, when Romany people first began to perform in cafes. In this environment, _________ (8. DEPART) from the traditional form occurred. Unfortunately, the pressures of the ___________ (9. COMMERCE) stage meant that rehearsed routines replaced the __________ (10. SPONTANEOUS) of the original flamenco performances.

Section 3. The following passage contains 5 errors. Identify and correct them.

The big majority in students who make well in the Cambridge Proficiency Examination have learnt to use a good monolingual dictionary effectively. Such dictionaries provide information, not just about the meanings of words but about their pronunciation and grammar as well. A student who studies how to use a dictionary effectively will be possible to work independently for much of the time, and will gain considerable insight into the workings of the English language. He or she will be able to confirm the meanings of the words in a text which contextual clues are insufficient, pronounce words accurately by studying the phonetic transcriptions, and use words accurately both when speaking or writing. Make sure you make room for at least one good monolingual dictionary on your bookshelf- and then make sure you use it on a regular basis!













Section 1. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer by writing the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.


Many people seem to believe that there is a magic diet formula that will guarantee weight loss. [1] This is a fallacy. Most fad diet, if followed conscientiously, will result in weight loss due to the reduction in calories. [2] However, they are nearly always too monotonous and sometimes too unhealthy to be followed in the long term. [3] Worse, fad dieters who don't become physically active and learn to eat sensibly will eventually regain the weight they lost, and often even more. [4]

Some of the most popular fad diet in recent years have been low-carbohydrate programs, which work by making the body produce ketons. Ketons are normal and efficient source of energy for the human body. When the intake of carbohydrate is severely restricted, body fats are broken down into fatty acids that can be used as fuel. The fatty acids may be incompletely metabolised, yielding ketons. When your body is producing ketons, and using them as fuel, this is called ketosis. Most diets based on ketosis do not limit the consumption of protein, fat, or total calories. As a result, their fat content tends to be very high. Promoters claim that ketosis will lead to increased metabolism of unwanted fat, even if the calories are not reduced. This is not entirely true; calorie reduction is likely to occur because of the diet's lack of appealing foods. This is not conductive to forming sensible eating habits.

The major widely used low-carbohydrate diet is the one advocated by the late Robert Atkins M.D, of New York City. Under the Atkins program, the dieter is permitted to eat unlimited amounts of non-carbohydrate foods "when hungry". The American Medical Association and many individual experts have warned that the unlimited intake of saturated fat under Atkins food plan can increase the dieter's risk of heart disease. In 2000, researchers at the University of Kentucky did a computer analysis of a week's worth of sample menus and reported several alarming findings: the diet contained 59% fat; it provided fewer servings of grains, vegetables, and fruits than recommended by most nutritionists, and while it can produce short-term weight loss, long-term use is likely to increase the risk of both cardiovascular disease and cancer. The weight loss usually doesn't last, either. As ketosis begins, weight will be shed quickly, giving the misleading impression that significant fat reduction is taking place. In fact, most of the weight loss is water rather than fat; the lost water is regained quickly when a normal diet is resumed. Appetite, which is often reduced during ketosis, also returns.

Atkins advocated his diet for more than 30 years and claimed that more than 60,000 patients treated at his centre had used his diet as their primary protocol for losing weight. Yet he never published any study in which people who used this program were monitored over a period of several years. Besides the dubiousness of its effects in the long term, the Atkins diet shares another shortcoming of all fad diets: inflexibility. People are different, with different health problems and genetic characteristics, and no single diet is right for everyone.

An additional downside to the recent craze for low-carbohydrate diets is that it has encouraged food companies to market low-carbohydrate foods for people who want to "watch their carbs". Most of these foods are much higher in fat than the foods they are designed to replace. "Low carb" advertising is encouraging both dieters and non-dieters to eat high-fat foods, which is exactly the opposite of medical and nutrition authorities have been arguing for decades. Following a low-carbohydrate diet under medical supervision may make sense for some people, but a population-wide increase in fat consumption would be a public health disaster.

