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Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh

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Họ và tên:__________________

Lớp: _____

Số báo danh:_________


Năm học: 2017- 2018

Môn: Tiếng Anh – Lớp: 10

Thời gian: 60 phút

Ngày thi: ________________

Chữ kí Giám thị:

Chữ kí Giám khảo:


ĐỀ 201

Listen to the CD and fill in the blanks. (1.0 p)

“Whenever we hold a camera, (1)______________ around and taking in our surroundings through a lens, we can forget the sorrow of our disabilities,” says club member Nguyen Minh Tam.

The six-month-old (2)______________ club, which comprises 19 deaf, mute or mentally retarded children, is now having its first (3)______________ in Hanoi.

More than 50 color photos are on display at the exhibition room (4)______________ the beauty of daily life through the eyes of these (5)______________ children. The subjects are simple and peaceful: old men reading books on the sides of Hoan Kiem Lake, laborers hard at work, or chickens looking for food.

Put the verbs in the correct tense or form. (1.0 p)

1. What happened to those boys who________________ (catch) spraying paint on the walls of the school last year?

2. When my father got to the airport, he realized that he ________________ (leave) his passport at home.

3. Do you enjoy ________________ (be) at Ngo Quyen High School?

4. Sometimes I manage________________ (work) overtime.

5. Two ten-year-old boys came into my garden and destroyed all the flowers. The police haven’t done anything. It’s not right. They shouldn’t _____________ (allow) to get away with it.

Write the correct word form. (1.0p)

1. They are all ________________ interested in environment issues. (passion)

2. The students have to ________________ these three poems by Friday. (memory)

3. You cannot work all the time. You need some rest and ________________ . (relax)

4. The children found the trip to Britain most ________________ .(enjoy)

5. In this busy life, television can be the easiest source of ________________ . (entertain)

Rewrite the following sentences, using the cues given. (1.0p)

1. The young man is a psychologist. Bill is talking to him.

→The young man__________________________ .

2. Jill isn’t on the phone. This makes it difficult to contact her. (which)

→ Jill_________________________ .

3. The last time I used that bike was two years ago.

→ That bike_________________ .

4. I went to the church when I was a child.

→ I used___________________________ .

5. ‘No, I won’t give it to anyone else,’ Peter said.

→ Peter promised______________________ .

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others. (0.4p)

1. A. seat B. meat C. head D. heat

2. A. caves B. marks C. exams D. days

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others. (0.4p)

3. persuade B. believe C. instead D. anxious

4. secretary B. accuracy C. appropriate D. ambulance

Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D. (2.4 p)

5. In spite of all my warnings, he____________ to fix the computer himself.

A. tried B. obtained C. believed D. completed

6. If you haven’t kept your receipt, they____________ your money.

A. won't refund B. no refund C. didn’t refund D. not refund

7. Simon: ‘What's your favorite program?’ Vanessa: ‘’

A.enjoy watching game shows, aren't I?

B. Game shows. There was an interesting quiz last night.

C. I prefer television quiz. And you?

D. I have no idea. I watched a game last night.

8. I'm looking forward ____________ you in the trip.

A. join B. to join C. to joining D. in joining

9. A fax machine____________ send or receive letters quickly.

A. is used for B. used to C. is used to D. used for

10. There is a ‘General Knowledge Quiz’ ____________ between 10.15 and 11.00.

A. in B. at C. for D. on

11. I don’t quite like television____________. They encourage people to buy things that they don’t need.

A. commercially B. commercials C. commercial D. commerce

12. I've lived in a small house near the coast____________

A. from B. since C. in D. for

13. In the 1980s, TV viewers began to hook up video cassette players to their TVs. (SAME MEANING)

A. combine B. connect C. fasten D. blend.

14. The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.(SAME MEANING)
A. beautiful B. honorable C. ordinary D. gloomy

15. Some of the more time-consurning jobs can now be done by machines. (SAME MEANING)

A. not affected by time B. taking little time C. taking much time D. odd

16. The Rich Kids of Vietnam have been flaunting their luxury lifestyles on Instagram. (OPPOSITE MEANING)

A. Very excellent B. Very good C. Very wealthy D. Very poor

17. There was a long period without rain in the countryside last year so the harvest was poor. (OPPOSITE MEANING)

A. famine B. flood C. drought D. epidemic.

Choose the underlined part that needs correcting in each sentence (0.6p)

18. The editor decided (A) not publish (B) the story because (C) the facts were unreliable. (D)

19. Not only botanical gardens are (A) places of beauty, they serve (B) scientific and educational (C) purpose as well (D).

20. The stories (A) what (B) I’ve told (C) you are (D) all true.

Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D . (1.0p)

Society has changed in many ways (21)__________ the introduction of computers, and people’s lives at home and at the office have been affected. Most people are working for fewer hours per week than they (22)__________ to, and manufacturers and advertising agencies are becoming much more interested in how people spend this extra leisure time. One recent report stated that (23) __________ the number of hobbies had not increased, each hobby had become more specialized.

A second finding is that nowadays, many managers would rather (24) __________ time with their families than stay late in the office every day. Home life is seen to be just as important as working. Some companies now (25) __________ managers take their annual holidays even if they don’t want to, because this leads to such an improvement in their performance if they have some rest.

21. since B. from C. for D. at

22. ought B. have C. want D. used

23. as B. because of C. although D. but

24. spent B. spend C. to spend D. spending

25. cause B. force C. make D. have

Choose the correct answers. (1.0p)

Orbis is an organization which helps blind people everywhere. It has built an eye hospital inside an aeroplane and flown it all over the world with an international medical team. Samantha Graham, a fourteen-year-year-old schoolgirl from England, went with the plane to Mongolia. Samantha tells a story of Eukhtuul, a young Mongolian girl.

“Last year, when Eukhtuul was walking from home, she was attacked by boys with sticks and her eyes were badly damanged. Dr. Duffrey, an Orbis doctor, said that without an operation she would never see again. I thought about all the everyday things I do that she couldn’t, things like reading schools books, watching television, seeing friends , and I realized how lucky I am.”

“The Orbis team agreed to operate on Eukhtuul and I was allowed to watch, together with some Mongolian medical students. I prayed the operation would be sucessful. The next day, I sat nervously with Eukhtuul while Dr. Duffrey removed her bandages. In six months, your sight will back to normal,” he said. Eukhtuul smiled, her mother cried, and I had to wipe away some tears, too!”

“Now Eukhtuul wants to study hard to become a doctor. Her whole future has changed, thanks to simple operation. We should all think more about how much our sight means to us.”

26. What is the writer’s main purpose in writing the passage?

A. To describe a dangerous trip B. To report a patient’s cure

C. To explain how sight can be lost D. To warn against playing with sticks.

27. “What can a reader learn about in this passage?

A. The life of schoolchildren in Mongolia B. The difficulties of blind travelers.

C. The best way of studying medicine. D. The international work of some eye doctors.

28. After meeting Eukhtuul, Samantha felt

A. angry about Eukhtuul’s experience. B. proud of the doctor’s skill

C. surprised by Eukhtuul’s courage D. grateful for her own sight

29. What is the result of Eukhtuul’s operation?

A. After some time she will see as well as before. B. She can already see perfectly again.

C. She can see better but won’t have normal eyes. D. She will need another operation.

30. Which of the postcard Samantha wrote to an English friend?

A. I have visited a Mongolia and watched local doctors do an operation.

B. You may have to fly a long way to have an operation you need, but the journey will be worth it.

C. Make sure you take care of your eyes because they’re more valuable than you realize.

D. I’m staying with my friend Eukhtuul while I’m sightseeing in Mongolia.



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