Bài tập Unit 12 lớp 10 Music có đáp án

Bài tập tiếng Anh Unit 12 lớp 10 Music có đáp án

Bài tập tiếng Anh 10 Unit 12 Music có đáp án là tài liệu bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 theo từng Unit rất hiệu quả dành cho các em học sinh ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức sau mỗi bài học. Sau đây mời các em cùng luyện tập nhé!


1. They......a serious threat to security.

A. put

B. place

C. set

D. pose

2. Headaches in young children should always be......seriously.

A. taken

B. behaved

C. treated

D. cured

3. He tends to get......on these occasions.

A. emotion

B. emotional

C. emotioned

D. emotionally

4. I traded my computer......a more powerful model.

A. on for

B. in at

C. in for

D. on at

5. The movie helped......her screen career.

A. boost

B. lift

C. promote

D. advertise

6. More than half the staff......temporary.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

7. The law is not the best......for dealing with family matters.

A. tool

B. equipment

C. instrument

D. device

8. It is important to keep......in an emergency.

A. calm

B. calmly

C. calmed

D. calmness

9. Have some brandy, it'll calm your.......

A. mind

B. nerves

C. head

D. brain

10. He reduced......and turned sharp left.

A. speed

B. rapidity

C. fast

D. quickness

11. ".......is it, by air, from Bangkok to Chiengmai?" ~ "About 500 miles."

A. How long

B. How far

C. How much

D. How many

12. "......did he pay for his transistor radio?" ~ "Only three hundred bath."

A. How high

B. How many

C. How much

D. How often

13......does it take to get to Bangsaen from here?

A. How far

B. How long

C. How much

D. How Many

14. What's taking an entrance exam.......?

A. like

B. alike

C. likely

D. look like

15. Do you happen to know........?

A. of whom this watch is

B. whose watch is this

C. whose watch this is

D. this watch of whose

16. You and I went there together,......?

A. didn't you

B. didn't I

C. didn't we

D. did we

17.1 have never had any liking for cats,........?

A. have I

B. haven't I

C. did I

D. didn't I

18. Ann: How long will your homework take you? Bill: .................

A. In the evening

B. For two hours

C. Until eight o'clock

D. Since I came in

19. How long ago......Susan?

A. did you see

B. you saw

C. have you been seeing

D. would you see

20. ......he speaks!

A. How fluently

B. What fluently

C. How fluent

D. What fluent

21. "How do I look tonight?" ~ "Wow!......dress you have on!"

A. What a beautiful

B. What beautiful

C. How beautiful

D. How a beautiful

22. "When did you go to work?" ~ "As soon as they came in, we......to work."

A. went

B. were going

C. had gone

D. go

23. "Did Susan have a chance to get in touch with you?" ~ "Oh yes, she......me up last night."

A. has called

B. called

C. had called

D. calls

24. He seldom goes to the market, .......?

A. doesn't he

B. does he

C. is he

D. isn't he

25. I know you won't mind sitting by Peter ,......?

A. do I

B. don't I

C. have

D. had been

26. He suggested......to a holiday camp.

A. Mary that she should go

B. to Mary that she should go

C. for Mary that she go

D. to Mary to go

27. I......remember......to his house to work with him in 1960.

A. vividly/to go

B. vividly/going

C. vivid/to go

D. vivid/going

28.......there in time, we must start now.

A. be

B. Being

C. To be

D. is

29. He recommended that I......there early.

A. be

B. am

C. was

D. would be

30. My sister is busy......a letter.

A. in writing

B. to write

C. at writing

D. writing

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