Bài tập cuối tuần tiếng Anh lớp 6 Tuần 8

Bài tập cuối tuần lớp 6 môn tiếng Anh tuần 8

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Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. She __________ long hair.

a. Has

b. have

c. is

d. does

2. __________ have some popcorn?

a. Would you like to

b. Can you

c. Can me

d. all are correct

3. One of them has __________ oval face.

a. A

b. an

c. the

d. ___

4. Does your sister have lunch at 11.30 every day? - __________

a. Yes, she does

b. Yes, she has

c. No, she does

d. No, she hasn’t

5. Mai is __________. She understands things quickly and easily.

a. Clever

b. kind

c. creative

d. confident

6. Eyes are __________ of the body.

a. Nose

b. arms

c. parts

d. face

7. __________ is he? – He’s my friend.

a. How

b. What

c. Why

d. Who

8. Her hair __________ black.

a. Has

b. have

c. is

d. are

9. __________ brown eyes?

a. Do she have

b. Does she have

c. Does she has

d. Has she

10. Look! These pupils are in grade 6. They __________ tall and strong. They __________ football on the school ground.

a. Is / plays

b. are / play

c. is / is playing

d. are / are playing

11. My sister and I __________ our grandmother next weekend.

a. Visit

b. visits c. is visiting

d. are visiting

12. When __________ the teacher come to class.

a. Does

b. is

c. do

d. are

13. There aren’t __________ apples left.

a. some

b. no

c. any

d. a

14. You should __________ morning exercises every morning.

a. Do

b. make

c. have

d. get

15. It’s very nice and sunny today. Why don’t we __________ swimming?

a. Take

b. have

c. get

d. go

16. __________ your mother play badminton?

a. Do

b. does

c. is

d. am

17. Is the lesson easy? – __________

a. Yes, is it

b. Yes, it is

c. No, it is

d. No, isn’t

18. Would you like __________ music? – Yes, I’d love to.

a. Listen to

b. to listen

c. to listen to

d. listen

19. My sister is __________ judo at the moment.

a. Having

b. doing

c. playing

d. making

20. ______________ go to my party on Saturday? – I’d love to.

a. Would you like to

b. Would you like

c. Can you

d. Can we

21. We are __________ a cooking competition.

a. Playing

b. riding

c. taking part in

d. talking

22. What are you doing tomorrow? – __________

a. I’m playing football with my friends

b. I’m taking a public speaking class

c. We’re visiting a milk farm

d. all are correct.

23. There __________ any cups in the fridge.

a. Is

b. are

c. isn’t

d. aren’t

24. Mimi __________ to music now.

a. Listens

b. listen

c. is listening

d. listening

25. He loves books. He __________ them every day.

a. Is reading

b. reading

c. read

d. reads

26. Mai’s grandmother is ill. We __________ her after school.

a. Are visiting

b. is visiting

c. visit

d. visits

27. This is my mother. __________ is forty this year.

a. He

b. She

c. Her

d. His

28. You should __________ morning exercises every morning.

a. Do

b. make

c. have

d. play

29. Nam is __________ because he jogs every morning.

a. Strong

b. weak

c. chubby

d. all are correct

30. Hung loves sports. He __________ table tennis with his brother now.

a. Play

b. plays

c. is playing

d. are playing


1 - b

2 - b

3 - a

4 - a

5 - c

6 - c

7 - d

8 - c

9 - b

10 - d

11 - d

12 - a

13 - c

14 - a

15 - d

16 - b

17 - b

18 - c

19 - b

20 - a

21 - c

22 - d

23 - c

24 - c

25 - d

26 - a

27 - a

28 - a

29 - a

30 - c

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