Đề luyện thi vào lớp 6 môn tiếng Anh năm 2020 - 2021 số 5

Đề thi tiếng Anh vào lớp 6 2020 có đáp án

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I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others by circling A, B, C, or D.

1. A. enough B. account C. ground D. outline
2. A. phones B. calls C. cooks D. climbs
3. A. can B. cell C. call D. cold

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllables from the others of each group.

4. A. where B. what C. this D. how
5. A. desk B. table C. classroom D. board

III. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best completes the sentence.

6. _____________ tonight? - Nothing.

A. What are you doing

B. What do you do

C. What are you going to do

D. Both a and b

7. We need _____________ water.

A. blue

B. fresh

C. green

D. red

8. _____________ are you going to stay with?- My sister and my brother.

A. Who

B. Where

C. How

D. How long

9. Do you prefer films _____________ plays?

A. to

B. better than

C. more than

D. instead of

10. I am _____________ that you and your family are well.

A. pleasant

B. pleasing

C. pleased

D. with pleasure

11. She has more _____________ than me.

A. a day

B. a day off

C. day offs

D. days off

12. These apples aren’t ripe. They are _____________

A. red

B. green

C. blue

D. brown

13. Peter can drive a car and _____________ his sister Mary.

A. too can

B. can also

C. so can

D. can so

14. A balanced diet means we eat a variety of food without eating _____________ of anything.

A. more

B. too much

C. a little

D. little

15. Soccer is the _____________ popular game in the world.

A. best

B. most

C. good

D. well

IV. Put the verbs in the brackets into correct tense or form.

16. Janet usually_____________ the bus to school every day. (take)

17. Don’t make so much noise. We _____________ now. (work)

18. I _____________ the football match on TV last night. (not watch)

19. They _____________ English for seven years up to now. (study)

20. If we keep our environment cleaner, we __________ a happier and healthier life. (live)

V. Supply the correct form of the word in brackets.

21. What is the (deep) _____________ of this river?

22. The (library) _____________ can help you find books easily.

23. Football is one of the popular after – school (active) _____________

24. She needs to (wide) _____________ her knowledge.

25. Mr Quang spent his (child) _____________ in Cambodia.

VI. Find the incorrect words in each sentence and correct them.

26. Mr.Lam works in the garden now.


27. My brother often travels to work by a bus.


28. He go fast so he can reach on time.


29. She is long black hair and a round face.


30. How many books there are on the shelf?


VII. Fill in the blank of the following passage with ONE suitable word:

course; little; season; the; feel;

one; much; but; more; for

Do you want to be fitter and healthier? Would you like to look younger? Do you want to feel (31) ___________ relaxed? Then try a few days at a health farm. Health farms are becoming (32) ___________ of the most popular places (33) ___________ a short break. I went to Henley Manor for a weekend. It’s (34) ___________ largest health farm in the country (35) _________ it isn’t the most expensive. After two days of exercise and massage, I (36) ___________ ten times better. But the best thing for me was the food. It was very healthy, of (37) ___________, but it was excellent, too! If you are looking for something a (38) ___________ cheaper, try a winter break. Winter is the darkest and the coldest (39) ___________ of the year, and it can also be the worst time for your body. We all eat too (40) ___________ and we don’t take enough exercise. A lot of health farms offer lower prices Monday to Friday from November to March.

VIII. Rewrite the following sentence in such another way which has the same meaning with the first sentence.

41. We have never tasted fish and chips before.

It’s ______________________________________________________

42. Would you like to join us on our trip to Tam Dao Mountain?

Why ____________________________________________________?

43. I last saw Peter five months ago.

I haven’t _________________________________________________?

44. My father spent two hours finishing his work yesterday afternoon.

It took ___________________________________________________

45. Your class has fewer students than my class.

My class _________________________________________________

IX. Write the full sentences. Use the words given.

46. people/ your / city/ friendly/ and/ open/ than / many / other/ place.


47. one/ thing/ not like/ new neighbourhood/ that/ it/ very/ noisy.


48. weather / here/ hot/ and/ dry/ than/ your/ country?


49. One / good/ things/ live/ neighbourhood/ that/ food/ cheap.


50. There/ be/ many/ new/ shop/ near/ here/ so streets/ busy/ day.


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