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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
a- Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the
others: (5 pts)
1. A. health B. bread C. appear D. heavy
2. A. sugar B. since C. storm D. symptom
3. A. arrived B. experienced C. failed D. discovered
4. A. pronounce B. round C. sound D. pour
5. A. walls B. rewards C. sticks D. spectators
b- Choose the words with the different stress pattern from the others: (5 pts)
1. A. basketball B. wonderful C. education D. trustworthy
2. A. surround B. restrict C. remove D. manual
3. A. planet B. affect C. annoy D. excuse
4. A. famous B. climate C. language D. attend
5. A. extensive B. decorate C. distinguish D. acquaintance
Question 2: Put the verbs given in brackets into their appropriate tense or form; (10 pts)
1. It is imperative that the letter (send)______ at once.
2. By this time tomorrow, we (travel)______ to Nha Trang.
3. Up to now, we (complete)______ four tests.
4. The students (punish)______ yesterday is my brother .
5. I think the play (perform)______ now.
6. I didn’t do the test well. I (prepare)______ it very carefully at home.
7. It has been suggested that the government (assist)______ the poor in improving their
living condition.
8. By the time he (become)______ heavy weight boxing champion, he (win)______ over
thirty fights.
9. He looked frightened as if he (see)______ a ghost.
Question 3: Supply the correct forms of the words in the capital letters (10 pts)
1. Their_______ has lasted a life time. FRIEND
2. Everyone has a number of_______ but none has many true friends. ACCQUAINT
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3. Cats are supposed to have nice_______. LIVE
4. The evening was_______ spent playing and talking. ENJOY
5. The cost of_______ must be paid by the buyer. CARRY
6. After his illness, he started worrying that he was_______. WEIGH
7. He lives in an attractive_______ part of Sydney RESIDE
8. We must learn about keeping the environment_______. POLLUTE
9. He finds it difficult to accept_______ from others. CRITICISE
10. The film is entertaining but full of historical_______. ACCURATE
Question 4: fill in the blank with a suitable preposition (10 pts)
1. He has been ill_______ flu for a week .
2. I’m_______ any having more meetings.
3. She will remain here_______ the rest of the day.
4. A good friend always stand for you when you are_______ trouble.
5. Jim managed to climb into the house_______ means_______ a ladder he found.
6. I’d like to thank you, _______ behalf_______ everyone who was rescued .
7. Julia has nothing_______ common_______ Bill, they are quite different.
Question 5: Fill in each numbered blank one missing word. (10 pts)
Speech is one of the most important (1)______ of communicating. It consists of far
more than just making noises. To talk and also to be (2)______ by other people, we have
to speak a language, that is , we have to use combinations of (3)______ that everyone
agrees stand for particular object or idea. Communication would be impossible if
everyone made up their own language.
Learning a language properly is very (4)______ The basic (5)______ of English is
not very large, and only about 2000 words are needed to speak it quite (6)______ But the
more words you know, the more idea you can (7)______ and the more precise you can be
about their exact meaning.
Words are the (8)______ thing we use in communicating what we want to say. The
way we (9)______ the words is also very important. Our tone of voice can express many
emotions and (10)______ whether we are pleased or angry, for instance.
Question 6: Choose the most suitable word given for each space in the text. (15 pts)
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Have you ever asked yourself what you are working for? If you have ever had the
time to (1)______ this taboo question, or put it to others in moment of weakness or
confidentiality, you (2)______ well have heard some or all of the (3)______ It’s the
money of course, some say with a smile, as if explaining something to a small child. Or
it’s the satisfaction of (4)______ well done, the sense of achievement behind the
clinching of an important (5)______. I worked as a bus conductor once, and I can’t say I
(6)______ the same as I staggered along the swaying gangway trying to (7)______ out
tickets without falling over into someone’s lap. It’s the company of other people perhaps,
but if that is the (8)______, what about farmers? it is the conservation in the farmyard
that keeps them captivated by the job? Work is power and a sense of status say those
(9)______ have either attained these elusive goals, or feel aggrieved that nobody has yet
recognized their leadership (10)______ Or we can blame it all on someone else, the
family or the taxman. I suspect, and say this under my (11)______, that most of us work
rather as Mr. Micawber lived, hoping for something to (12)______ up. We’ll win the
pools, and tell the boss what we really think. We’ll scrape together the (13)______ and
open that little shop we always dreamed of, or go (14)______ the world, or spend more
time in the garden. Once day we’ll get that (15)______ we deserve, but until then at least
we have something to do. And we are so busy doing it that we won’t have time to
wonder why.
1. A. propose
B. meditate
C. consider
D. launch
2. A. might
B. can
C. will
D. should
3. A. below
B. rest
C. following
D. latter
4. A. a work
B. a job
C. a task
D. an effort
5. A. deal
B. position
C. job
D. engagement
6. A. enjoyed
B. wished
C. hoped
D. felt
7. A. make
B. turn
C. issue
D. give
8. A. one
B. case
C. question
D. former
9. A. people
B. must
C. who
D. to
10. A. qualities
B. status
C. property
D. requirements
11. A. oath
B. suspicion
C. breath
D. pressure
12. A. move
B. turn
C. ease
D. end

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