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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct answer among four
options (A, B, C or D). (15 pts)
1. He's really shy________ girl.
A. by B. at C. for D. with
2. The teacher________ her to improve her drawing.
A. insisted B. encouraged C. made D. persisted
3. I couldn't quite________ what they were doing because they were so far away.
A. bear out B. make out C. think out D. try out
4. The meal Mary cooked tastes_______.
A. well B. nice C. good D. worse
5. ______ at the party, we saw Ruth standing alone.
A. Arriving B. We arrived C. Arrived D. We were arriving
6. The people who________ the survey said that they had examined over 1,000 accidents.
A. gave B. proceed C. set D. conducted
7. The judge found him________ of stealing and sent him to prison.
A. evil B. innocent C. guilty D. wicked
8. The house we have rented is________. So we will have to buy some beds, chairs,
tables, etc.
A. unrestored B. unrepaired C. unfurnished D. undecorated
9. He was turned down for the job because he is________.
A. qualified B. qualifying C. unqualified D. qualification
10. The trouble started only________ the other man came into the room.
A. when B. until C. and then D. too soon
11. _______, the disaster would not have happened.
A. Had you have obeyed the orders B. You had obeyed the orders
C. You obeyed the orders D. Had you obeyed the orders
12. _______ had booked in advance were allowed in.
A. Only who B. Only those who
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C. Only who were those D. Only were those who
13. Traveling alone to a jungle is adventurous, ________.
A. if not impossible B. if it not impossible
C. when not impossible D. when it not impossible
14. I________ the hot weather in the south.
A. use to B. used to C. am use to D. am used to
15. The meat looked very________ to the dog.
A. invited B. invite C. inviting D. invitingly
II. Use the correct form of each word on the right to complete the numbered spaces
provided in the passage. Write your answers on your answer sheet. (10 pts)
The mysteries of the skies
Three hundred and fifty years before the first men looked down on the
amazingly beautiful surface of the moon from close quarters, Galileo’s
newly built telescope (1)_______ him to look at the edge of the hitherto
mysterious sphere. He saw that the apparently (2)_______ surface was not
divinely smooth and round, but bumpy and imperfect. He realized that
although the moon might appear (3)_______, resembling a still life painted
by the hand of a cosmic (4)_______, it was a real world, perhaps not very
different from our own. This amounted to a great (5)_______ hardly to be
expected in his day and age, although nowadays his (6)_______ may appear
to some to be trivial and (7)_______.
Not long after Galileo lunar’s observations, the skies which had previously
been so (8)_______ revealed more of their extraordinary mysteries. Casting
around for further wonders, Galileo focused his lens on the (9)_______
planet of Jupiter. Nestling next to it, he saw four little points of light
circling the distant planet. Our moon it appeared, perhaps (10)_______ in
the eyes of those fearful of what the discovery might mean, was not alone!
3. ACT
4. ART
III. In the following passage, some numbered lines contain a word that shouldn’t be
there. Tick (√) the sentences that are correct and write the words that shouldn’t be
there in the numbered space. (10 pts)
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Personal space is a term that refers to the distance we like to
keep between ourselves and other people. When someone we do not
know well gets too close that we usually begin to feel uncomfortable.
If such a business colleague comes closer than 1.2 meters, the most
common response is to move away. Some interesting studies have
been done in libraries. If strangers will come too close, many people
get up and leave the building, others use to different methods such as
turning their back on the intruder. Living in cities has made people to
develop new skills for dealing with situations where they are very
close to strangers. Most people on so crowded trains try not to look at
strangers; they avoid skin contract, and apologize if hands touch by a
mistake. People use newspapers as a barrier between themselves and
other people, and if they do not have one, they stare into the distance,
making sure they are not looking into anyone’s eyes.
0 ___√___
00 someone
2 ________
3 ________
4 ________
5 ________
6 ________
7 ________
8 ________
9 ________
10 _______
I. Complete the following passage by choosing A, B, C or D to fill in each blank. (10
In recent years, there has been a remarkable increase into happiness. The
researchers have come up a number of factors which contribute to a definition of
First of all, there is, in some people, a moderate genetic predisposition to be happy,
in other words, happiness (1)_______ in families. And happiness seems to correlate quite
strongly with the main dimensions of personalities: extroverts are generally happier,
neurotics are less so.
Second, people often report good social relations as a reason for their happiness.
In particular, friends are a great (2)_______ of joy, partly because of the agreeable things
they do together, partly because of the way friends use positive non-verbal (3)_______
such as caressing and touching, to affirm their friendship. Marriage and similar
(4)_______ relationships can also form the basis of lasting happiness.
Third, job satisfaction undoubtedly (5)_______ overall satisfaction, and vice versa
- perhaps this is why some people are happy in boring jobs: it (6)_______ both ways. Job
satisfaction is caused not only by the essential nature of the work, but (7)_______ by

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