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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. detect  B. decide C. debate  D. decade
2. A. balanced  B. yoga  C. fatty  D. natural
3. A. vegetable B. hygiene  C. sugary  D. longevity
4. A. opinion  B. optimistic C. operate  D. optional
5. A. assistance  B. pessimistic  C. assure  D. fossil
6. A. rural  B. ruin  C. rubric  D. ruminant
7. A. earthquake B. northern C. thorough D. thoughtful
8. A. exercise  B. remedy  C. medicine  D. obesity
9. A. sugar  B. consume C. trans-fat  D. obesity
10. A. vitamin B. mineral  C. fitness  D. diet
11. A. trends B. decision C. markets  D. offers
12. A. lets  B. pursuits  C. sleep  D. waterfalls
13. A. equipped  B. delivered  C. transferred  D. received
14. A. planned B. developed  C. valued D. recognized
15. A. introduced  B. added  C. participated  D. appreciated

Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others.

1. A. healthy  B. headache  C. diet  D. consume
2. А. уоgа  B. fatal  C. immune  D. careful
3. A. unhealthy  B. vitamin  C. mineral  D. natural
4. A. developer B. facility  C. relaxation D. technology
5. A. sensor  B. predict  C. dweller  D. function
6. A. prevent  B. injure  C. sugar D. fitness
7. A. approach  B. attract  C. decent  D. install
8. A. project  B. support  C. secure  D. believe
9. A. profit  B. proceed  C. promote D. profound
10. A. intact B. nightlife  C. relic D. complex
11. A. infectious  B. essential  C. precaution  D. properly
12. A. cultural  B. heritage  C. memory  D. represent
13. A. broaden B. provide  C. pursue  D. succeed
14. A. college B. degree  C. language  D. subject
15. A. bachelor  B. diploma C. internship  D. scholarship

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

1. I'd like to book a room with a/an ____ of the sea.

A. outlook

B. sight

C. view

D. scenery

2. When I'm on holiday, I enjoy ____.

A. getting sunburnt

B. getting sunstroke

C. having a sunbath

D. sunbathing

3. It can be quite busy here during the tourist ____.

A. period

B. phase

C. stage

D. season

4. I always enjoy our school ____ to France.

A. excursion

B. journey

C. trip

D. travel

5. The waste ___ system here is also innovative. There are no rubbish trucks or waste bins in the street

A. dump

B. disposal

C. landfill

D. throwaway

6. The ____ of living in some places can be very high. Prices in London are particularly exorbitant.

A. value

B. price

C. worth

D . cost

7. The roads are terrible. I'm always getting ____ in traffic.

A. stuck

B. lost

C. exhausted

D. late

8. The ____ is where you'll find all the large department stores and banks.

A. city heart

B. town hall

C . city centre

D. business district

9. Exhaust ____ from cars are responsible for much of the air pollution in cities.

A. fumes

B. smokes

C. gases

D . smog

10. Many factories still allow ____, such as toxic waste, to flow into our rivers

A. pollution

B. litters

C. garbage

D. pollutants

11. The greenhouse ____ takes place when certain gases in the atmosphere trap sun's heat.

A emission

B. gas

C. effect

D. affect

12. Pollution and heavy traffic are common problems in ____ cities.

A cosmopolitan

B. modern

C. metropolitan

D. overcrowded

13. You have to be highly ____ to do well in these subjects.

A. competitive

B. competitor

C. competition

D. competed

14. I can't cope well ____ all the homework I've got to do!

A. on

B. of

C. about

D. with

15. This kind of fruit helps to ____ the immune system.

A. decrease

B. reduce

C. boost

D. maintain

16. If you take this medicine, you will ____ quickly.

A. recover

B. get on

C. get up

D. get in

17. We should ____ healthy food and exercise regularly.

A. store

B. purchase

C. buy

D. consume

18. ____ for both men and women has improved greatly in the past twenty years.

A. Living standard

B. Life expectancy

C. Life skills

D. Lifeline

19. Too much fast food consumption can increase the risk of ____ and heart disease.

A. being underweight

B. obesity

C. malnutrition

D. fitness

20. Squeezing pimples can lead to ____, redness, and infection.

A. falling

B. declining

C. shrinking

D. swelling

21. In order to ____ sunburn, many people wear protecting clothes when they go out.

A. continue

B. encourage

C. facilitate

D. avoid

22. We should drink a lot of water to ____ water loss.

A. boost

B. stimulate

C. prevent

D. trigger

23. John Keith has been a fitness ____ for more than ten years.

A. practitioner

B. trainer

C. learner

D. intern

24. You should also ____ early in the morning when it's not too hot.

A. have a rest

B. do housework

C. do homework

D. work out

25. If yoga is not done ____, it can do more harm than good.

A. socially accepted

B. morally accepted

C. properly

D. easily

26. She didn't enjoy the Mediterranean ____ at all; she was seasick most of the time.

A. cruise

B. tour

C. voyage

D. trip

27. The travel agent wasn't to ____ for the overbooking.

A. accuse

B. charge

C. blame

D. claim

28. When I worked as a waiter, the hotel manager found ____ with everything I do.

A. blame

B. complaint

C. fault

D. criticism

29. I don't really ____ the point of taking the exam when you are not ready for it.

A. annoy

B. have

C. see

D. take

30. My dad wants me to go to university, but I'm in ____ minds about it.

A. different

B. my

C. some

D. two

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