Đề thi thử học sinh giỏi lớp 6 môn tiếng Anh năm 2019 - 2020 số 10

Đề bồi dưỡng học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh 6

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Question 1: Choose the word in each group that has underlined, italic part pronounced differently.

1. A. albumB. useC. amusementD. united
2. A. minorityB. gramophone

C. robbery

D. monument
3. A. attractionB. battleC. veteranD. character
4. A. inventionB. dependC. resortD. defeat
5. A. hopedB. lookedC. opened D. washed

Question 2: Which word is odd one out?

1. A. VientianeB. JakartaC. BeijingD. Ho Chi Minh City
2. A. beganB. playedC. knewD. sent
3. A. papayaB. mangoC. durianD. potato
4. A. skillfullyB. badlyC. friendlyD. safely

Question 3: Complete the sentences with the most suitable words:

1. Would you like to play tennis, Nam?

A. I’d like to, but I can’t

B. Yes, I’d like to

C. No, thanks

D. I’d like to go

2. I have some home work. I________ finish it before I play table tennis.

A. should to

B. need to

C. ought

D. want

3. Can I borrow your fishing rob, Minh?

A. No, I can’t

B. I’m sorry Nam I’m using

C. I’d love to

D. Yes, please

4. Traffic police never let you________ without a ticket

A. go

B. going

C. to go

D. gone

5. London is the________ of England.

A. capital

B. the capital

C. a capital

D. one capital

6. ________ do you go shopping? – Every week.

A. How far

B. What time

C. How often

D. How

7. ________ people go to the movies now than ten years ago.

A. Fewer

B. Few

C. Less

D. Lesser

8. ________ was in. The room was empty.

A. Anybody

B. Somebody

C. Everybody

D. Nobody

9. Would you tell me where________ born.

A. you were

B. were you

C. you was

D. was you

10. Tom hates watching T.V. ________ does Peter.

A. So

B. Too

C. Neither

D. Either

11. Hoa prefers colorful dances in Thailand________ shadow puppet shows in Indonesia.

A. to

B. than

C. as

D. for

12. ________ seeing beautiful sites, visitors can enjoy traditional food.

A. Apart

B. Together

C. According to

D. As well as

13. People in Asia often drink________

A. some tea

B. the tea

C. tea

D. many tea

14. Uncle Ho was born________.

A. At 1890, in May

B. on May, 1890

C. 1890, at May

D. in May,1890

15. Some scientists spend most of their lives________ at rocks.

A. looking

B. look

C. to look

D. looked

Question 4: Read the dialogue then choose the best answer:

Nam: Hello, Viet. Do you hear about the new sports centre?

Viet: No, Nam. Where is it?

Nam: On Thang Long Road. You know near Xuan Thuy Street, behind the station.

Viet: Oh. Is it good?

Nam: Yes, it’s great! You can do a lot of sports. I played table tennis courts next year.

Viet: What about tennis?

Nam: Not yet. They are going to built some tennis courts next year.

Viet: Is it expensive?

Nam: Not really, Viet. It’s 50,000 dong a month if you’re 15 to 18, and 30,000 dong if you are under 15.

Viet: Oh, that’s good because I’m still 14.

Nam: And on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it stays open late – till 10 o’clock.

Viet: Oh, great. How did you get there?

Nam: I got the number 16 bus. It’s only 10 minutes from the bus station. Do you want to go next week?

Viet: OK. Any day except Thursday.

Nam: Well, why don’t you go on Friday? Then we can stay late.

Viet: Yes, OK. Let’s meet after school.

1. Where is the new sports centre?

A. on Thang Long Road

B. on Xuan Thuy Street

C. in front of the station

C. opposite the station

2. What sports CAN’T you do at the sports centre?

A. tennis

B. table tennis

C. volleyball

D. football

3. How much must Viet pay?

A. 14,000 dong a month

B. 25,000 dong a month

C. 30,000 dong a month

D. 50,000 dong a month

4. How many days a week does the sports centre open late?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

5. Which bus goes to the sports centre?

A. number 6

B. number 10

C. number 16

D. number 60

6. When will Viet and Nam go to the sports centre?

A. Tuesday

B. Thursday

C. Friday

D. Sunday

Question 5: Which sentence is right in the two sentences?

1. A. How much time a week do you wash your clothes?

B. How many times a week do you wash your clothes?

2. A. What’s the matter with you, Minh?

B. How’s the matter with you, Minh?

3. A. I understand how do you feel, but don’t worry.

B. I understand how you feel, but don’t worry.

4. A. My broken tooth sopped to hurt afterwards.

B. My broken tooth sopped hurting afterwards.

5. A. Last week Dr. Lai felt a cavity in my tooth.

B. Last week Dr. Lai filled a cavity in my tooth.

6. A. After talking to Minh, Hoa felt less scared.

B. After talking to Minh, Hoa felt fewer scared.

7. A. Why did Trang go to the dentist last Sunday?

B. Why was Trang went to the dentist last Sunday?

8. A. We eated breakfast at 6.30.

B. We ate breakfast at 6.30

9. A. Nam is worried because he has to see the dentist.

B. Nam is worry because he has to see the dentist.

10. A. My brother wasn’t did morning exercises.

B. My brother didn’t do morning exercises

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