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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the
same group.
1. A. husband B. raise C. distinct D. reserve
2. A. ivory B. crisis C. determine D. digest
Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from those of the other words.
3. A. preference B. mechanic C. convenience D. official
4. A. interference B. architect C. engineer D. cigarette
5. A. endangered B. humidity C. necessary D. incredible
Choose the words or phrases to complete the following incomplete sentences.
1. We regret_______ that the sightseeing tour has been canceled because of the bad
A. telling you B. saying you C. to say you D. to tell you
2. We had our house ___________ when we were away on holiday.
A. broken into B. broke into C. breaking into D. to break into
3. My children ________ to the zoo last week.
A. enjoyed taking B. were enjoyed to be taken
C. enjoyed being taken D. were enjoyed to take
4. He has difficulty in ________ and ________ English.
A. to speak- to write B. speak-writing C. speak-write D. speaking-writing
5. They _______small cup of coffee after they _______dinner.
A. drank/had finished B. drunk/had finished
C. drink/ had finished D. drunk/finished
6. Your windows need ________at least once a year.
A. to clean B. being cleaned C. cleaning D. have cleaned
7. Most of the computers in the laboratory are ________now.
A. out of order B. out of function C. out of working D. out of work
8. Hung: "Thank you very much for the lovely party. " -Hoa: "________."
A. You are welcome B. Cheers
C. Have a good time D. Thanks
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9. Faraday’s accomplishments seem more wonderful when we realize that he had
very_______ education.
A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
10. The judge ____________the murderer to a lifetime imprisonment.
A. convicted B. accused C. prosecuted D. sentenced
11. Tom read this article on the website, ________ ?
A. doesn't he B. didn't he C. did he D. hasn't he
12. I hope that the weather will improve, _______ we'll have to cancel the picnic.
A. However B. Although C. Therefore D. Otherwise
13. Not only _______ , but he also plays the piano and writes his own songs.
A. does Billy Joel sing B. Billy Joel sings
C. if Billy Joel sings D. what Billy Joel sings
14. Jeans have never been ______ fashion, and today young generation is still fond
______ wearing them.
A. out of /of B. out of/ in C. about/on D. with/of
15. Don't promise _______ it if you aren't sure you can.
A. doing B. to do C. will do D. being done
Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.
I always wanted to be a great (science). I had these dreams of discovering a revolutionary
new drug that would save the lives of hundreds of people. (fortunate) , I was never very
good at chemistry at school.
After a while, I decided I would become an (invent) and designed an amazing new
(produce) which would become a household name. My parents were quite encouraging, but
told me to be a little more (practice) and not so ambitious. A few weeks later, I had a
brilliant idea for a pen that would write upside down. To my disappointment, a friend of
mine pointed out that it was not a new discovery.
I. Underline and correct a mistake in each sentence:
1. Lien together with her classmates have attended the Chinese class recently.
2. Pay attention on what she is teaching us to make pancakes.
3. Do you mind if I stayed with you in this room?
4. Let these clothes being washed after you finish your homework.
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5. Viet wasn't enough wise to find the solution to the problem.
Fill in each blank space with an appropriate word.
By 1984, nonrenewable fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas,
____(PROVIDED)___ over 82 percent of the commercial and industrial energy used in
the world. Small amounts of energy were derived ___(FROM)____ nuclear fission, and
the remaining 16 percent came from burning direct perpetual and renewable fuels, such
as biomass. Between 1700 and 1986 a large ____(NUMBER)___ of countries shifted
from the use of energy from local sources to a centralized generation of hydro power and
solar energy converted to electricity. The energy derived from nonrenewable
___(FOSSIL)____ fuels has been increasingly produced in one location and transported
to another, as is the case with most automobile fuels. In countries with private, rather
than public transportation, the age of nonrenewable fuels has created a dependency on a
finite resource ____(THAT)___ will have to be replaced.
Read the following passage and choose the best answer.
The hobby of collecting consists of acquiring specific items based on a particular interest
of the collector. These collections of things are often highly organized, carefully
catalogued, and attractively displayed. Since collecting depends on the interests of the
individual collector, it may deal with almost any subject. The depth and breadth of the
collection may also vary. Some collectors choose to focus on a specific subtopic within
their area of general interest: for example, 19th Century postage stamp, milk bottle labels
from Sussex, or Mongolian harnesses and tack. Others prefer to keep a more general
collection, accumulating Star Trek merchandise, or stamps from all countries of the
world. Some collections are capable of being completed, at least to the extent of owning
one sample of each possible item in the collection (e.g. a copy of every book by Agatha
Christie). Collectors who specifically try to assemble complete collections in this way are
sometimes called 'completest'. Upon completing a particular collection, they may stop
collecting, expand the collection to include related items, or begin an entirely new
collection. The most popular fields in collecting have specialized commercial dealers that
trade in the items being collected, as well as related accessories. Many of these dealers
started as collectors themselves, then turned their hobby into a profession. There are

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