Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 năm học 2018 - 2019 số 2

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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the
other three.
1. A. socialize B. contact C. background D. formality
2. A. prolong B. contact C. conscious D. common
3. A. African B. Japanese C. partner D. Canada
4. A. signal B. sign C. colleague D. regard
5. A. cloth B. trustworthy C. clothing D. brother
I. Choose from the four options given marked A, B, C and D one best answer to
complete each sentence.
1. Please________ favour.
A. do me a B. make me a C. do my D. make my
2. Mrs. Edwards________ history for 35 years, and is retiring soon.
A. teaches B. is teaching C. taught D. has been teaching
3. There have been protests from animal right groups about________ on animals.
A. experience B. experiments C. expiration D. trials
4. Faraday’s accomplishments seem more wonderful when we realize that he had
very________ education.
A. a few B. few C. a little D. little
5. A: “What are the office hours where you work?” B: “________ , everyone comes
in at eight and leaves at five.”
A. General B. In generally C. In the general D. In general
6. Lots of people________ Yoga to relax.
A. practice B. take up C. give up D. take in
7. It isn’t quite________ that he will turn up at the meeting.
A. certain B. exact C. right D. sure
8. After waiting for an hour he realized that the bus was________ to come.
A. improbable B. impossible C. uncertain D. unlikely
9. ________ being tired, I went for a picnic with my family.
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A. That B. Though C. Since D. Despite
10. You________ have told that joke. Everybody has heard it too often.
A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t
11. At around two years of age, many children regularly produce sentences_____ three or
four words.
A . are containing B. containing C. contain D. contains
12. The first plant-like organisms probably ___________ in the sea, perhaps three billion
years ago.
A . life B. living C. lived D. it was living
13. These tennis courts don't ____________ very often. Not many people want to play.
A . got used B. used C. get used D. get use
14. I would rather ___________ nothing than __________ that book.
A . do - to read B. do - read C. doing - reading D. done - read
15. Do you want _______ with you or do you want to go alone?
A . me coming B. me to come
C. that I come D. that I will come
II. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked A, B, C or D. You are to
identify the one underlined word or phrase that would not be acceptable standard
written English. Write your answers on your answer sheet.
1. Draft horses are the tallest, most powerful and heavy group of horses.
2. Acting teacher Stella Adler played a vital role in the develop of the Method Schooling
of Acting.
3. Before diamonds can be used as jewels, they must be cut and polish.
4. Of all mammals, dolphins are undoubtedly between the friendliest to humans.
5. Working all night long, Jim felt extreme hungry and just wanted to have a sandwich.
6. Harmony, melody and rhythm are important elements in mostly forms of music.
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7. Medical students must learn both the theory and the practice of medicines.
8. Archeological sites sometimes are revealed when the construction of roads and
9. Yolanda ran over to me and breathless informed the failure of our team.
10. All root vegetables grow underground, and not all vegetables that grow underground
are roots.
I. Read the following passage and fill an appropriate word in each blank.
Fish live almost (1)_______. They are found in the near freezing waters of the Artic and
in the steaming (2)_______ in the tropic jungles. They live in roaring streams and in
quiet (3)_______ rivers. Some fish make long journeys (4)_______ the ocean. Others
spend most of their life buried in sand on the ocean (5)_______. Most fish can’t
(6)_______ water; yet some survive for months in dried-up riverbeds.
Fish have enormous importance (7)_______ man. They provide food for millions of
people. Fishermen catch them for sports, and many people (8)_______ them as pets. Fish
are also important in the balance of nature. They eat plants and animals and in turn,
become (9)_______ for plants and animals. Fish thus help keep in (10)_______ the total
number of plants and animals on the earth.
II. Choose the most suitable answer from the four options marked A, B, C and D to
complete each of the numbered gaps in the passage below.
You've (1)________ heard someone say that the reason you caught a cold was that you
were 'run down'. People generally accept that if you are (2)_______ pressure or run down
you are more likely to get ill. But is this really true (3)_______ is it just an old wives' tale?
The problem with old sayings like this is that it's often difficult to (4)_______ whether
they are true or not. For example, if you ask people with colds whether they are feeling

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