Bài tập Thì Hiện tại hoàn thành tiếng Anh lớp 6

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Ex 1. Chia động từ thì HTHT
1) I (visit) _______________________ Tennessee before.
2) You (visit) ______________________ Utah before.
3) We (not visit) _____________________ North Carolina before.
4) They (visit) ____________________ California before.
5) He (ever visit) _____________________ Texas before.
6) She (not visit) ____________________New York before.
7) It (visit) ____________________ Colorado before.
8) They (take) ____________________ the test. Now they must wait for their scores.
9) I (eat) _____________________ dinner already. I am not hungry.
10) All of the children (brush) ____________________ their teeth. Now it's time for bed.
11) Andrew (finish) ______________________ his work. He is ready to take a break.
12) Mimi (never play) _______________________ golf before.
13) I (see) _____________________ this movie before. I don't want to watch it again.
14) I (wash) ____________________ my clothes. Now I can put them on.
15) You (complete) ____________________ this exercise. Hooray!
Ex 2. Chia động từ thì HTHT
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1) I (have/has) _______________________ (see) the Statue of Liberty before.
2) They (have/has) _____________________ (write) ten letters to the governor.
3) James (have/has) _______________________ (be) to Canada twice.
4) The students (have/has) ______________________ (do) their homework.
5) (Have/Has) you _____________________ (catch) a baseball before?
6) He (have/has) _____________________ (eat) three pieces of chocolate cake today.
7) My heart (have/has) been _______________________ (break) before.
8) (Have/Has) you ________________________ (forget) the password?
9) (Have/Has) you _________________________ (choose) a name for your new baby?
10) All the money (have/has) been ________________________ (steal) from the bank.
11) If the enemy sinks another battleship, they will (have/has) ______________________
(sink) five of them today.
12) By the time we arrive in Mexico, we will (have/has) ______________________ (drive)
800 miles total.
Ex 3. Chia động từ thì HTHT
1) Mark (eat) ______________________ dinner already. He is not hungry.
2) Beth (write) _______________________ three letters today. She misses her family.
3) Yoko and Armand (take) ________________________ the test. Now they can relax.
4) Marty and I (be) ________________ to Costa Rica three times.We are familiar with the
5) I (drink) ____________________ six cups of water today.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
6) Eva (sing) _____________________ in a chorus before. Her voice is pretty.
7) Chong-Li (get) ____________________ very good at speaking English. She has
practiced a lot.
8) Lucy (hide) _____________________ in the woods. Now her friends will try to find her.
9) It (be) ___________________ a good week so far.
10) You (show) ______________________ that you are a hard worker. Good job!
11) Daisy (wear) _______________________ a dress to work every day this week.
12) Mr. Lee (drive) _____________________ from Texas to Iowa for the conference. He
needs to get some rest before it starts.
13) Juan (ride) _____________________ horses since he was a little boy. It is easy for him.
14) Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez (become) ____________________ grandparents. Their daughter,
Josefina, had a baby yesterday.
15) The movie (begin) ___________________. Please be quiet!
16) Charity ( not break) ______________________ her leg on the ski slope. Please dial 911.
17) The city (allow) ____________________ residents to shoot off fireworks each year on
the Fourth of July.
18) The lake (freeze) _____________________ solid. Now we can go skating.
19) The sun (rise) ______________________. It’s time to get up.
20) The army (battle) _________________ the enemy for two weeks. The soldiers are
21) The principal (introduce) _____________________ the new teacher. She seems very

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