(Source: tracnghiemtienganhthpt.vn/onthi/success/13118.html)

1. What is the topic of the passage?

A. How to succeed with the Atkins Diet

B. Weight loss through carbohydrate reduction

C. Problems with fad diets

D. The dangers of a high-fat diet.

2. Which is the best place for the following sentence?

"In order to lose weight you must eat less, or exercise more, or do both"

A. [1] B. [2] C. [3] D. [4]

3. It can be inferred from the passage that the author thinks fad diets in general ______.

A. are always bad for you because they contain too much fat.

B. can be unhealthy in the long term and have too little variety.

C. are effective and safe if used under a doctor's supervision .

D. usually result in long-term weight loss.

4. Which of the following is an effect of ketosis?

A. Long-term weight loss B. Loss of water from the body

C. Increase in appetite D. Greater energy

5. The word “their” in paragraph 2 refers to ______.

A. diets B. ketons C. calories D. ketosis

6. The word “conscientiously” in paragraph 1 could be best replaced by ______.

A. consciously B. scientifically C. correctly D. severely

7. The phrase “is not conductive to” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. does not prevent B. makes easier

C. is not consistent with D. does not encourage

8. It can be inferred that the author's biggest objection to the Atkins diet is that ______.

A. it has led to "low-carb" advertising B. (s)he believes it causes cancer

C. it leads to higher fat consumption D. it has not been thoroughly studied

9. The word “it” in paragraph 5 refers to ______.

A. downside B. craze C. diet D. food

10. Which of the following best expresses the essential information in the underlined sentence in the passage?

A. Ketosis causes weight loss at first, leading people to wrongly believe that they are losing fat.

B. Ketosis causes the rapid loss of fat at first, which leads to a false belief that the loss will be permanent.

C. The process of ketosis quickly misleads people into thinking that they are losing weight.

D. Ketosis causes rapid weight loss, but only in the early days of the diet.

Section 2. Read the passage and fill in each numbered gap with ONE suitable word.

Blue Whales

Blue whales, the world's largest animals, have been sighted again in British waters for the first time in at least twenty years. Indications that a population of blue whales was (1) _____ the waters west of Scotland came for the first time from the United States Navy, (2) _____ surveillance system picked up the songs of a lot of different whales.

American zoologists subsequently identified the blue whale song among them. Now marine biologist, Carol Booker, has actually seen a blue whale there herself. She has no doubt about what she saw, because they have distinctive fins which are very small for (3) _____ size. She says, 'Worldwide they were almost extinct and (4) _____ seemed they had completely vanished from the North Atlantic, so you can imagine how I felt actually seeing (5) _____! However, it is certainly (6) _____ soon to say if it is an indication of a population recovery.' She goes (7) _____ to say, 'What it does show (8) _____ the importance of this area of the ocean for whales, and how essential it is to control pollution of the seas.'
Bigger than any dinosaur known to man, blue whales are the largest animals ever to have lived on earth. A blue whale is more than six metres long (9) _____ birth and, when (10) _____ grown, its heart is the same height as a tall man and weighs as much as a horse.

(Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/blue-whales-return-after-lost-years.htm)

Section 3. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to complete the following passage by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

The Changing Earth

Although the earth was formed about 4,500 million years ago, human beings have inhabited it for less than half a million years. Within this time, population has increased hugely and people have had a vast (1) _____ upon the earth. They have long been able to (2) _____ the forces of nature to use. Now, with modern technology, they have the power to alter the balance of life on earth.

Reports back from the first astronauts helped dispel the dangerous (3) _____ that the world had no boundaries and had limitless resources. Moreover, ecologists have shown that all forms of life on earth are interconnected, so it (4) _____ that all human activity has an effect on the natural environment.

In recent years, people have been putting the environment under stress. As a result, certain (5) _____ materials such as timber, water and minerals are beginning to (6)_____short. Pollution and the (7) _____ of waste are already critical issues, and the (8) _____ of the environment is fast becoming the most pressing problem (9) _____ us all. The way we respond to the challenge will have a profound effect on the earth and its life support (10) _____.

(Source: www.ompersonal.com.ar)

1. A. imprint

B. indication

C. impression

D. impact

2. A. put

B. make

C. place

D. stand

3. A. judgment

B. notion

C. reflection

D. concept

4. A. results

B. follows

C. complies

D. develops

5. A. raw

B. coarse

C. crude

D. rough

6. A. turn

B. come

C. go

D. run

7. A. disposal

B. displacement

C. dismissal

D. disposition

8. A. state

B. situation

C. case

D. circumstance

9. A. encountering

B. opposing

C. meeting

D. confronting

10. A. projects

B. systems

C. methods

D. routines


Section 1. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it has the similar meaning to the original one.

1. The director and the chief accountant did not get on well.

The director was not on __________________________.

2. We cannot see animals in a vast area after the forest fire.

There is an ____________________________________.

3. I shall never lend Robert any money, no matter what happens.

Under _____________________________________.

4. I was annoyed by his refusal to listen to reason.


5. We cannot make any comparison with her sacrifice.

Nothing ____________________________________.

Section 2. Essay writing:

“The best way to reduce youth crimes is to educate their parents with parental skills.”

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Write an essay within 250 words to express your own idea.

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