Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 7 cấp huyện môn tiếng Anh năm học 2017-2018 (Đề 717)

Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 7 môn tiếng Anh

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Trường THCS………..



(Thi gian 90 phút)

I. Find the word the underlined part is pronounced differently. (5 pts)

1. A. chair

B. cheap

C. chemist

D. child

2. A. hour

B. here

C. hello

D. house

3. A. gone

B. done

C. won

D. one

4. A. question

B. nation

C. correction

D. pollution

5. A. Janet’s

B. Judith’s

C. Phillip’s

D. John’s

II. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences: (15 pts)

6. ________ my students are familiar with this kind of activities.

A. Most

B. Most of

C. A few

D. Few

7. I remember_______ to the zoo before.

A. being taken

B. taking

C. be taking

D. to make

8. We spent half a year_______ this house.

A. for building

B. build

C. building

D. builds

9. Our village had_______ money available for education that the schools had to close.

A. so little

B. so few

C. so many

D. so much

10. I was responsible to my mother_______ looking after our pets while she was at work.

A. because

B. of

C. for

D. with

11. Mexico City, _______ is the fastest growing city in the world, has a population of over 10 million.

A. where

B. whose

C. which

D. what

12. We have no money, _______ Tom has some.

A. either

B. but

C. or

D. so

13. They left the room_______ they had finished the exam.

A. while

B. soon

C. during

D. as soon as

14. The government_______ the earthquake victims with food, clothes and medicine.

A. gave

B. provided

C. offered

D. carried

15. Don’t spend your money_______. Save it!

A. waste

B. to waste

C. wasteful

D. wastefully

16. My parents always let me_______ what I think I should.

A. to do

B. do

C. doing

D. for doing

17. When the storm_______ this area tomorrow, it will bring it great destructive force.

A. is going to reach

B. is reaching

C. reaches

D. will reach

18. When I returned, I found that my car_______ away.

A. had been towed

B. had been towing

C. has been towed

D. has been towing

19. This building used to be a library, _______ it?

A. doesn’t

B. didn’t

C. isn’t

D. wasn’t

20. Because of the bad health, he_______ smoking last year.

A. has given up

B. gave up

C. has gave up

D. has given

III. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. (10 pts)

a. Contact an organization Friends of the Earth (21)_______ information.

b. Don’t throw things (22)_______. Try and find another use (23)_______them.

c. We can look (24)_______information (25)_______recycling things in the local library.

d. These shoes are made (26)_______old car tires.

e. ‘Vegetable matter’ is made (27)_______compost.

f. Are you interested (28)_______protecting the environment.

g. We should use cloth bags instead (29)_______plastic bags.

h. What did the government do to prevent people (30)_______throwing drink cans away?

IV. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets. (10 pts)

31. She was (conscious)________ for days after the accident.

32. His speedy (revive)________ after the operation amazed all the doctors.

33. The (press)________ of water caused the dam to burst.

34. The heart pumps (bleed)________ around the body.

35. Come by the fire. You must be (chill)________ to the bone.

36. I want an (immediately)________ reply.

37. The victim who has a dog bite needs an anti-tetanus (inject)________ .

38. She is very (anxiety)________ about her mother's health.

39. The nurse is giving Lan some first-aid (instruct)________ .

40. Make sure that the needles are (sterilize)________ .

V. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete this passage. (10 pts)

Cotton has been grown for thousands of years in places as (41)______ Apart as Mexico, China, Egypt, and India. American colonists (42)______ to grow cotton in the early 1600s. Before 1800, cotton was a great luxury, more expensive than silk, (43)______ so many workers were needed to pick it. (44)______, a huge increase in the number of slaves in the American South (45)______ in much greater cotton production and a fall…...(46)______ the price. This, and the new technology of the industrial (47)______, made cotton the cheapest fabric in history. By 1820, cotton (48)______ more money for the United States than tobacco, and more money worldwide than sugar. Many Southern farmers and plantation (49)______ believed that slave labor was (50)______ for them to make money growing cotton.

41. A. long

B. away

C. out

D. far

42. A. started

B. brought

C. came

D. carried

43. A. after

B. although

C. despite

D. because

44. A. In addition

B. Since

C. However

D. Therefore

45. A. took

B. resulted

C. brought

D. was

46. A. to

B. in

C. down

D. of

47. A. factory

B. reform

C. revolution

D. company

48. A. will make

B. has made

C. makes

D. had made

49. A. keepers

B. owners

C. growers

D. directors

50. A. necessary

B. based

C. certain

D. made

VI. Complete the sentences, use the correct form or tense of the verbs in the brackets. (5 pts)

51. The man (sit)________ next to me was very nervous.

52. Tom doesn’t enjoy (laugh)________ at by other people.

53. I'd like you (meet)________ my mother.

54. Take this street and you (arrive)________ at the bus station in 16 minutes.

55. He suggested (travel)________ around the town by bike.

VII. Fill the underlined part that needs correcting. (5 pts)

56. Mr. Miller doesn’tlikes being kept waiting

57. Hoa writinga letter in her room at the moment.

58. Thereis a hostel at the corner of this street where we can stay there.

59. Ann spentmany money on clothes at the supermarket yesterday.

60. I haven’tsmoked since a long time.

VIII. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first. (20 pts)

61. We must pay the bill at once. → The bill_______________________.

62. Many people in the world speak English. → English_______________________.

63. Working in those conditions is impossible. → It’s____________________________.

64. I will repair your bicycle tomorrow afternoon. → Your bicycle_________________.

65. “Don’t throw things away,” Miss Linda said to the students. → Miss Linda asked____________.

66. Penicillin can cure many dangerous diseases. → Many_________________________.

67. Does your country export rice to Britain? → Is_____________________________.

68. l was very delighted that I passed the final exams. → I was very delighted________.

69. We find it difficult to understand this question. → This question________________.

70. She's very pleased to see her grandparents soon. → She's looking________________.

__________THE END_________ Total:………../80

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