Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 16: People and Places

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Choose the most suitable word or phrase for the blank:

1.I _____________ go to Bangkok next year.

A. need           B. ought         C. may            D. have

2. It’s his job _____________ there.

A. fly             B. to fly          C. flying           D. both B & C

3. We usually fly to Beijing _____________ Kuala Lumpur.

A. and           B. also           C. as well as       D. both A & C

4. I would love _____________ all those places.

A. see           B. to see          C. seeing          D. both B & C

5. “I like playing tennis.” “_____________”

A. So do I        B. I do, too          C. Me, too        D. All are correct

6. You _____________ take photographs in the museum.

A. may not       B. may not to        C. don’t play      D. don’t may to

7. Costs range from 50 _____________ several hundred dollars.

A. for            B. up              C. into           D. to

8. He’s famous _____________ his invention.

A. of             B. about            C. for           D. on

9. Food leaves here _____________ Laos and Thailand.

A. for             B. of               C. in           D. to

10. My _____________ author is Jack London.

A. favor           B. favorite         C. popular        D. famous

11. As well as ______ the battle site, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley.

A. visit            B. to visit          C. visiting         D. to visiting

12. Alexanda Fleming was famous _____________ penicillin.

A. of discover      B. of discovering    C. for discover     D. for discovering

13. She is not very good _____________ history.

A. for              B. to             C. at             D. of

14. She _____________ in Spain.

A. growed         B. growed up       C. grew          D. grew up

15. _____________ is a line between tw countries.

A. Border          B. Region         C. Battle         D. Site

16. They live in a huge house.

A. very beautiful     B. very big        C. colorful        D. ancient

17. _____________ is the low land between two mountains or hills.

A. River           B. Valley           C. Beach         D. Province

II. Choose the word or phrase that is not standard in English:

1. He mayvery clever but he can’t do anything practical.
       A           B      C  D

2. If you are interested at history, I’ll lend you some history books.
  A     B          C          D

3. This writer is very good for describing
   A        B          C   D

4. When she was a child, she wanted to a singer.
   A       B                 C    D

5. The band played a number of songs, include some of any
            A            B         C          D

6. She mays be the most beautiful girl in her village.
        A   B     C            D

7. Ten babies born in this hospital today.
   A         B  C  D

8. I need to go to the bookstore so well as the bank.
    A     B               C           D

9. I don’t have a car, so I have to depend at the buses.
         A        B       C       D

10. His friend paid to his education at Copenhagen University.
    A           B  C          D

11. Do you know when Thomas Edison born?
    A      B    C                D

12. I want to be a doctor when I grow on.
     A     B     C             D

13. Their future depends in how well they do in school.
     A               B      C     D

14. How much did you pay to your new car?
         A            B  C  D

15. There wee five people in the car, include the driver.
     A   B            C         D


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