Kiểm tra 1 tiết lần 3 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10 năm học 2018 - 2019

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KIỂM TRA 1 TIẾT LẦN 3 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. LISTENING (2 marks)
Part A Listen to the conversation 1 and 2 and decide the following sentences are True or
False. Write T for True and F for False. You will listen twice.
Conversation 1
___ 1. Mr. Thompson called at nine-thirty in the morning.
___ 2. The man suggests the woman call Mr. Thompson at two p.m.
Conversation 2
___ 3. The man heard about the fire on television news.
___ 4. Someone called him and told him about the fire.
Part B- Listen to the conversation 3 and 4 and choose the best answer A, B, C or D. You will
listen two times
Conversation 3
1. When does the man want to go to Liverpool?
A. on Thursday B. on Monday C. on Friday D. on Sunday
2. Which vehicle does the man want to travel to Liverpool?
A. Bus B. Train C. Car D. Boat
Conversation 4
3. When will the man and the woman go shopping?
A. In the evening B. In the afternoon C. In the morning D. At noon
4. Where will they visit tomorrow afternoon?
A. Shopping mall B. The beach C. Supermarket D. Park
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Choose the word whose main stress is different from the rest
Question 1: A. science B. divide C. depend D. pollute
Question 2: A. endangered B. contaminate C. conservation D. gestation
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others
Question 3: A. lived B. played C. called D. stopped
Question 4: . A. pair B. chair C. cheer D. where
Read the text carefully and then choose the best option for the following questions
Dolphins are well known for their agility and playful behavior, making them a favorite of
wildlife watchers. Many species will leap out of the water, spy-hop (rise vertically out of the
water to view their surroundings) and follow ships, often synchronizing their movements
with one another. Scientists believe that dolphins conserve energy by swimming alongside
ships, a practice known as bow-riding.
Dolphins live in social groups of five to several hundred. They use echolocation to find prey
and often hunt together by surrounding a school of fish, trapping them and taking turns
swimming through the school and catching fish. Dolphins will also follow seabirds, other
whales and fishing boats to feed opportunistically on the fish they scare up or discard.
Cited from
Question 5: The text is mainly about_________________________
A. Dolphin’s reproduction.
B. Dolphin’s behavior.
C. Dolphins in their social groups.
D. Dolphin’s feeding ground.
Question 6: According to scientists, how can dolphins conserve energy?
A. They practice riding alongside ships.
B. They use bow-riding to swim near the ships.
C. They swim alongside ships.
D. They are believed to good swimmers.
Question 7: According to the text, how many dolphins are there in their social groups?
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A. From fifty hundred to several hundred.
B. From fifty to several hundred.
C. From five hundred to several hundred.
D. From five to several hundred.
Question 8: What does the word “school in the text mean?
A. A place where students study.
B. Swimming of fish.
C. A group of fish.
D. Food of fish.
Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences below
Question 9: The sea is polluted, which __________marine plants and animals.
A. dangers
B. dangerous
C. dangerously
D. endangers
Question 10: Strict laws must be __________ to protect rare or endangered animals.
A. given
B. made
C. passed
D. had
Question 11: What would Tom do if he ......................... the truth?
A. would know
B. has known
C. knows
D. knew
Question 12: If Lien ........ a raincoat, she wouldn't have got a cold
A. has worn
B. had worn

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